Red and Black Bucket Hat: The In-demand Style for Millennials

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


The Aung Crown red and black bucket hats are just colored versions of bucket hats. It will keep you cool and your head comfortable and dry to feature any custom fit. Furthermore, Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998.

double-sided red and black bucket hat KN2012043
double-sided red and black bucket hat KN2012043

Aung Crown Red and Black Bucket Hat

A bucket hat, being the root piece from Ireland, refers to the traditional hats that farmers or fishermen (specifically the working class) afford to wear in order to prevent sun, rain, and any further calamities. The weather resistance makes it a traditional headpiece to exceptional ones. The narrow-brim hat is wide and sturdy enough to protect anyone from sun exposure.

Besides, the red and black bucket hat is just a colored version of bucket hats that will keep you cool and your head comfortable and dry to feature any custom fit. Although the color is red and black, bucket hats at Aung Crown do not come in any pattern or shade. They are plain-colored and double-sided narrow-brim hats. You might be thinking about who can wear such bold colors. To your surprise, they are super comfortable and wearable for women. Aung Crown makes sure the design applies to unisex design as well.

Materials Used for the Red and Black Bucket Hats

The red and Black bucket hat at Aung Crown is made of polyester. Polyester, as you know, is a manufactured synthetic fiber derived from different recycled plastic, waste, and crops. Because of its high strength ability and durability, polyester is the main component in making red and black bucket hats.

Moreover, polyester-made bucket hats seem three times finer than any other premium-quality fiber. The feature of polyester is so supreme that makes the product breathable, water and windproof, heat and wrinkle-resistant, and lightweight.

nylon red and black bucket hat KN2012043
nylon red and black bucket hat KN2012043

Wearable To: Men and Women

The hat maker, Aung Crown-made, the red and black bucket hats are superior in quality. They are suitable for women! The bold colors of bucket hats do not make a compromise for being exceptionally unique to specific wearers.

That is why, Aung Crown makes bucket hats in a way so that they can be wearable for both men and women, adults, and children. Besides, the red and black bucket hats, being a plain or solid color, are a popular choice for anyone! All you need is to make sure of the rest of your costumes according to the headpiece.

Product Features of the Aung Crown Red and Black Bucket Hat

Aung Crown, the hat maker’s red and black bucket hat is a great choice for those who are looking for a stylish, casual, and practical bucket hat. Made from polyester, this bucket hat serves every feature of being comfortable and durable. To find out the product features, check out the following options. They are:

·         A Narrow Brim:

Having a narrow brim, the red and black bucket hat never goes out of any advantages. The brim provides an excellent sun protection feature.

·         Unisex Design:

This bucket hat is open to all men and women. They are a perfect feat and a great choice to keep your head protected. Besides, they are a popular trend among skaters, sports stars, and other hip-hop lovers.

·         Double-Sided Feature:

Double-sided or reversible, whatever you say, features an advantageous flip in need. Various street cultures have picked up this style for this unique design.

·         Size:

The size of this bucket hat is universal, and it is 58 cm/22.83 inches. The size is a perfect go-to feature for any head.

·         Design:

With a variety of options, this bucket hat comes in two colors: red and black. Therefore, you have the freedom to reverse and wear them individually or combine them for a stylish contrast. The design, while plain and simple, offers a timeless appeal. Furthermore, Aung Crown provides customization services, allowing you to personalize the labeling based on your preferences and requirements.

Advantages of the Aung Crown Red and Black Bucket Hat

The Red and Black bucket hat comes with distinct advantages. For instance:

·         Fitting: Casual Occasion:

This Aung Crown red and black bucket hat feature a universal size that is adjustable for anyone. It ensures a perfect fit for casual fashion as well as occasions.

·         Comfort:

These polyester-made bucket hats are perfect for those who stay outdoors most of the time of the day. The fiber is breathable enough to provide you with comfort and coolness.

·         Affordable:

Compared to any other hats, bucket hats are inexpensive. This is what makes them a great option for accessories that never break your savings.

Logo Technique: Foldable Woven Labeling

In addition, the logo technique which suits the most in this red and black bucket hat is the Foldable Woven Label on the narrow brim part. Moreover, foldable woven labeling is a technique that remains folded near the center. The label gets sewn into the garment at the top. The result of this logo technique is that it brings high-quality and stylish features. Besides, it is an absolute choice for anyone who is looking to add a new hat to their collection.

narrow-brim double-sided red and black bucket hat KN2012043
narrow-brim double-sided red and black bucket hat KN2012043

How to Style a Red and Black Bucket Hat?

For instance, to style a red and black bucket hat with a perfect match to your outfit, you may follow the given tips below:

·         Get Embellished with a Cardigan.

Bucket hats although help on summer days, it is not mandatory to follow just for sunny days on the beach. In brief, you can pair it up with an oversized cardigan, t-shirt, sweater, or other outfits, and you are ready for the fall! Do not forget to add your favorite kicks! In the fall, they would look the best!

·         Winter-friendly?

Seize your day by pairing bucket hats in vibrant colors with a winter outfit. It will surely give an edgy look as well.

·         Go Casual with Tees!

Although the red and black bucket hats are bold vibrant colors, you may get them to pair up with a basic tee and cargo-like shorts. It is not essential to pull off an eye-catching outfit with bucket hats. Picking out casual streetwear with this reversible red and black bucket hat would be good enough and a great addition.

·         The All-Black Casual Outfit

Equally important, choosing a black top, a pair of jeans, and a jacket completely black will be something that goes well with this bucket hat. Keep the hat in a black-colored portion rather than red. That will be a wind-breaking outfit of the year.

How to Keep the Red and Black Bucket Hat in a Good Shape?

In fact, most bucket hats are made of cotton and synthetic material like polyester. No matter how they have been made, after purchasing, it is your responsibility to take care of the instructions written behind the bucket hat. Thanks to the advantageous folded woven labeling, at least it will not impact less on bucket hats. To keep the Aung Crown red and black bucket in good shape, follow the given steps during washing. They are:

·         Wash the bucket hat using warm water in a bucket.

·         Use washing powder in a limited quantity.

·         Utilize your hands to remove any stains.

·         Soak the bucket hat for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes.

·         Hang them up to dry.

If the brim of the bucket hat gets out of shape, use the stream too often. It will be back in shape.

What’s in the Package in Aung Crown Red and Black Bucket Hat?

The hat maker Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998. Aung Crown is Hat & Garment Trading Export Co, founded in 1998 and located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. Under the mind of “Made with Heart ” to run hats and garment trading export internationally for over 10 years. Cooperated with more than 30,000 brands from the United States, South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and other parts of the world.

Moreover, Aung Crown boasts a workforce of 400 employees and possesses three independent industrial parks, with each park spanning an impressive 5,000 square meters. This extensive infrastructure is accompanied by a remarkable production capacity, enabling Aung Crown to achieve an average daily output of 10,000 pieces and an annual production exceeding 4,000,000 pieces. Consequently, Aung Crown has emerged as a prominent force in the global hat and garment industry, offering customer brands a comprehensive, efficient, and streamlined service experience.


·         Can I get Red and Black Bucket hats wholesale?

Of course, you can. For retailers or individual buyers, bucket hats can be applicable to make in a premium way based on the product quantity. The Aung Crown red and black bucket hat is available on the official website. Customization is also available.

All you need is to look for the correct product you are looking for, that is red and black bucket hats, and you can order any quantity you want. The email given on the website is also available for placing orders. After placing the order, you can track them in the website’s given section. To contact Aung Crown, you can follow the details here:


Help center: Get your queries answered here.

Email: service@Aung

Address/Type: Website based.

·         What to consider when choosing a red and black bucket hat?

There are in total 3 things to consider when purchasing a red and black bucket hat. Without any delay, let’s get back to the facts. They are as follows:


Although you are in the blog of red and black bucket hats, you may not like the color combination. It is fine because it depends on your character. Mostly, younger ones like to wear bold colors to match any outfit just like this red and black one. People at an older age may not like to get them. But it never makes them out of trend! This is why it is important for whom you purchase this bucket hat.


Millennials of this era follow the trends and as a result, they may stop wearing them after the trend gets lost. It is a tiring and continuous process. Choose the design according to your fashion sense. It is up to you how you want the hat to be customized.


When you are heading towards purchasing bucket hats, the price may show high in other places. At Aung Crown, you can get them at affordable prices. However, focusing on how economical the product is according to your budget and your choice.

·         What Do I Look for in a Red and Black Bucket Hat?

We believe we have covered up all the benefits of red and black bucket hats. For any outdoor enthusiast, this hat is a total blessing. Functionalities and stylish nature are the main reasons behind their popularity. You may look at the following facts in a red and black bucket hat like below.

1.      This bucket hat should be made of high-quality material.

2.      One size fits the most features.

3.      Breathable and comfortable.


Be it rain or shine days, whenever you’re heading out, red and black bucket hats are there to the rescue. Take them as a casual accessory to style matched with your outfit. For both men and women, the red and black bucket hat brings festivity even in the harsh summer days to protect your head and face. The amazing features make the bucket hat more attractive to any summer wardrobe. This short, detailed review of Aung Crown’s red and black bucket hat is worth reading, isn’t it? Why not let us know about your experiences shopping for this hat? We at Aung Crown are all ears!