Delving into the World of Hat Closures: A Primer on Adjustable and Unadjustable Styles

Published On: April 20, 2024    By: chen hui

Delving into the World of Hat Closures

Let’s embark on a captivating exploration of hat closures, those ingenious mechanisms nestled at the back of your favorite cap! Aung Crown, a Chinese hat manufacturer with over 25 years of expertise, is thrilled to be your guide. Prepare to discover the diverse realm of hat closures and their functionalities!

Mainly including two types of hat closures – adjustable closures and unadjustable styles.

Adjustable Closure

1.    Plastic Closure

Plastic closures can be broadly categorized into three primary types: plastic snaps, plastic buckles, and plastic zip closures.

Plastic snap

Plastic snap: For many hat styles, plastic snaps reign supreme as the preferred choice. This is particularly evident in snapback hats, where the very name itself indicates the presence of a snap closure. Plastic snaps offer an unrivaled ease of adjustability, ensuring a comfortable fit for various head sizes.

Plastic buckle

Plastic buckle: Like the one pictured, the plastic buckle provides exceptional adjustability. Its pliable nature allows for effortless size customization, ensuring a snug fit in a matter of seconds.

Plastic zip closure

Plastic zip closure: This closure employs a zipper mechanism, typically made of plastic, that allows for smooth opening and closing to adjust fit or for easy on and off.

Velcro closure

2.     Velcro Closure

What’s Velcro closure? Velcro closure employs a clever strategy: two interlocking fabric counterparts that seamlessly adhere thanks to meticulously designed hook and loop textures. This ingenious fastening system enjoys widespread application, not only in hats but also across various garments, footwear, backpacks, and more, particularly for this Velcro baseball cap.

3.    Metal Closure

The most frequent metal closures are the below 4 types: metal buckle closure, metal buckle closure & tuck-in, metal tri-glide slide buckle, or metal cam buckle closure

Metal buckle closure

Metal buckle closure: This classic closure features a metal buckle with a prong that feeds through a series of holes on the opposing strap, allowing for size adjustments. It provides a secure and reliable fit.

Metal buckle closure & tuck-in

Metal buckle closure & tuck-in: Similar to the metal cam buckle closure, this variation incorporates a tuck-in feature. The prong tucks behind a designated loop on the strap, offering a cleaner and more streamlined look.

Metal cam buckle closure

Metal cam buckle closure: This closure employs a cam mechanism. By pulling a strap through the cam, the closure tightens, securing the hat. It’s commonly used for sports caps and hats that prioritize a quick and easy fastening or release.

Metal tri-glide slide buckle

Metal tri-glide slide buckle: This closure system utilizes a tri-glide buckle, a three-part metal component that allows a strap to slide freely within its frame. It’s ideal for hats requiring finer adjustments and a more customized fit.

Unadjustable Closure

Here’s the improved description of the three unadjustable hat closures:

Fitted closures

1.    Fitted closures:

These hats, as the name suggests, come in pre-determined sizes to precisely match the wearer’s head circumference. They offer a sleek, tailored look.


2.    Flexfit:

This innovative design incorporates a hidden elastic band within the sweatband of the hat. This band provides a gentle give, accommodating a range of head sizes while maintaining a structured form.

Elastic closures

3.    Elastic closures:

Hats with elastic closures utilize a stretchy band sewn directly into the back of the hat. This offers a comfortable, one-size-fits-most solution, ideal for casual wear.