Double-Sided & Reversible Bucket Hat

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we’re going to introduce a reversible bucket hat from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a reliable and professional hat maker since 1998.

Many people will imitate the fashion blogger when learning to wear and match. In this process, we often find that a set of awesome looking is not only a simple choice of clothes and pants, but accessories also play a very important role in it. For novices, in order to reduce the probability of mistakes and improve the use rate of the accessories we buy, we usually choose a versatile piece. At this time, I have to mention the double sided bucket hat. Among all the hats, the double sided bucket hat is undoubtedly the first choice of many people, which is closely related to its various functions.

Double Sided Bucket Hat’s Development

The double-sided bucket hat was originally the dress of Irish farmers and fishermen to protect them from the wind and rain. In Israel, the double-sided bucket hat is often called a fool’s cap. Israeli soldiers wear reversible bucket hats to distinguish them from Arab soldiers. In the later period, Israelis regard the double sided bucket hat as a symbol of freedom and independence.

In the 1990s, the double sided bucket hat became an important hip-hop element. Nowadays, the double-sided bucket hat has been distributed in various fields and has achieved qualitative transformation. The designers have made the double sided bucket hat “ascend to the palace of elegance”, making the double sided bucket hat a popular element that combines fashion and practicality.

Why Can the Fisherman’s Hat Be So Popular With So Many People?

When we go shopping or take part in some outdoor sports, we will find that many people wear reversible bucket hats on their heads. But in the early days, it was clearly representative of the unfashionable. What made people like fisherman’s hat now, and what aspects did it improve?

Wearing a fisherman’s hat can prevent sun

In today’s era when everyone is pursuing white and beautiful skin, people put various kinds of sunscreen products on their faces, but still worry about getting sunburnt when they go out. A double sided bucket hat can solve this problem very well. Because the edge of the double sided bucket hat is narrow and small, it can be covered very deep, and it is the same cap for men and women.

The double-sided bucket hat has a trapezoidal shading edge and a soft, fluffy outer ring wrapped with steel wire. It blocks the sun, acts as a sunshade, and provides added protection for the neck and shoulders during sunscreen activities. Plus, it’s convenient to wear without the need to carry a bag or fold it like an umbrella when not needed.

The double sided bucket hat can make the face look smaller

For the melon face, wearing the reversible bucket hat can reveal the delicate chin of the melon face. People with square faces have clear facial lines. If they wear a reversible bucket hat, it can cover the lines and vision. This hat is indispensable for square faces. Those with round faces have full cheeks and rounded chins. Many fairy girls with this face shape avoid hats, especially baseball caps. Baseball caps reveal the lower face.

But the double sided bucket hat is different. We can choose the fisherman’s hat with soft fabric and changeable shape to make the face look less round and symmetrical, so as to achieve the visual effect of a small face. Moreover, wearing a double sided bucket hat can even weaken the childish effect of a round face. It can be said that the double sided bucket hat is a fashionable piece with high compatibility.

The double sided bucket hat can also avoid the embarrassment of oil head

 For people with greasy hair, if they don’t wash their hair for two days, their hair will appear oily and dirty. But washing your hair every day is not only troublesome but also harmful to your scalp. The appearance of a reversible bucket hat covers this shortcoming well. It can not only reduce the number of times we wash our hair but also have a sense of fashion. Such a dual-purpose reversible bucket hat is undoubtedly a popular piece made for people who have “lazy cancer”.

The double sided bucket hat is a very useful tool for people to do some poses

We can see that many hip-hop singers or street artists will use a double-sided bucket hat to match, and integrate it into the occasions of treason, freedom, and sportsmanship. The double sided bucket hat starts its concave shape. Although black and white are the common styles of fisherman hats, as the sharp tool of concave shape, you can also choose colored fisherman hats to make the overall style more diverse and dynamic.

The fisherman’s hat is made of soft canvas, exuding a fresh feeling of literature and art. Pair it with basic T-shirts and jeans for a cool feminine look. Light-colored hats highlight a refreshing artistic sense, favored by fashion icons in spring and summer. It transitions seamlessly from cool and handsome to sweet.

The magic weapon of people who have a social anxiety disorder

Nowadays, there are many people with social phobia who don’t want to go out, because once they go out, they will feel nervous and scared involuntarily, so they are at a loss and can’t speak. There are also some people who are afraid of meeting people they don’t know well when traveling. It is also difficult for them to say hello. At this time, the double sided bucket hat shows great effect. The wide brim and loose and deep space of the fisherman’s hat can generally help us cover half of our face. If we wear masks and sunglasses again, we don’t have to worry about being recognized on the street.

The material is comfortable and durable

The fabric of this double sided bucket hat is made of pure cotton plus polyester digital printing, which is light, comfortable, and breathable. The fiber is fluffy with technology, which greatly reduces its density and weight. Therefore, the fisherman’s cap can be carried with you. Even if you wear it in summer, it will not sweat, and it is dirt-resistant and wear-resistant.

Aung Crown casual reversible bucket hat SFG-210428-1
Aung Crown casual reversible bucket hat SFG-210428-1

After understanding the reasons for the popularity of so many reversible bucket hats, do you also have a strong interest in reversible bucket hat? Do you want to have a deeper understanding of such a versatile and practical piece? This article will introduce you to a fisherman’s hat that is both practical and beautiful.

Polyester Digital Printing

Aung Crown reversible bucket hat at the colorful side SFG-210428-1
Aung Crown reversible bucket hat at the colorful side SFG-210428-1

The fabric of this reversible bucket hat is made of pure cotton and polyester digital printing. Cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity. Under normal conditions, the fiber can absorb water into the surrounding atmosphere with a moisture content of 8-10%. Therefore, it touches the skin and makes people feel soft and not stiff. If the humidity of cotton cloth increases and the ambient temperature is high, the water content in the fiber will evaporate completely, so that the fabric will maintain water balance and make people feel comfortable.

Cotton Fabric

Cotton fiber is a poor heat and electricity conductor. It has low thermal conductivity. Cotton’s porosity and elasticity accumulate air between fibers. Air is a bad heat and electricity conductor. So, pure cotton textiles offer good thermal insulation. Wearing pure cotton fabric feels warm.

Great Heat-Resistant

In addition, pure cotton fabrics have good heat resistance. When the temperature is below 110 ℃, it will only cause moisture evaporation on the fabric, and will not damage the fiber. Therefore, pure cotton fabrics have no impact on the fabric at room temperature, wear, and use, washing, printing, and dyeing, which improves the washability and wearability of pure cotton fabrics.

Polyester fabrics also have chemical resistance, heat resistance, light resistance, and good elasticity. Therefore, such a hat not only has a sense of fashion but also pays attention to the comfort of consumers.

Double-Sided Fisherman Hat

Aung Crown unisex reversible bucket hat SFG-210428-1
Aung Crown unisex reversible bucket hat SFG-210428-1

This reversible bucket hat is a common black style on the side with a logo. The color logo plays the role of embellishment, and the logo uses gradient flat embroidery, with clear content, clear colors, and exquisite details, which is mature but not monotonous. If we turn the hat upside down, we will get a colorful double-sided bucket hat, which is matched with light-colored items, and you are the most eye-catching person in the crowd.

How To Wear The Double-Sided Bucket Hat Correctly?

If the hat is not worn correctly, it will really reduce the real value of the hat as an ornament. So you should choose a double-sided bucket hat that suits you. The body and brim of the hat should fit your face. It will be awkward to wear it too small or too large. When we pick up the hat, first turn it over and look inside. The sweatband joint is at the back of the hat. Take the sweatband joint as the back, put the hat on the head, and put the hat head down completely.

Do not leave a gap between the top and the head, like wearing a high hat, which will also affect the beauty of the hat. If you feel that the hat is fully fitted, the brim of the hat is very blocking the view, you can pull the hat back properly, but never too much. The brim of the hat can block the view, not by putting the hat down or pulling the back of the hat, but by turning the brim up properly, which will be much more beautiful.

In the End

In daily life, a reversible bucket hat is a good way to improve people’s sense of leisure and fashion. It makes you more attractive and fashionable and also makes their faces appear smaller. This is a suggestion about a double-sided fisherman’s hat. If you like our article, you are welcome to follow us. In the future, we will introduce more good things to you