Fleece Bucket Hat

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn

Still looking for a casual winter bucket hat? Take a look at the hat maker of AUNG CROWN. This is a fleece bucket hat full of little freshness. If you like the little fresh style, you must choose this fleece bucket hat. This fleece bucket hat also contains a little loveliness. This soft and waxy texture can make the wearer look more gentle and friendly. Let’s have a look at the introduction of this fleece bucket hat.

From the picture, we can clearly feel that this fleece bucket hat has a hairy texture. This is because this hat uses plush fabric. The plush fabric can greatly improve the quality of this fleece bucket hat. Can firmly grasp some consumer groups who love hairy texture.

The plush fabric surface is fluffy, which is a fur-like vertical fleece fabric, commonly known as sea tiger velvet. The face of plush is evenly covered with dense wool fibers. The pile surface of the fabric is plump and flat, full of fat, light and elastic. The main advantage of this kind of fabric is good thermal insulation. It is mainly used for making overcoats, linings, collars, winter hats, stuffed animals, as well as for interior decoration and industrial use.

After using this fabric, this winter bucket hat will be more comfortable and warm. Therefore, this fleece bucket hat has become a winter bucket hat suitable for winter and early spring. Going out in the cold winter has always been something people don’t want to face. It’s easy to get headaches and colds when walking against the strong cold wind. Wearing a winter bucket hat is a very correct and comfortable way.

At this time, you can’t wear some comfortable bucket hats. The fabric of these hats is very thin to make them lighter, and they can’t withstand the cold winter. If you wear such a hat, you will be disappointed. Not only did it not achieve the desired effect, but because of the strong wind, it may be necessary to stretch out your hand and hold the hat all the time, otherwise it will be blown away by the wind. Make the image of this mess worse.

The thickness of this winter bucket hat can be assured. Going out in late winter is not a problem at all. After wearing this winter bucket hat, I don’t feel much about the cold weather. Because you are surrounded by a warm atmosphere. You can feel the warmth of the fire. It is full of happiness and security. There is no need to worry about the headache after the cold wind blows.

The hairy texture of this winter bucket hat will also bring a soft and warm visual effect. To some extent, it can make the wearer look more gentle. If you have a very gentle style, you must choose this hat boldly. Because this winter bucket hat really suits your temperament and style. If you think your appearance is a little harsh and want to soften the sharp feeling in some way, you can also choose this fleece bucket hat. The affinity brought by this fleece bucket hat can contain the sharp feeling and achieve the desired effect.

Basic classic style is not easy to make mistakes

This fleece bucket hat chose a stable path and decided to move forward steadily. The result is a classic winter bucket hat. Classic style will never go out of style and can be worn again next year. This is a winter bucket hat. It is only suitable for winter wear. There is no chance to wear it in other seasons. The length of wearing in a year is not long. If the style is too obvious and fashionable, it is likely that there will be an aesthetic that only fits that year. Once there is a new trend, it will disappear. Next year, consumers will think this hat is outdated. An outdated hat is worthless. Of course, consumers are reluctant to wear it.

In this way, the sustainability of the utility value of bucket hats is not high. In terms of cost effectiveness, many consumers will not choose such bucket hats. The sales of the hats have been greatly reduced. The designer realized this and designed such a classic hat. Wear more fashionable and casual. This is also very consistent with the label of the casual trend of this fleece bucket hat.

The brim of this hat is also very typical. The brim that goes with this hat is a short brim. The layering of the brim is well organized, even in such a narrow area. The progressive lines layer by layer make the brim look longer. This can make the short brim look more harmonious and better suited to the whole body.

The brim of the fleece bucket hat is also made with long fluff. These fuzzes are very soft and most have the same orientation. From the inside, you can feel the fluffy texture on the brim more clearly. There is no sharp visual effect at all. It is presented with a softer and smoother feel. The color is also very delicate. It reinforces the sense of soft atmosphere.

The delicate color is full of girlish feeling

The pink cloth is soft and lovely, like a blossoming girl. The soft color is very cute. I can imagine the scene of a blossoming girl dancing in a sea of flowers. It is also like a lively and lovely child playing flirtatiously with her head tilted. I can’t resist such a lovely attack. Many people were defeated by the wonderful atmosphere.

In fact, the color of the fleece bucket hat is not pink in the traditional sense. Pink has a little purple in it. It neutralizes the excessive tenderness of pink and retains the playful part of pink. After adding purple elements, this hat seems to have a certain sense of maturity. Young people can wear this fleece bucket hat, and the elderly can also wear this fleece bucket hat. Under the influence of the pink factor, there is also the advantage of age reduction. The elderly need not worry about the suspicion of wearing this fleece bucket hat. This is very harmonious.

The inside of this fleece bucket hat is a soft pink. The different designs on the inside and outside seem to have unique meanings. The maturity on the outside protects the tenderness on the inside. It’s like parents taking care of their beloved children. Under such protection, children can grow up carefree. Like flowers grown in a greenhouse, they are carefully cared for. The outer layer looks like a strong armor with a great sense of security.

On the other hand, it also shows that no matter how strong the appearance, a childlike innocence is buried underneath. Tired from the rush of life during the day, only the time at night belongs to me. Only in this environment can you relax completely and show your true self. This shows the soft heart.

The appearance reduces the delicate feeling of pink, but retains the delicate pink inside. This provides convenience for consumers who like pink and are embarrassed to buy pink accessories. Many people have a prejudice against pink, believing that only children can wear pink items as they should. In fact, adults can also have a childlike innocence and wear pink jewelry.

Although the reason is clear, it is still difficult to implement. So designers thought about how to help consumers solve such problems. Finally, such a shape was developed. Facts have proven that this form is very popular. Many consumers who care about others’ opinions are very impressed and think that such a design is really thoughtful and considered by consumers.

Add cotton sweatband

A sweat absorbing band is added to the inside of the hat. This is amazing. After all, sweat absorbing bands are generally used for summer bucket hats or sports hats. It seems that sweat-absorbing bands are rarely seen on the inside of such a winter bucket hat.

The designer thinks that the fabric composition is very thick. Even in winter, it is impossible not to sweat at all. If there is no fabric that can absorb sweat, it will be very uncomfortable. That is why this winter hat also has a sweatband.

The inner sweat absorbing band is made of pure cotton fabric. Of course, the plush fabric of the cap body cannot be used to absorb sweat. Not only is the effect not good, but also the shape and quality of the plush will be greatly affected. Therefore, this type of fabric cannot fully contact the wearer’s head and is not suitable for use as a sweat absorbing belt. The pure cotton fabric has a strong ability to absorb sweat, and the fabric composition is also more reassuring. It also has some breathability. It is really a small cotton padded jacket.

Simple and generous technology

Logo adopts flat embroidery technology. The adoption of such industrial technology is also combined with the actual situation. The plush fabric is soft, and it is difficult to print the pattern. The pattern is also printed very well. In addition, such soft fabrics do not match the printing style, but complement the delicate technology of embroidery.

The logo design is very simple. It seems that the designer wants to impress consumers with such a simple and generous style and classic fashion. The logo is a circle placed in the center of the hat. Since this logo has no special design, its position must be emphasized by the design of the location.

The circle has a white border, but it is not abrupt. Instead, it blends in with the surrounding pink, which is a bit odd. The pattern consists of two letters. These two letters are the abbreviation of the brand name that will carry the simple style to the end. The pattern is also white and the logo as a whole is white.

The size of the logo is small. It should not take up too much space. This design is small and cute. It’s also very nice not to steal the limelight.

The size of this fleece bucket hat is 58cm, so consumers can buy it with confidence. I hope the soft pink fleece bucket hat can touch your heart. I hope every consumer can keep their childlike innocence.