Hat Design and Expression – Aung Crown: Basic Hat Styles Sorted by Materials

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn

Since there are many different styles, usages, and making ways of hat styles. Therefore, there are many different sorted ways of hat styles. According to the different sorted ways, there are different names for hat styles. Here, we will sort hat styles by materials.

Cloth Hats - hat styles
Cloth Hats – hat styles

1. Cloth Hats

Most casual caps belong to cloth hats, such as fishing hats, sun hats, and turbans. In addition, there are some artistic berets that are often made with cloth. Hats made with cloth are gentle, not easy to deform, and portable, which are suitable for casual occasions or sports.

felt hats - hat styles
felt hats – hat styles

2. Felt Hats

Felt hats are mainly made from cashmere and rabbit wool. The textures of these fabrics are soft and gentle, therefore, felt hats are suitable to wear in the winter season. Cloche hats, berets, and women’s and men’s top hats are usually made with these fabrics.

straw hats - hat styles
straw hats – hat styles

3. Straw Hats

Straw hats are often made with wheat straw, thin bamboo strips, water seeds, brown strips, etc. The common straws are raffia, goldenseal, Luangwa, saltgrass, hollow grass, etc. Straw hats are cool and breathable, therefore, it’s also called cool hats. In the past, farmers wore straw hats to avoid sunlight. Nowadays, after design and match, straw hats also can create fashionable looks.

woolen cap - knitted caps
woolen cap – knitted caps

4. Woolen Caps

Woolen caps are also called knitted caps. The materials for knitted caps are woolen and knitted fabric. The thickness of knitted caps is up to the strands, stitches, and patterns of the woolen. Knitted caps are great for keeping warm and suitable to wear in the fall and winter seasons.

plastic hats
plastic hats

5. Plastic Hats

Plastic hats are suitable for some special occasions or professions, such as safe hats for construction sites. When riding a motorcycle, the rider needs to wear wind-proof caps. There are safe caps for various ball games. These hats mostly are made with plastic through massive mold-pressing by factories. The main features are shock-releasing and distracting pressure.

Finally, there are 5 types of hats that are sorted by materials: cloth hats, felt hats, straw hats, woolen caps, and plastic hats. There are also other materials and fabrics for hat-making, like iron, recycled materials, and more. But here, we introduce 5 types of hats. After knowing each one of them, consumers can choose a better hat or cap for themselves. Aung Crown has a wide range of hats, and there will always be one suitable for you. What’s more, we will keep publishing more articles about hats. So if you’re interested, please save our website to your bookmark, and we will launch our new products on. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998. You can trust and try.