Hat Design and Expression – Aung Crown: Hat Shape Designs

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn

Hats are accessories that people wear on their heads. Therefore, the hat structure design is based on a human’s head structure. If we want to design hat shapes, firstly, we need to know human head structure and how people put a hat on their heads. Only after we have all this basic knowledge, we can design a hat with a comfortable shape to wear, which is practical and pretty at the same time.

Knowing the Head Structure

The shape of a human head is very close to a round sphere. Therefore, we can understand that a hat is used to place on the head that is close to a sphere. The round shape is the basic shape for hats. The picture ① is the front view of wearing a hat. Usually, the front of the hat is above the eyebrows and covers the hairline. Next, the picture ② is the side view of wearing a hat. The hat is not perpendicular to the head. There must be then titled angels, namely, the high front and low bottom. The brim presses on the ears. The last two pictures: ③ and ④ are the top view of wearing a hat, and the center point of the hat is favoring the back of the head.

Head Structure - hat shape designs
Head Structure – hat shape designs

The Changeable of Hat Shapes

The changeable parts of hat shapes are the places that can be changed in the effective scale when wearing on a head. Namely, the changeable designs in shape, brim, and crown of a hat, and also include the hat ornament designs. The changeable design parts of hats are shown in the picture below.

The Changeable of Hat Shapes
The Changeable of Hat Shapes

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