Hat Design and Expression – Aung Crown: Color Designs in Hat Designs

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn

Color designs in hat designs are the result that people have more thoughts about headwear. After knowing the basic hat knowledge, then can start hat designs. The important point to achieve the layout of hat designs is to consider all aspects from functions, colors, styles, etc.

When designing, there must be different focusing parts and the complementing relationship. Achieving hat designs requires mastering the rules and basis of hat designs overall. Considering the whole and caring about detail, emphasizing partial and complementing the whole, can make headwear designs more decent, perfect, and creative.

The Main Points in Hat Designs

Hats are accessories that people wear on their heads. Heads are important for humans. Hats can protect heads. Therefore, a nice hat should be with a nice design. What’s more, when designing, please consider hat styles, colors, and materials. You also need to consider practical functions, trends, and social customs at the same time.

Color Designs

Color designs in hat designs are different from color designs in other products, presenting colors in different ways. It’s usually related to the fashion tastes of the designers. Therefore, it’s rare to have stable rules for color designs in hat designs. However, there are some color matching that should be avoided. For example, combining red and black together is conservative slightly.

However, using the primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) widely is in-elegant and cheap. In general, primary colors should match the colors that are more gentle than themselves. When paired with skin tones, some colors cannot realize their values. For example, beige and other flesh colors will let skin look darker or flush. Color designs in hat designs are different from other color designs in the clothing industry. Color designs in hat designs not only need to consider the trend in color but also need to consider the effect of matching outfits.

Matching in Color Designs

Hats are the accessories for clothing. Therefore, hat colors mainly need to be considered when paired with outfits. So, the color matching between hat colors and clothing should be complementary and integrity. Whether color designs are pretty or not, is up to the designers’ self-cultivation or consumers’ anesthetic. In addition, there are some basic rules for color designs. Therefore, plain color hats are more popular among people. For example, black hats belong to wild fashion. No matter what colors or styles the wearer dresses, it’s great to match a black hat. White or gray hats are common in daily life because they can pair with different styles of outfits.

There are several coordinations in color designs as follows.

Same Color-Matching:

Same color-matching means the colors of hats and outfits are in the same or close color schemes, brightness, or pure, which can create a sense of coordination in vision. However, it’s easy to create a sense of singleness.

Same Pattern Matching:

The color of the hat is followed by the main pattern of the outfit, which can complement the outfit. Therefore, the whole overall is full of strongness and the style is vivid and lively.

Floral Hats + Plain Outfits:

The color of the outfit is elegant and plain. Hence, the color of the hat should be the same style. So, the hat can choose floral or lattice patterns in the same color scheme as the outfit, which can make the whole overall plain with a sense of youthful vigor.

Strong Color-Matching:

This style of matching should choose outfits with strong features. One of the contrasting colors in the outfits is the color of the hat, which is bold, strong, and exaggerated.

Weak Color-Matching:

This style is aimed to show the gentle style of the whole overall. Although it’s color-contrasting, the brightness and pureness of the colors are not so much different. For example, the effect of the pink color contrasting is to emphasize the sense of gentleness of the outfits.

Trendy Color Designs

While designing hat colors, we need to consider a series of color matching. Also, can be designed by the popular trend in colors, and add trendy colors on partial hats, enhancing a sense of colors. In general, colors are the same as fabrics because both of them are affected by popular trends and the coming seasons. There are some special colors published each season. Fashionistas will analyze T-stage shows, street photography, and the popular colors in the season to anticipate the popular colors for the next seasons. Hence, according to the anticipated colors for the next season, designers can design hat colors with these colors. For instance, hat color designs for spring and fall seasons.

hat color designs for the spring and fall seasons
hat color designs for the spring and fall seasons

There are some classic colors that can be tested over time. Therefore, these colors are widely applied on color designs in hat designs, such as black. Because black can make people look slimmer and exquisite, what’s more, it’s very easy to match other colors. Therefore, black has an enduring popularity.

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