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Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


The ornaments on the hat are various and rich. The common ornaments on the hats are ribbons, lace brims, feathers, 3D flowers, veils, beads, plants, metal, embroidery, and other ornaments made with various new materials.

Decorative ornaments are applied to women’s hats. In recent years, the ornaments on men’s hats are increasing and ongoing enhancement.

The below parts are about the study of hat ornaments from materials and using ways.

Hat Ornaments

1. Ribbon

Ribbon is the most common ornament on hats. In general, ribbons are made to flower knots, put in place between the brim and the crown of a hat. Flower knots are various in shapes and forms, and can be decorated with women’s and men’s hats.

2. Artificial Flowers & Embroidery

Textile is usually used to make 3D flowers to decorate hats. In general, this kind of way is often used for the design of women’s hats. The fabrics that are used to make the hat, can be the same as the fabrics for 3D flowers or can be different. Hence, 3D flowers and embroidered patterns can decorate the crown and the brim of the hat.

Artificial Flowers & Embroidery
Artificial Flowers & Embroidery

3. Feather

Feathers can apply to women’s and men’s hats. In general, if it’s a few feathers, usually will be placed on the crown of the hat. If the feather is soft, it will be placed on the brim of the hat, which can add a sense of luxury and rich.

Feather - hat ornaments

4. Veils

In general, veils are only for decorating women’s hats, including pillbox hats, wide-brim hats, etc. It’s common to combine veils with 3D flowers for decorations. There is a sense of dimness and mystery when hats are decorated with veils. Therefore, hats with veils are suitable for evening dresses and gowns.

Veils- hat ornaments
Veils- hat ornaments

5. Bead & Gemstone

Beads and gemstones are included artificial beads and gemstones or natural beads and gemstones. Hence, hats decorated with natural beads and gemstones are expensive. Therefore, it’s common to decorate hats with artificial beads and gemstones. In addition, we can use a single bead and gemstone to decorate hats when designing. Also, can combine beads with embroidery to create patterns with exquisite effects.

Bead & Gemstone hat ornaments
Bead & Gemstone hat ornaments

5. Plant

Plant ornaments are usually used for decorating wide-brim hats. In addition, the creation of exaggerated outlooks will design with plant ornaments. Furthermore, certain hats devoid of practicality are entirely crafted from plants.

6. Metal

Metal elements belong to a more avant-garde design. In common, hats decorated with metal elements are suitable for special occasions. Hence, wearing hats adorned with metallic elements is uncommon in everyday life.

metal decorations
metal decorations


In a word, the hat ornaments that we mentioned above are common. There are also other hat ornaments. However, if you are a beginner or new to this section, this article will help a lot.  What’s more, you can trust all above because Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998. With almost 25 years of experience in hat making and professional expertise, Aung Crown is professional and reliable.