Knit Bucket Hat: The Summer-Friendly Tie-Dye Patterned Hat

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Knit bucket hats are for those people who think of themselves as non-hat lovers. In fact, any versatility can be thrown out only by putting on the knit bucket hats. All these hats are from Aung Crown – a professional hat maker since 1998


What is a Knit Bucket Hat?

A knit bucket hat refers to specially designed bucket hats that require yarn strands to be held together to create a pattern with a soft texture using stitches as well as needles. Indeed, knit bucket hats come only in a particular size measuring 58 cm/22.83 inches in circumference. For immediate knitters, knit bucket hats seem handy to utilize the needle techniques. Unlike other bucket hats, the knit bucket hat also offers a narrow brim size. Whatever the brim it possesses, knit bucket hats always suit stylish for all seasons. Since this bucket hat comes in a universal size (58 cm/22.83 inches), it can be knit with different strands of wool together using distinct colors and textures. For knitters as well as wearers, knit bucket hats are one of the fashionable options to get along with.

What is a Knit Bucket Hat Made of?

Aung Crown, a professional hat maker based in Shenzhen, China, comes up with different ways of making knit bucket hats. Usually, knit bucket hats are knitted fleece. Knitted fleece is a synthetic material with an added natural counterpart made of wool. Fleece naturally comes from polyester fiber, known differently as the extruded polymer. The fabric fleece, despite being synthetic, possesses the qualities of wool particularly. Also, warm fabric with tufted hair. However, they are insulating as well. The warm fabric keeps the head protected from UV rays and direct sunlight. You may refer to them as an extensive alternative to wool fabrics. This is how knit bucket hats usually get made at Aung Crown.

tie-dye knit bucket hat in 4 colors SFG-210512-1
tie-dye knit bucket hat in 4 colors SFG-210512-1

Color Availability of Knit Bucket Hat at Aung Crown

As I have said, this is the unique part of the knit bucket hat from Aung Crown. The colors are different from the contemporary markets. Guess how? Aung Crown introduces a tie-dye effect on the color that makes them distinct from the available ones in the market. Not only will you look good in them but also you will be one of the idols of this exceptionally beautiful Aung Crown’s knit bucket hat users. Doesn’t that sound great?

Before we get into the colors, let’s get back to the tie-dye effect. This effect, you may say a technique, is a combination of multiple vibrant saturated colors with bold patterns incorporated. To make the tie-dye effect, the hat needs to go through folding, crumpling, and ties with bands. Then, it goes down to a bucket, full of colors, to get dyed.

The various colors with tie-dye effects on knit bucket hats are available at Aung Crown. Such as:

1.      Blue and Black-Tie Dye +Blue

2.      Black and White-Tie Dye + Beige

3.      Orange and Black Tie-Dye + Orange

4.      Red and Black Tie-Dye + Red

tie-dye knit bucket hat SFG-210512-1
tie-dye knit bucket hat SFG-210512-1

Who Can Wear Knit Bucket Hats?

Very simply, bucket hats are an exceptional accessory and fit everybody because of their unisex design. Knit bucket hats are no different. Bucket hats which are with patterns or knit, are suitable for men and women, even adults, and toddlers everyone. In the summer season, you cannot get any alternative comfortable hat other than the knit bucket hat ones. The simple hat design provides a knit bucket hat of universal size (58 cm/22.83 inches). Consequently, anyone with any head size can put on hats of color preference. Besides, knit bucket hats are a casual fashion accessory. If you are out to go somewhere, near the beach or any place for roaming around, take bucket hats with you!

The Product Features of Knit Bucket Hat

The hat maker Aung Crown makes sure you shop the most stylish knit bucket hats this season and as a result, they stock up enough to provide you with the best details. But without knowing the knit bucket hats’ product features, you can’t match your hat with your personal preference. Keeping in mind the wearers and the season you will be wearing the hats, Aung Crown introduces these features of the product:

·         Double-Sided Bucket Hat

The hat maker, Aung Crown brings to you the tie-dye effect of one double-sided bucket hat. It means, these bucket hats are reversible, you can flip and wear the other inside part of the bucket hat and can exchange it with the outer part based on your interest.

·         A Narrow Brim

A narrow brim is what bucket hats make unique among all. Usually, the bucket hat seems round and foldable with a narrow brim. The brim is sturdy, so you do not think about falling off the hat in uncertain cases. It will stick on your head as per the size it is made of.

·         Unisex Design & Universal Size

Knit bucket hats at Aung Crown have 1 universal size. That is 58 cm/22.83 inches. This size applies to any head. Besides, the unisex designs make it perfect to wear on occasion by both men and women.

·         Breathable

Usually, knit bucket hats made of breathable and lightweight knitted fleece (the common fabric and material) tend to be breathable. But the color slightly changes whenever it comes near the sun exposure. But it never happens to the knitted fleece-made bucket hats at Aung Crown. So, you can be flexible to purchase without worrying about any color change.

Advantages of the Aung Crown Bucket Hats

Knit bucket hats offer a wide range of versatility. Look at the following to get more details:

·         Season Friendly

Knit bucket hats aid you in any summer or spring season.

·         Save Your Money.

They save your money by being reversible. So, you do not need to buy another tie-dye-colored hat. Instead, you can flip the inside out and get along with any outfit.

·         Protects You from Sun Exposure

 They help you avoid any skin diseases caused by harsh sun exposure in daylight.

·         Perfect for Outdoor Activities

 Bucket Hats are the perfect deal for outdoor activities. Knitted ones are not limited to this feature either.

·         Cultural Outlook

 Knitted Bucket hats made of knitted fleece are visually attractive. It goes with the fashionable look of retro and surfing culture including hippies. Also, they provide you with high spirits to add a bit of an extra feel of ease.

·         Portability

 Knit bucket hats are foldable. You can have it in the bag and carry it around on the move.

blue-black tie-dye knit bucket hat SFG-210512-1
blue-black tie-dye knit bucket hat SFG-210512-1

What are the Logo Techniques to be Applied on Knit Bucket Hats?

Logo techniques are applicable to use on knit bucket hats made by the hat maker Aung Crown. Here, Aung Crown advises you to put a logo in a foldable woven label technique on the brim of the bucket hat. It is a reminder that knit bucket hats here have a narrow brim, the same as mainstream ones.

Foldable Woven Label: What is that?

Generally, woven labels used to be foldable always and foldable is easier because it hides the weave’s back side. There are two faces. Such as the finished front side, and the rough side. The finished front side is the one that you see, or the brand expresses itself. On the other hand, the rough side is where the messy threadwork is visible.

How to Take Care of Knit Bucket Hats?

Knit bucket hats are an absolute homage to summer staple accessories. As they are reversible, it becomes evident to make them wash frequently. A Knit bucket hat does not always have to be crocheted. Here, knitted fleece is a synthetic material above. For synthetic material like knitted fleece, it is easier to wash:

·         Regularly using detergent.

·         Hand wash frequently using cold water.

·         Air Dry is advisable. Because direct sunlight causes damage to the fabric.

It is better to wash knitted bucket hats at least once a week or at least 5 to 6 times per season. Removing sweat and stains is easier just by washing them frequently. Always, go through the care label on the knitted bucket hat and read the instructions or Do’s & Don’ts care to avoid any uncertainties.

Why is Aung Crown Popular for Making Knit Bucket Hats?

A knitted hat with a better shape, reversible ability, sun protection, and a narrow yet durable layer brim, can you demand any extra? A hat is an accessory that will no time be out of fashion. Based on this, Aung Crown brings you simple and timeless clothing or accessory that makes them longer-lasting! With the independent design and production capacity, Aung Crown has come so far to ensure the fashion that goes to customers is the right one for them.


·         What are the styles available for knit bucket hats?

Knit bucket hats are open to you all for trying out with a bit of extra glam! Any hat, be it a bucket hat or another type, they have always been a daunting task to throw on and go the extra with. The styles that you can follow wearing a knit bucket hat are:

The One with ‘All-Black’ Idea: It is a ‘90s-inspired style that requires you to put on all the black outfits and go along with a tie-dye black-colored knit bucket hat.

The One with ‘Oversized Sweatshirt’: Get a dress in the style of an oversized sweatshirt putting on a knit bucket hat. You will look sporty and colorful with the tie-dye effect.

The One with Mixed Prints: The tie-dye effect on the bucket hat is something that will give you a vibrant look. If you choose to wear clothes with mixed print while putting on a knit bucket hat, you will look effortless as all the colors will blend on you!

·         For which season, do knit bucket hats suit the most?

Bucket hats are always open to style in the spring and summer months. Not only are they going to protect you from harsh exposure to the sun during the day, but also upraise you with any outfit. Although knit bucket hats are known as a ‘summer staple’, you cannot expect better from any other type of hat except this one in the case of sun-shielding features.

·         What to consider when purchasing a knit bucket hat?

Knit bucket hats are for those people who think of themselves as non-hat lovers. Any versatility can be thrown out only by putting on the knit bucket hats. Since this bucket hat is different from the mainstream one, it is significant to look for suitable features.

You may consider the following options when purchasing a knit bucket hat:

Fabric and Material: Check out the details of the fabric and material of the knit bucket hats. Especially the reason for which you are purchasing so. That is whether they perform well under harsh sun exposure.

Quality and Manufacturing Process: Your preferred color will go down vague if you choose to avoid the quality and manufacturing process when purchasing. It is important that the fibers are tightly woven by hand and there are gaps between the fibers at a minimized level.

Comfort and Breathable: These are extremely important features to look at. Without comfort, you may not be likely to wear a knit bucket hat every day!


As a professional hat maker, Aung Crown never compromises quality over quantity. Shopping for the knit bucket hat at Aung Crown would be an absolute privilege. One of the finest things about the product is the reversible product feature. Another feature is the tie-dye effect. These are what make you different from others wearing knit bucket hats. A great choice for summer cannot be experienced without bucket hats. Why not grab a knit bucket hat from Aung Crown and review your experience? You may get them for your business purpose wholesale too! Hurry up!