Outdoor Bucket Hat: The Flat-Brim Hats for Fashion Enthusiasts

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


An amazing Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat is a must-have item for summer. Aung Crown is a professional and reliable hat maker since 1998.

Summer is coming soon. Are you ready for the summer and outdoor activities? Here is a great outdoor bucket hat from Aung Crown for you – an on-the-go head accessory for everyone.

Aung Crown patchwork outdoor bucket hat KN2012211
Aung Crown patchwork outdoor bucket hat KN2012211

What is an Outdoor Bucket Hat?

An outdoor bucket hat refers to a flat-brimmed hat made of lightweight material-cotton twill to provide both shade and protection from the sun. As the name says its features, these bucket hats are specially designed for outdoor activities. This hat has a flat-brim area that revolves around the head to provide enough protection in any weather. Also, the hat comes up with a chin strap that keeps the hat secure in place when you remain in a windy condition.

Be it for hikers or campers, these bucket hats have always been popular among outdoor enthusiasts. On the other hand, these hats are packable, you may say portable to carry around as they are well-constructed to use in outdoor functions. From protecting your eyes to providing you with the ideal accessory facilities, these bucket hats confirm enough air circulation.

Why are Outdoor Bucket Hats Important for Outdoor Activities?

The sole importance lies in outdoor activities and that is what makes outdoor bucket hats important among all. There are some issues that you cannot turn around for instance:

Sun and Rain Protection:

The flat brims of the bucket hat offer premium protection from the sun’s UV rays to moisture during the rain. These hats also prevent sunburn and sun exposure while protecting you from any watery materials. Hence, they are popularly known as water-resistant.


In different colors as well as patterns, these outdoor bucket hats come over, the accessory is wearable for any outdoor activity starting from hiking to gardening. All the credit refers to the comfort the hats provide during any humid or hot condition of weather.

the down-side of the Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat KN2012211
the down-side of the Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat KN2012211

Fabric Materials: Cotton Twill

Aung Crown, both a hat maker and a successful brand, comes up with bucket hats made of cotton twill. This cotton twill, a fabric, is well-constructed by weaving cotton fiber. Since cotton is naturally soft, it becomes extremely versatile in terms of any apparel. In the case of head accessories, too. Cotton fibers, getting woven in a pattern of twill, make fabric durable and provide a unique pattern of a diagonal. As a result, this fabric offers perfect durability to any headgear made from it.

Product Features of the Aung Crown Outdoor Bucket Hat

Outdoor bucket hats have the following product features. For instance:

·         Flat Brim

The flat brim retains a quality shape without curving around the face area. The main material of the brim is like this bucket hat, which is cotton.

·         Fit

Let’s count fit here as an adjustable size. These bucket hats come with adjustable straps named drawstrings to ensure the exact fit and snugness to any head size.

·         Functionality

The main functionality is support for outdoor activities. These hats practically deal with the situation.

·         Branding

Branding is part of the logo design here. The AungcrownGreen brand has come forward with these hats that you may promote as an individual user.

·         Comfort

Comfort-the term comes here as protection. Protection of your face and neck from both the exposure of sun and rain.

·         Price

Prices of bucket hats have always been reasonable. You may get to negotiate in the case of purchasing wholesale.

·         Durability

The sturdy material cotton twill is enough to withstand the situation of wear and tear in any activities outside the home through these hats.

Colors: Black and Green

Bucket hats have always been promoting versatile features with solid-colored designs. But now, the days have gone. There are no color bucket hats for outdoor use. The color largely depends on one’s personal preference. To cover all the demands, an individual may look for a bucket hat, Aung Crown, the professional hat maker, comes up with the color black and green. Besides, the color black and green both go well with any outfit choice. The environment should be suitable enough to have these bright and neutral color combinations. Because in the long run, visibility is what makes the hat attractive to all.

Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat with a woven label on the front KN2012211
Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat with a woven label on the front KN2012211

Logo Design and Printing: Woven

A woven logo design is well-created with the use of more than one piece of fabric. All the pieces are woven together to form a specific pattern in a 2D format. 2D here means two-dimensional. The woven label or logos can be a composition of cotton, or synthetic materials. Colors can be unique and textured as the visibility stands out from other brands. Since woven labels are commonly used on apparel or accessories, they perfectly blend on outdoor bucket hats.

Benefits of Outdoor Bucket Hats

Outdoor bucket hats come with many benefits. From giving you enough breathability to serve you the effect of color contrast. The benefits are as follows:

·         Comfortable to wear.

·         Authentic and unique

·         Controls sweat.

·         Lightweight and flexible.

·         Provides excellent protection from harsh sun exposure.

·         Shade your face from UV rays.

·         Ideal for outdoor activities.

·         enough air circulation to prevent the overheating situation.

·         Versatile and water-resistant.

·         Easy to fold and store.

·         Protect eyes from glare.

·         Keep the sun away from your face and neck.

·         Affordable price.

Who Can Wear Outdoor Bucket Hats?

Outdoor bucket hats have no age or gender restrictions. These are unisex in design just to ensure their reach to mass people. Not all bucket hats are fashionable, there are bucket hats for the outdoors that work for both functions and outdoor fashion accessories. For those who frequently prefer to go for trips of picnics, these bucket hats are solely for those!

When to Wear Outdoor Bucket Hats?

Bucket hats, which are specifically for outdoor activities, should be worn depending on weather conditions. Whether the conditions are sunny or rainy. Even for beach outings, bucket hats remain a fashion statement. You may get them as casual fashion or any outdoor adventurous styles. All you require is to protect yourself from exposure to harmful things. Moreover, these hats can dry quickly. With an adjustable strap of windproof string, these hats serve a greater purpose even if you are in bad weather conditions.

Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat with inner labels KN2012211
Aung Crown outdoor bucket hat with inner labels KN2012211

How to Care for Outdoor Bucket Hats?

Outdoor bucket hats are mostly prone to dust, dampness, and other dirt. So, we have sorted out a list of tips that you can follow to take care of the bucket hats:

·         Clean the bucket hat using wipes or a damp cloth.

·         In case of stain removal, use mild detergent and water.

·         Avoid using bleaching!

·         Air dry your hat. Never keep hats in a drawer.

·       Always keep the hat in a cool and dry place. As sunlight exposure may fade the hat color.

·         Never fold your hat as it may lose both structure and shape.

These bucket hats have great sun protection that defends you from the sun’s rays. Even your favorite sunscreen will not carry the importance that a single outdoor bucket hat serves around.

The Best Places to Wear Outdoor Bucket Hats

Places are up to you to choose! All it is recommended is to have some outdoor activities while wearing outdoor bucket hats. The activities can be the following ones:

·         Beaches:

For relaxing or playing with enough protection for the face, hands, and neck.

·         Fishing:

During fishing, these bucket hats provide shade to reduce the glare on the water.

·         Hiking:

Bucket hats protect you during hiking from sun rays.

·         Camping:

It shields you while setting up camp!

What to Consider Before Purchasing Outdoor Bucket Hats?

Outdoor bucket hats are great values in terms of purchase. Yet you may give a thorough check on the following factors:

·         Material: Choose a breathable material bucket hat just like cotton twill.

·         Size: The string comfortably secures on the head or not, you must decide.

·         Brim size: The size of the brim is flat, yet you may check whether it provides enough protection or not.

·         Color: It is better to look for a hat of solid color to keep yourself cool.

·         Water-Resistance: Wear your hat, wash, and quickly dry! Check the care instructions given on the hat package while purchasing from Aung Crown.


To sum up, bucket hats which are specially designed for outdoor activities contain color contrast and feature flat brims. The design is unisex regardless of any cultural, age, or gender barrier. The brand Aung Crown makes sure the hat receives enough attention to detail throughout the wearer’s use time. Hence, they came up with the idea of a fixed size which is 58 cm/22.83 inches, and woven as a logo technique common in the professional head wearer community. Sustainability cannot be just ensured by one hand, why don’t you keep your carbon footprint by purchasing headgear like this outdoor bucket hat from your end?