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Here today, we are going to introduce the overview and types of hats including the different types and features. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998 with almost 25 years of experience in hat making and a bunch of expertise in hats. Therefore, you can totally trust it.

Overview of Hats

The overview and features of hats

Hats, in ancient China, called as first of outfits, were playing an important role in the whole dress. However, in English-speaking countries, it’s called “hat”, and in India, call “Chapeau”.

The accurate overview of hats is that the headwear is composed of the crown and the brim. In modern daily life, hats are the general name of all headwear that is placed on heads, also including some half-caps and wig covers.

The basic hat types

According to different styles, functions, and making-ways, there are many styles of hats. Therefore, there are many sorting ways. At present, the sorting ways that currently exist have different approaches according to different features.

  • Sorted by usage purposes: safe caps, baseball caps, wind caps, swimming caps, sun hats, etc.
  • Sorted by materials: tweed hats, straw hats, felt hats, leather hats, steel helmets, etc.
  • Sorted by season: cool hats, warm hats, snow caps, etc.
  • Sorted by genders and ages: male caps, female caps, kid caps, etc.
  • Sorted by shapes: wide-brim caps, panel caps, duck-tongue caps, tiger hats, etc.
  • Sorted by foreign translations: berets, Breton caps, Turkish caps, Cossack caps, etc.

Different Hats and Features of the Hats

Here today, we analyze the styles of hats, are sorted by the shapes of hats, and introduce the features, made-materials, and usages of the hats.

1. Bowler

Also, fedora or top hats. It was a portable hat for men in the 19 century. After the First World War, it was popular in the United Kingdom and became a hat for formal occasions. This kind of hat is suitable for formal occasions to wear.


2. Toque

Toque hats originated in Turkey without brims. At first, it was called a “knit cap”. This hat is also suitable for formal occasions


3. Pillbox

Pillbox is a hat with a small and light crown. Most crowns are round or oval shapes. Usually, there are many ornaments on pillbox hats with strong decorative purposes, such as artificial flowers, beads, and feathers. etc. Suitable for social etiquette.

Pillbox hat
Pillbox hat

4. Hair Band

Hair band belongs to all caps with ornaments on the head, like flower knots, decorative flowers, and ornaments. The shapes and styles are various. The simple hair band is not only suitable for daily life but also suitable for complex social etiquette.

Hair band
Hair band

5. Canotie

Canotie is a lightweight bowler hat with a straight crown and a flat top. Usually, this hat is for formal occasions.


6. Cloche

Cloche was a female hat popular in the 1930s. The front brim is relatively low. The hat is famous for its wall clock-like shape. Cloche is suitable for both formal occasions and daily life.


7. Beret

Beret is a hat that originated in ancient Rome at first. It is suitable for both women and men. It’s without brims. There are 2 common types: Basque beret (hat usually with a band), and Modiline beret (no band on the hat). Beret was popular and loved by people in the 1880s, the Second World War, and the 1700s.

Beret-Overview and Types of Hats
Beret-Overview and Types of Hats

8. Casquette

The shape of Casquette follows the 19th-century merchant’s hat. In some countries, it’s called boy’s cap, now is called duck-tongue cap due to its duck-tongue brim. It was for men, now, this cap is suitable for both women and men.

Casquette or duck-tongue cap-Overview and Types of Hats
Casquette or duck-tongue cap-Overview and Types of Hats

9. Turned–up Hat

There are several types of turned-up hats: Breton, Tyrolean, and Sailor.

Breton: turned up at the front brim.

Tyrolean: turned up at the back brim.

Sailor: turned up with all-around brim.

turned-up hat-Overview and Types of Hats
turned-up hat-Overview and Types of Hats

10. Capeline

Capeline is a wide-brim hat that is aiming to shield the sunlight and decorate the head. There are many ornaments on the brim of the hat, such as yarn, artificial flowers, flower knots, etc.

Capeline - Overview and Types of Hats
Capeline – Overview and Types of Hats

11. Turban

Turban is a type of hat that originated in the Arabian and Indian regions. Using a long towel to wrap around the head to make a hat. Some people wrap them at the center of the front to create a flower knot, which is suitable for females.

Turban-Overview and Types of Hats
Turban-Overview and Types of Hats

12. Bonnet

Bonnet is a hat that covers the top and back of the head. There are 2 types of shapes: with brim or without brim. Bonnet first originated in ancient Rome, however, now, people are rare to wear it, and it as a cap for home wear and kids.


13. Hood

Hood caps are a cap that covers the head. There are 2 types of caps. One is associated with outfits, while the other remains separate from clothing ensembles. Hooded caps find more frequent usage in daily routines and are available in various styles.

Hood hat
Hood hat

14. Soft Hat

Mostly men utilize this type of hat. The top of the hat is in the center of the concave. At the end of the 19th century because the British crown prince wore and popular, often as a bowler hat.

15. Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hat is also called Western hat because it was popular in Western regions for a long time. Both sides of the brim are rolling up. In the past time, it was usually used by men, now women in denim outfits also can wear a cowboy hat.

Cowboy hat - Overview and Types of Hats
Cowboy hat – Overview and Types of Hats

16. Bamboo Hat

Bamboo hat is without brims and with a pointed top, and the whole shape of the cap is pointed. However, the size varies and the form is diverse.

Bamboo hat - Overview and Types of Hats
Bamboo hat – Overview and Types of Hats


Here today, all the above 16 types of hats are great and with their unique features. No matter what you want to learn about hats, this blog will meet your needs to some degree. If you are still interested in knowledge of hats, please save our website and keep checking. We will upload knowledge about hats each day.