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unisex baseball cap dad cap in light purple, red, black, pink, light purple KN2012112

Unisex Baseball Cap: Trendy and Fashionable Piece


Have you ever tried to find a unisex baseball cap? If yes, you are at the right place. Today, we are going to introduce the unisex baseball cap from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a hat maker founded in 1998 with about 25 years of experience in hat making.

Why Do You Need A Baseball Cap?

Do you want to be a hipster? Do you want to set a trend? Or, do you want to stand on the pyramid of fashion? If your answer is “YES”, you need to learn how to flexibly use some small fashion items like watches, scarves, necklaces, bags, hats, and so on. And even every little item has a different kind that you need to learn how to select the suitable right for matching different occasions. That is because you may need just one small accessory to make you the brightest person on the field. And today what I highly recommend to you is a unisex baseball cap from Aung Crown.

Aung Crown Unisex Baseball Cap

Just as its name implied, unisex baseball caps are for both boys and girls. There is no definite classification, no matter who you are or what your style is you can control it perfectly. Unisex baseball caps have numerous benefits that you do not know about. For insistence, you can use it with whatever theme you’re wearing today. If you’re wearing a dress, this unisex baseball cap can make you look like a sports sweetheart.

Or if you are wearing something cool today, it will be more suitable for this hat. It will make your outfit more coordinated. If you are just wearing something that does not match today, this cap also will make your outfit look well-matched and casual. It also has an unexpected benefit – saving money. Because this unisex baseball cap is no-discriminatory, you can buy this cap for the whole family. It is like spending a share of your money and giving everyone a cap, so why not? Next, I will introduce the relevant features of this hat.

Aung Crown sports unisex baseball cap KN2012112
Aung Crown sports unisex baseball cap KN2012112

Aung Crown Unisex Baseball Cap Features:

1. Fabric: Nylon Fabric

First, nylon, or polyester amine, is a synthetic fiber. It is rich in raw materials and renewable resources, so there is no need to worry about environmental pollution or resource shortage. And because it’s synthetic, its toughness, tensile properties, and even the compression angle are excellent. Using this material to make a hat can better fit our head shape, and the bending curve of the hat can be better controlled. Thus it can be seen that this unisex baseball cap is practical.

High Heat Resistance

In addition, nylon fabric has high heat resistance. According to the data, highly crystalline nylon can be used at high temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius (150℃/302℉). So, in the coming hot summer, this unisex baseball cap is very suitable. If you are working in Hainan, Xinjiang, or other cities where the temperature is relatively high, or you are engaged in welders and other special circumstances where the temperature is also extremely high, you can also purchase this hat. You don’t have to worry about damage because of the nature of nylon.

Fatigue Resistance

Another outstanding advantage of nylon fabric is that it is very resistant to fatigue. This nylon fabric does not lose strength even if it is repeatedly bent and broken. For example, in daily life, we can see this nylon used in bicycle tires and automatic elevator handrails, and other places. So it turns out that nylon does work and doesn’t break. For most people, the hat is just a small decoration, do not want to spend too much money on it, then this baseball cap is a great choice for you.

Great Durability

The whole baseball cap is made of nylon cloth, which is very durable. This means that if you buy this one hat, you can use it for a long time, and you don’t have to worry about it breaking easily and having to buy another hat. We should learn to buy things with a long-term view and use one share of money to buy something that will last a long time. What a bargain!

Maybe some people will ask, “Isn’t nylon just plastic? Won’t it hurt you?” I think I need to talk clearly about it. As a matter of fact, nylon is a plastic but it’s a synthetic fiber. It is non-toxic and odorless, and it doesn’t do you any harm. We often hear that plastics harm the environment, and pollutants of the ocean, and take it for granted that nylon is not safe. In fact, it is not. Nylon fabric because of its easy dyeing and forming characteristics has long been used in the garment industry, to provide convenience for the garment industry. I can make sure that it is non-toxic and harmless, and you can buy it with confidence.

It also has the characteristic of abrasion resistance. Nylon fabric wear resistance and corrosion are very good, and it has resistance to gasoline alcohol, and other corrosive substances. So if you’re buying for a kid who likes to run around and damage clothes easily or someone who’s exposed to corrosive substances, this unisex baseball cap is a great choice for you.

What’s more, the unisex baseball cap still has an apparent attraction –cheap. Because it is a synthetic fabric, the price of nylon cloth products is more attractive. What a bargain to get a high-quality unisex baseball cap at a low price!

the curved brim of the red unisex baseball cap KN2012112
the curved brim of the red unisex baseball cap KN2012112

2. Brim: Curved Plastic Brim

This unisex baseball hat features a curved plastic brim. Firstly, the brim of the baseball cap itself has a certain curvature, which can visually shrink the shape of our face and make us look smaller. Human face shape pays attention to the proportion of three eyes, five eyes, and five facial features, and this curvature can block our forehead part to help shape a better face shape proportion. Secondly, the curvature of the radian can be omnidirectional shading to a certain extent.

For some people with larger foreheads, this cap is also more friendly. Because it only shows a bit of the forehead, and it also can pull up in proportion. Or if you have a lot of flesh on your face, you can also try this baseball cap. Its small arc can definitely make your face look smaller. For some people with gills on the face, this hat is also very suitable.

Their whole face shapes are characterized by a wider underside of the faces, which makes them look a bit top-heavy. But if you have one of these hats, it will give you a fuller upper part of your face and prevent other people from noticing your facial flaws. Even if you don’t look great, you can improve yourself with accessories like hats. Just because you weren’t born a fairy doesn’t mean you can’t turn into a fashion queen.

3. Panel and Structure: Five Pieces Unstructured

  Our baseball cap takes five pieces unstructured. In fact, many baseball caps on the market will adopt a six-piece structure, which will prop up the cap to look more three-dimensional. But it will push up the logo on the front of the hat and make your forehead or even your head look bigger. However, we chose five-piece unstructured, with only one piece of cloth for the front part of the logo and four pieces of cloth around it. This flat style makes your head look small and cute. You can compare with products on the market, to our five-piece and non – structural style very few. Paired with our leather Beale rope, our hats are richly layered but not obtrusive.

4. Closure: Plastic Buckle Adjustable Seal

  Our unisex baseball hat is made of black plastic double-breasted snap. This plastic outlet is very invisible, and there is not much sense of presence, giving people a clean feeling. For example, metal outlets after long use will fade and look ugly. And when the metal fades, it stains the back of the band, which is very difficult to get clean. Then there’s Velcro, and when you adjust your hat, the Velcro will always bulge out at the end, which is very strong and can ruin the overall beauty of the hat. In contrast, plastic vents are more understated and fashionable. I

It’s very easy to operate, much easier than any other outlet. For insistence, metal vents are hard to manipulate on their own. Usually, you’ll need another person to help you adjust the metal clasp on the back of the hat, or you’ll need to go over and over the shape of the clasp before you put it on. I’m sure you can sense the trouble with the metal buckle just by hearing me describe it that way. Furthermore, it’s also almost invisible and won’t ruin the overall beauty of the hat or your outfit.

3D embroidery letters
3D embroidery letters

5. Logo Craft: Three-Dimensional Embroidery Logo

The three-dimensional embroidery is designed using special wool on special fabrics. Compared with other embroideries, the biggest feature of three-dimensional embroidery is that it is a three-dimensional design on the drawing so that people have a stronger stereo vision. It is worth pointing out that three-dimensional embroidery actually originated from cross embroidery, so three-dimensional embroidery and cross embroidery are in the embroidery method of the same work. But three-dimensional embroidery on the drawings of higher requirements has its own special drawings.

 Even though this embroidery method is more complex, we also insist on using this process in order to give our customers a better experience. Our unisex baseball hat logo uses three-dimensional embroidery to increase its presence. If it was just plain embroidery, the hat would be plain and not quite what we’re looking for. It is because our hat itself only has a logo embroidery without too many other decorations that three-dimensional embroidery can be a good way to solve this problem. Therefore, our unisex cap can be simple but not simple.

the front side of the white unisex baseball cap KN2012112
the front side of the white unisex baseball cap KN2012112

6. Ornament: Leather Beale Rope Trim

 As a kind of sports cap, a baseball cap has always been a simple style of decoration. According to market research, 90% of the baseball caps on the market are decorated with logos. Similarly, Our baseball cap is also a continuation of this simple style, only decorated with logos, but I think it is too monotonous without characteristics. So we used leather Beale rope to make the front of the hat look more layered.

We set the color of Bill’s rope to be the same as the color of the logo, which echoes up and down. You don’t have to worry about the rope breaking during your use and ruining the beauty of the hat. Our rope is made of leather, which is very durable and not easily damaged. So, please don’t compact this piece of string, it can give your hat more layers and be completely different from the other hats.

the inner sweatband and taping of the red unisex baseball cap KN2012112
the inner sweatband and taping of the red unisex baseball cap KN2012112

7. Sweatband: Sweat Absorbing Headband

As a sports cap, the unisex baseball cap itself is sweatproof. If it loses this function, then no matter how good the hat looks it is a useless thing. This Aung Crown unisex baseball cap features sweatbands on the inner edge of the hat for beauty and sweat resistance. In fact, there are special sweatbands on the market, and you may have seen a band that many people wear on their heads on the sports field.

Most people will think that it is handsome and beautiful, but just such a strap can easily be lost, or it will feel hot to wear on the head in the summer. It can be seen that this sweatband is not very convenient. And we designed the sweatband inside the hat and integrated it with the hat. This is perfect for both sweat and sun protection. So what are you waiting for? Come and buy.