Plain Bucket Hat: Take Photos with This Bucket Hat

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we’re going to introduce a plain bucket hat from Streeter. Streeter is one of the brands from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998.

Travel & Bucket Hats

With the development of the times, we are farther and farther away from the slow times of the past. With the help of various means of transportation, we can get to any place we want in a few days at most. And in China, where high-speed railways are developing so well, it’s much more convenient for Chinese to travel.

Travel has changed from difficult to easy, and many people can go to their dream places to realize their wishes. Some people even watch videos promoting scenic spots at night and get on the plane the next day. Taking photos is the most direct way to record these wonderful lives. However, there are a lot of people who are afraid of taking pictures, and this article is to show you how to take good travel photos with a bucket hat.


Traveling is a good thing; it can release anxiety in people’s hearts. It allows people to discover new ways of life in new times and new places with new people. In this short time, people jump out of their previous circle and life to see the world as a spectator.

This journey allows people to experience different cultures and customs, and to see scenery different from the place where they grew up. It also allows people to see beautiful scenery, eat all kinds of food and smell fresher air with their friends. These moments are wonderful but hardly eternal.

So we need to take pictures to record these beautiful things. Not only can you witness the places you’ve been to but you can also get good memories from them when you revisit them in the future.

reversible plain bucket cap
reversible plain bucket cap

Bucket Hats – A Great Helper for Photos

For some people, it’s easy to just go on a trip, but it’s hard to document your experience in photos beneath the beautiful scenery. Not being able to take pictures that you’re happy with can be a headache, making it impossible for many people to document a trip even if they want to. Some people even refuse to have their pictures taken, saying that they are not good-looking and not photogenic. This is wrong.

Each of us has a unique appearance, not something that can be summarized by an unphotogenic sentence. In addition, there is no requirement for the level of appearance in the photo taken with the scenery. More importantly, it is appropriate to match the scenery and atmosphere.

An Amazing Picture

Imagine that you are standing under Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The snow-capped mountain is sacred and beautiful. The surrounding scenery is also integrated with the snow mountain, like a fairyland. You want to use the camera to record yourself and the scenery of this moment, you find that you are wearing a heavy cotton jacket, against the wind blowing messy hair.

I guess it has nothing to do with the level of appearance. Or by the sea, the endless sea level meets the beach, the sky is blue and the clouds form a beautiful background. Everyone else is wearing appropriate short shirts or swimsuits, only you in a solid-colored T-shirt. It’s not that solid T-shirts don’t look good, but they just don’t fit the scene.

Right Hats and Outfits for Photos

Therefore, there is no requirement for the level of appearance to capture the beautiful moment in the photo. The right outfit is the most important. Choosing the right bucket hat can be a good solution to this problem.

Although once you solve the problem of dressing, you can solve the problem of taking pictures. However, the problem of matching clothes is not easy to solve. The first is that you can’t bring so many clothes with you when you travel. If you travel in small bags, you may take beautiful photos, but the process of traveling will become very tiring.

Reversible Plain Bucket Hat from Streeter

The point of travel is to relax. Moreover, it’s a bit of pressure to find the right clothes to take photos with different scenes on WeChat. So it is necessary to have a good dress helper. It can be used as a versatile tool or as an accessory for a dominant style. Most importantly, it is small and easy to carry. And this Double-sided Bucket hat by STREETER is perfect for that.

A bucket hat. I’m sure you’ve heard the name at one point or another, and if you haven’t, you’ve certainly talked about this kind of hat. From globe-trotting bloggers in short videos to fashion-forward celebrities, these hats are the go-to items at the bottom of their wardrobes.

Sun Protection

The scenery is great, but the sun hurts. The plain bucket hat’s unique wide brim design( though it’s a narrow-brim bucket hat, the brim is wide enough to shade the sun.) gives it a strong shade effect, which makes it perfect for your travel aid. Some people will say that there are many hats for shade, why choose this one alone?

double-sided plain caps
double-sided plain caps


Although there are many hats to shade the sun, the one that is suitable for various scenes and making people look good must be the bucket hat! And it must be on the top of the list. A bucket hat can be a versatile hat that can be worn all year round. At the same time, the bucket hat also has the effect of modifying the shape of the face, making people feel that their face is OK.

A Nice Accessory

For those who like to travel by slow vehicle, the bucket hat can also function as an eye patch, which gains a lot of good reputation from the consumers. It also helps to avoid the windblown, like messy hair mentioned above, and the bucket hat is an artifact for Troublemakers, as it allows you to style your hair without the hassle of styling it.

The bucket hats are generally of a high standard of appearance. If you want a versatile hat, in addition to looking good, the elements on the hat had better not be too much. Otherwise, the requirements for other clothing will be more stringent.

Double-Sided Design

This STREETER plain bucket hat is a clever example of a solid color design. This makes it a better travel aid than any other bucket hat. What’s more, the bucket hat is double-sided, meaning that if you buy one, you can use it as two. This is very friendly for travelers, not only takes up less space but also can unlock more wearing styles.

narrow-brim casual hat
narrow-brim casual hat

Logo: Flat Embroidery

It is inexpensive and easy to carry during the trip, and the nearly perfect design makes it impossible to say no to it. The techniques of applique and flat embroidery have turned it into a hit among consumers.

The brand offers consumers two color schemes. One is yellow on the front and black on the back, and the other is pink on the front and black on the back. As we’ve said before, solid-colored hats are easy to wear. Start with yellow, which works well with warm colors like brown. Collocations like a yellow bucket hat with a brown dress or a brown trench coat are lazy and stylish.

Yellow Hat

Yellow is a clear color and works well with other fresher colors. Pair this hat with a light blue shirt for a casual teen look or wear it with a white T-shirt, simple but layered. That’s the kind of outfit you’d wear on a blue beach and every photo with this bucket hat will be excellent.

Pink Hat

The next color is pink. Compared with boys, pink is more suitable for girls. Some attractions have scenes like painting walls. Wear this hat with a pink hoodie and a black knit skirt. The colors are bright and lively. Pink and black with a balanced color so that the overall look is more harmonious, I believe that some of you can’t wait to take photos with the painting wall! Guys can wear pink hats too, just not in the same cute style as girls. Pair a white shirt with a pink hat and you’ll instantly feel younger than before.

Black Hat

And finally, black. It has the most choices of those three color schemes. It’s okay to wear black and black in the same color, or black and white overlapping. The combination of a black hat and a red top is also very cool. For this collocation, you do not need a large area of color collision, simple color embellishment can be added. Black, like white, is easier to set off the features of other colors, making it easier to match. So when you turn your hat upside down, go and try different collocation styles!

This bucket hat is a great choice to be a travel helper. Good looks and lots to match aren’t all that’s good about this product. Only excellent quality can accompany you to the ends of the earth. This bucket hat is made of cotton diagonal fabric. Cotton skew is a pure cotton fabric. When it comes to pure cotton fabric, most people are familiar with it.

Fabric: Pure Cotton

Pure cotton fabric is also a commonly used fabric for clothing in daily life, which is widely praised. The cotton skew is the use of twill weaving fabric, belongs to the cotton fabric, through the warp and weft, and at least two yarns interwoven once. Therefore, the relative cotton twill is thicker, the three-dimensional sense of the organization is stronger than the cotton twill, and the surface is relatively plump.

double-sided wearing plain bucket hat in pink and black KN2102213
double-sided wearing plain bucket hat in pink and black KN2102213

Durable and Not Easy to Shrink

This kind of fabric is not easy to shrink when washed, and its density is greater than cotton twill. In the printing and dyeing process, it is easy to open the pattern, and large yarn consumption, and wear resistance, can be said to be very strong. Cotton twill also has the advantages of good gloss, a soft feel, good elasticity, and looks more classy than plain cotton.

It is less likely to shrink and wrinkle than pure cotton. Excellent performance and less output make the price of this fabric also higher, so generally, high-end products will use a cotton skew to replace pure cotton as finished fabric. The bucket hat made from it can no doubt shelter you from wind and rain and accompany you to the end of the world.

However, quality and appearance are not everything. The reason why this product can have such an excellent sense of advance is that its small details are inseparable from the design.

Logo Design

The logo design on the front of the hat is an excellent point. Logo adopts two kinds of process design: applique and flat embroidery. Applique embroidery, also known as patchwork embroidery, is a form of embroidery in which other fabrics are cut and stitched onto clothing. The couching embroidery in Chinese Su-embroidery also belongs to this category.


The embroidery method is to cut the floral cloth according to the pattern requirements, and then stick it to the embroidery surface or between the floral cloth and the embroidery surface so that the pattern eminence and has a three-dimensional sense. After pasting, use a variety of stitches to lock the edge.

Cloth Embroidery

The cloth embroidery method is simple, the pattern is based on the block surface, and the style is unique and generous. Compared with other flat processes, the use of cloth embroidery logo will be more layered. This method can make the logo in the product as a whole more prominent, and make people more impressed. This design not only improves the appearance of the product but also has a great effect on brand publicity.

reversible plain bucket hat
reversible plain bucket hat

Flat Embroidery

Flat embroidery, also known as fine embroidery, is also a kind of Chinese embroidery, which is mostly used for appreciation or high-grade daily necessities. The finished products (like today’s bucket hat) made by the flat embroidery process are exquisite and have a sense of texture.

The embroidered face is exquisitely detailed. This bucket hat uses cloth embroidery as the main body of the logo design and then uses fine flat embroidery as the details design. Two processes form the focal point of this product.

A Nice Matching

The logo made of cloth embroidery and embroidery enriched the elements of the product so that the hat of solid color would not be too monotonous. When the logo appears in front of a solid color hat, it also gives the overall hat a sense of sophistication.

This is the charm of detail design, small details can determine success or failure. A small logo uses two different manufacturing processes to enhance the quality of the product. This shows the brand’s dedication to product design. Are you sure you still don’t want to have this bucket hat?


Having said so much you must have been surprised by the excellent performance of this product. Not surprisingly, it was designed to be your helper when you are taking photos. You can have it whenever you want. If you want a good helper to help you retain good memories, then please buy this product – the Streeter plain bucket hat!