Plain Bucket Hat: The Chic Casual Fashion of Everyday Life

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


The Streeter plain bucket hat is great headwear for any organization. Obviously, the logo of applique and embroidered design make it more viewable to everyone else out there. In fact, Streeter is one of the brands from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998.

casual plain bucket hat KN2102213
casual plain bucket hat KN2102213

What does it mean by Plain Bucket Hat?

Plain bucket hats are another version of fisherman’s hats that come along with the narrow-brim hat. Usually, plain bucket hats are 58 cm/22.83 inches in size. However, sizes may differ from one brand to another brand. Wearing a bucket hat in warm weather does not keep you in an odd situation because it protects your head from the sun.

Once, these plain bucket hats were applied to only fishermen and hikers because of their protective mechanism. But gone are the days when they have become a suitable option for all genders out there. Besides, hat makers make the plain bucket in a way so that after washing, the fabric can turn into a texture of long-lasting structure. These types of bucket hats usually follow the mechanism of ‘one size fits all.’

What is a Plain Bucket Hat Made of?

Interesting facts are there about plain bucket hat manufacturing. Streeter, one of the brands belonging to Aung Crown, comes up with plain bucket hats that are made of cotton twill material. Moreover, since the brim of the hat is narrow, it comes up with different features as well. The twill cotton fabric made of plain bucket hats is a double-sided bucket hat. That means you can wear them on any side based on your preference and outfit color. Here, the double-sided features also come up with some additional items, the embroidery applique logo or the narrow brim that has been discussed.

The Color Availability of the Plain Bucket Hat

Aung Crown brings the Streeter-branded Plain bucket hat in 2 ranges of dual color modes. They are:

·         Black and Yellow

·         Black and Pink Red.

Since the product is dual-sided or reversible, you can wear them on any plain-colored side. Both colours are suitable for promoting the casual fashion sense. Here, black color is always one of the popular colors for bucket hats. With that color, yellow, pink-red bring vibrant and attractive color progress. One of the advantages of reversible or dual-colour mode-based bucket hats is as follows:

·         Easy transformation to any colour by flipping the other side.

·         Flexible wearing inside out.

·         Eco-friendly, you just do not need to buy another coloured specific bucket hat.

reversible plain bucket hat in black and yellow KN2102213
reversible plain bucket hat in black and yellow KN2102213

Is a Plain Bucket Hat Applicable to Both Genders?

This cotton-twill-made plain bucket hat is applicable for both men and women. From kids to adults, everyone can wear this comfortable plain bucket hat from Streeter. These types of headwear are preferable for every age as an accessory. Even toddlers have fun the most wearing plain bucket hats. Does face shape matter in choosing a hat?

Yes! And no! Face shapes are just criteria to see whether it suits you or not. But it is not a prime condition. For headwear accessories like hats, it is more important to wear them in perfect condition with more flexibility and comfort. Casual events are a perfect way here to appear wearing a bucket hat.

Product Features of the Streeter Plain Bucket Hat

Plain bucket hats are great headwear for any organization, business, or school. The logo of applique and embroidered design make it more viewable to everyone else out there. For a general-sized head, it is a good fit. Specifically, Plain bucket hats from Streeter possess the following product features. For instance:

·         Reversibility

Although it has been said before, reversibility brings a new outlook on headwear. Besides, it is easy to flip and fold around.

·         Unisex Design

Unisex design is the most unique tradition of contemporary plain bucket hats. This is absolute fun wearing a bucket hat that fits all. Also, the unisex design is a bit economical as well.

·         Logo: Applique + Flat Embroidery

Flat embroidery and applique both go well in the bucket hat that features better eyelet detailing. The stitched panel of the bucket hat makes it more attractive. Besides, applique embroidery comes in different aspects like printing, or printing of heat transfer, and 3D embroidery facilities.

·         A Narrow Brim

The brim of any hat can protect your face directly from the sun and UV rays. Brim, being the most important part of the plain bucket hats, can be narrow, curved, and wider. A narrow brim does not cause any harm and instead offers a stylish look.

·         Size

The size of the bucket hats here at Aung Crown is 58 cm/22.83 inches.

double-sided wearing plain bucket hat in pink and black KN2102213
double-sided wearing plain bucket hat in pink and black KN2102213

How Can Logo Techniques Apply to Plain Bucket Hat?

Surprisingly, in the product section, a small glimpse of the logo techniques of the plain bucket hats has been added. At Streeter, bucket hats are available for flat embroidery and applique embroidery systems. Applique embroidery serves the smooth and intricately detailed look on the hat. Meanwhile, flat embroidery or flat stitching can be more popular to bring uniqueness to the detail on hats. Any written statement can be easily applicable there.

But they are open for any customization depending on your requirements. In summer, personal touch to the bucket hats may help in a go-to style. Lightweight bucket hats are easy to protect from the sun. For retailers out there who want to have bucket hats wholesale, logo techniques may help you to grab a bit of attention from the customer!

Advantages of Plain Bucket Hats

Plain bucket hats offer several advantages

·         Summer-friendly.

·         Protective from the sun rays.

·         Stylish accessories for outdoor events.

·         Lightweight.

·         Easy to carry along.

·         Portable in any bag.

·         Unique design from contemporary other bucket hats.

·         A sunscreen alternative accessory to protect the face.

·         Can hide your hair problems.

Pro-Tips for Maintaining the Bucket Hats

In total, there are 3 ways to take care of plain bucket hats. Such as:

·         Hand wash with cold water/ normal temperature.

·         Hang the bucket hat to dry automatically.

·         Avoid bleaching, ironing, or dry cleaning.

These are the pro tips to take care of your bucket hats which you should keep in mind. Other than these, bucket hats are adjustable and designed in a way that can protect your toddlers from any kind of terrain. So, plain bucket hat lovers out there, get ready to witness the super easy cleaning process.

Washing Mechanism:

Plain bucket hats are available to wash with:

Laundry Detergent

If you have a washing machine, you can wash the plain bucket hats in that. Before that, washing them in a mesh laundry bag would not be so harsh. Instead, it will cover all the laundry-specific details to wash the hat. Wash with cold water and put the cycle in a gentle mode. A scent-free detergent may help you out!

Drying Mechanism

After the washing procedure of the plain bucket hat, you can air dry the bucket hat. Hat makers construct the bucket hat in a way so that high heat does not ruin the hat’s structure. Also, it would be wise to avoid throwing the bucket hat in the dryer after the washing procedure. Air drying may keep the hat in shape because of its breathable fabric construction.

The Premium Area of Specialization at Aung Crown

The sincerity of Aung Crown in making people adhere to choosing simple and timeless accessories is appreciable indeed. Only noble ideas with expensive outcomes do not work out that well. Aung Crown’s newly introduced product is a plain bucket hat from the brand STREETER.

At Aung Crown, Make with Heart is its slogan. Hat makers keep in mind the young generation to adults while making products, in return, the products become affordable and long-lasting for the community. Aung Crown ensures it and brings to you the premium collection of plain bucket hats.

double-sided plain bucket hat KN2102213
double-sided plain bucket hat KN2102213


·         Are there any benefits of having a bucket hat?

The benefits of wearing a bucket hat from Aung Crown are amazing! If you start today, you will likely have the following advantages. For instance:

Keeping Hat Cool and Protected:

Plain bucket hats are made in a way by a hat maker that keeps your head away from the sun. It protects you from any injury and keeps the head cool as well.

Stylish Design:

Without a doubt, plain bucket hats come advantageously in serving you stylish color and design. Also, the buckets are applicable for unisex. The color at Aung Crown will mesmerize you as they are available in black, yellow, and black and pink red.

Practical to Use as Casual Accessory:

As the product is acceptable in casual mode, you can wear them during your gardening, hiking, walking, or any kind of practical tasks you do in your neighborhood.

·         How can you pair up a plain bucket hat with other items?

Pairing your plain bucket hat with other items is handy. They come in useful for both genders. You can just wear them with any outfit or any other additional accessories. There are a few other things that pair exceptionally well.

For instance, women can wear bucket hats with a flowy sundress. It keeps you comfortable and protects you from the sun’s rays. Otherwise, you can pull them off with denim shorts, t-shirts, and other polo t-shirts.  

Meanwhile, men out there, you can just start with shorts or any plain T-shirt. Plain things never go out of trend. The heat keeps you warm and gives you a bit of a stylish posture.

·         What are the style variations of plain bucket Hats?

Style variations differ from person to person. Yet, plain bucket hats provide stylish variations from modern looks to street-wear-inspired outlooks. The everyday accessories cannot be out of style with a bucket hat put on. If there is a classic edition of the bucket hat, we see that the style is available year-round. Besides, streetwear designs come in with a bit of attitude. But this attitude is good.

·         When can you wear a plain bucket hat as an accessory?

Be the occasion festival season or any other absolute accessory, the style of the plain bucket never fades away. Rather it is a must-have to feature with a black-colored dual-sided hat. It can be paired up with different casual pieces.

·         Are Bucket Hats in Aung Crown available for wholesale?

Bucket hats, here at Aung Crown, are available wholesale. The fabric and material of plain bucket hats here a cotton-twill made. Bucket hats can protect you against the sun and rain. They also improve your view of a clear face in front. It will be better if you gather information on customers’ needs, their desired look, and size, and contact Aung Crown in the following details for purchasing wholesale lots.

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As I have noted, this plain bucket hat has always been a favorite item for casual occasions. There is not even a limit to the wearer as the product is applicable for unisex adults. Sizes are flexible for any headwear. There is no other hat that has been so immensely popular due to its design and minimalist features as a product. From your end, all you need is to focus on the color that suits you and take care of it until you stop wearing another one. Besides, Bucket hats are always a stylish accessory piece to try on to match any outfit you have. Why not get a reversible plain bucket hat from Aung Crown today?