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Streeter safari bucket hat with foldable brim and snap buttons KN2012081-1

Safari Bucket Hat: The Wide-Brimmed Hat for Outdoor Enthusiasts


Safari bucket hats, from Streeter, are practical. The only thing that keeps the wearer motivated to wear a bucket hat is the comfort, wide brim area, and adjustable strap. Scroll down to get more updates on Boonie Bucket Hats. Streeter is from Aung Crown –  a professional hat maker since 1998.

Streeter safari bucket hat for outdoor KN2012081-1
Streeter safari bucket hat for outdoor KN2012081-1

What are Safari Bucket Hats?

Safari bucket hats or the camo waffle Boonie bucket hats are both for people of outdoor enthusiasts. Be it safari or Boonie bucket hats, both refer to well-designed hats with wide brim areas and soft to flexible material of construction. The wide brim goes all the way around the hat to protect you from harsh exposure to the sun.

The camo pattern is the new edition to the design that blends with the surroundings when you go hunting or any bird-watching view. Boonie bucket hats also come with a waffle, the texture of the fabric to provide grips and comfort to the wearer. Both bucket hats are fashionable in the sense of accessory and come in different colors and patterns to give you an outside tour experience.

Why is Safari Bucket Hats Important?

If you ever think of safari bucket hats solely for outdoor activities or adventurous environments, you are not completely wrong. These camo waffle patterned hats are particularly well-made for safaris or environments which remain hot and sunny. Protecting the face, head, or neck from harsh exposure to sunlight is the main importance of using them. Other than that, they also provide additional ventilation to keep the wearer protected and cool in these weather types as well.

Safari bucket hats are practical and there is no doubt of assurance. The only thing that keeps the wearer motivated to wear is the comfort, protected area, and exploration of the outdoors. Safari bucket hats are for fashion reasons but more than that, they are practical in sunny weather to serve their purpose. At the end of the day, it depends on individual preference and context to wear them for getting benefits.  

outdoor safari bucket hat with long chin straps KN2012081-1
outdoor safari bucket hat with long chin straps KN2012081-1

Materials of Construction: Camo Waffle

Camo waffle is a kind of fabric material for hat construction that is woven in features. It creates a texture like a waffle pattern design. Besides, durability and breathability are the main purposes that this camo waffle fabric provides. Camo has always been a camouflage-patterned textile that combines the waffle texture.

Especially, this camo waffle material is the fabric that is a cotton and polyester fibers blend. On the other hand, camo waffle materials are moisture-wicking and lightweight. You may think of the camo pattern as a military apparel design, but you are correct as well. They are ideal for the outdoors because of their benefits.

Unique Features of the Streeter Safari Bucket Hat

Safari bucket hats are particularly unique, customized, and the best selection from outdoor hats. The unique features of safari bucket hats are given in the following section. For examples:

·         Wide brim

The main exquisite feature of the Aung Crown safari bucket hats is the wide-brimmed area. This is to protect you from sunlight and its harsh exposure.

·         One Size fits All

Like other bucket hats, Aung Crown-made safari bucket hats have always been in a particular head size that fits all. The size is 58 cm/22.83 inches here.

·         Unisex Design

One of the interesting facts about Boonie bucket hats is their unisex design. As a result, men, and women of both genders can wear them.

·         Beneficial in all sense

These types of safari or Boonie bucket hats block the sun to reduce fatigue on you. The grommets are sewn in a way so that there is enough ventilation.

·         Outdoor Activity-Assured

These bucket hats are great for outdoor activities. Tackling unpredictable weather is one of the reasons. However, they also have got your head to face covered up.

·         Breathable Comfort

These bucket hats which are safari-style are breathable comfort with enough sun protection.

·         Adjustable Fit

The wide brim area also features side protection and provides an adjustable fit. Plus, it comes up with adjustable straps to tighten it as per your needs.

·         Embroidered Logo

Bucket hats are perfect to get the embroidered logo on these.

·         Price

The price of bucket hats is moderate in range.

·         Practical As Well As Fashionable Deal

Safari or Boonie bucket hats are fashionable and practical. The camo waffle fabric comes with patterned and colored hats.

Colors Availability: Camo

Aung Crown, the professional hat maker, came up with the idea of color for bucket hats as camo. This camo color has several benefits for instance this color is popular in fashion and outdoor wear as it adds a stylish touch to the outfit. Besides, this color is unique compared to basic paint colors.

Camo color itself comes with patterns that help to use them as hunting gear. Besides, the color blends with the environment and works like a disguise for the wearer. Camo has no seasons of wear. Rather, it can be worn in different seasons and any kind of weather condition. Since safari hats are perfect for outdoor events, camo color suits perfectly for being as durable.

safari bucket hat with a woven patch logo on the front KN2012081-1
safari bucket hat with a woven patch logo on the front KN2012081-1

Logo Design and Printing: Laser Woven Patch & Piping Embroidery

Safari bucket hats or camo waffle Boonie hats, in which name you refer to these hats, logo designs, and printing can be the same for both. There are popular methods for logo design on these bucket hats. For instance, laser woven patches, and piping embroidery.

A laser woven patch is a logo printing technique that requires using a laser to cut a logo shape from a fabric piece.

After that, the weaving process happens on another fabric piece to create a logo patch. This is how this method gets precise and durable touch with a high-quality finish. On the other hand, piping embroidery is just an embroidered logo onto a fabric piece with a special stitching technique. That technique creates a 3D effect to give a unique look and feel. To have both methods on your bucket hat, you must choose a company that has experience in dealing with these techniques.


Safari bucket hats are soft and flexible fabric-made construction. Although these hats are well-designed to protect you from the sun, they also provide comfort. A few benefits are always there just like other bucket hats. These are:

·         Comfortable on sunny days.

·         Aesthetically pleasing design.

·         Protects from harsh exposure to the sun.

·         Controls sweat.

·         Lightweight and flexible.

·         Have a variety of colors and patterns.

·         A practical choice.

·         Versatile in terms of outdoor activities.

·         Breathable.

·         Moisture-wicking hat.

·         Durable.

Who Can Wear Safari Bucket Hats?

It is essential to know to whom these bucket hats appeal the most. Mostly, the users are skaters, hipsters, sports stars, hunters, and others. You may see a model of singers wearing these Boonie bucket hats. This is to promote street culture and a festive mood. Apart from these specific wearers, anyone can have them as head accessories. There are no such restrictions on age or gender to wear this versatile piece. For hiking, camping, as well as fishing activities, these bucket hats come in great use. Lastly, these hats are always personal style and preference to follow around.

Use of Raw Materials in Making Safari Bucket Hat

To produce safari bucket hats, there is the use of camo fabric or material of construction. This camo waffle fabric is a cotton-made product that is absorbent as a feature. Other than this use, bucket hats are lightweight and hooded thermal-made products.

Since the fabric material is cotton in nature, it denotes the natural fiber specification. Cotton, being a natural fiber, can be a source of sustainability. The hat maker, Aung Crown, makes sure you have cotton fabric under your headgear so that you can use them again after use. Sustainability is the key point of Aung Crown, so it is decided that these hats are easy to clean, and an ideal thing for any outdoor use.

When to Wear a Safari Bucket Hat?

Safari bucket hats are popular accessories with no such specific season to wear. If you are one of those people who like to go for outdoor activities, safari back hats can be your undeniable companion. So, the main preferable areas- are outdoor activities, just as sports, casual gatherings, or beach walking. Any place where you can protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays is suitable for bucket hats to be carried around.

Care Instructions for Safari Bucket Hats

Like other types of bucket hats, safari bucket hats follow the same care instructions. You need to follow them just to keep the hat long-lasting. Frequent take care is highly appreciated in the case of bucket hats. For instance:

·         Wash your hats by hand. Avoid using a washing machine. Because the washing machine may cause damage to the hat which is irreparable.

·         Use water which is not extremely hot or cold. Because that will cause that shrinkage.

·         Do not use harsh chemicals. Instead, use mild detergent according to the fabric and color.

·         Air dry your bucket hat.

·         Avoid squeezing the hat. Handle it carefully.

The Best Places to Wear Safari Bucket Hats

By the time you read this portion, you have already understood the places to wear bucket hats. To keep you updated, a list is well-described in the following. For instance:

·         Outdoor Adventurous Journey: 

The purpose is to protect you while hiking from sun exposure. Not only hiking but also providing enough support for fishing and boating.

·         Beach Party:

Safari bucket hats look good on your beach outfit as it adds a stylish touch to the unisex design.

·         Outdoor Event or Festivals: The wide-brimmed area is the main attraction of this bucket hat. It provides you with shade and keeps you cool for day-long events or festivals.

What to Consider When Purchasing Safari Bucket Hats?

There are a few areas that should be taken under consideration when you purchase a Boonie bucket hat. Keep reading the following criteria list:

·         Material

Always look for the material or construction of the hat. Whether they are breathable or not.

·         Style

Hats are completely personal preference. Choose bucket hats that suit your style. Besides, design preferences are also available.

·         Water-Proof Ability

Hats are well-constructed from the protection of both sun and rain. In the case of rainy days, consider purchasing a Boonie bucket hat that keeps you dry even in water-based situations.

·         Color & Pattern

Colors and patterns also depend on your preference and availability in the collection. Look for features mostly, apart from, color issues. Because colors and patterns are associated with the type of event you attend frequently.

safari bucket hat with a wide decorative strap on the brim KN2012081-1
safari bucket hat with a wide decorative strap on the brim KN2012081-1

Aung Crown & Its Safari Bucket Hats

Aung Crown is one of the leading safari bucket hat makers in China. Their experience and expertise in the crafting of bucket hats have led them to create sustainable products. Most of their hats are unique designs with logos attached with specific attention to detail. They create hats according to the current trend and customers’ preferences.

Whether you are looking for hats for outdoor events like safari bucket hats or casual days like other bucket hats, Aung Crown is a go-to shopping destination. You can even get their bucket hats wholesale and in bulk! There are companies who are popular hat makers but only Aung Crown is one that thinks about users’ practical experience while making bucket hats!

The Bottom Line

Hats are necessary head accessories to keep your head and face secured even in windy conditions. This safari bucket hat serves that purpose. Hikers, campers, or hunters no matter for which reason you choose safari hats to be your companion, make sure they come in your preferred designs and colors. Popularly known for the wide-brimmed hat, these bucket hats keep you a functional and practical choice for a decision-maker. When both protection and aesthetic appeal come in one box, do you not try to have them as headgear?