Short Brim Bucket Hat – A Long Story

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The Streeter short brim bucket hat – A great hat for all outdoor adventures. Streeter is one of the brands from Aung Crown. Aung Crown – a professional hat maker since 1998.

bucket caps
bucket caps

Versatile Winter Hat: Enhancing Style and Warmth in Every Scene

With the onset of winter, many people say that winter is too cold that they don’t know what to choose to wear, and the evolution of hats from ancient times to now has changed from just to keep warm and survive, into an accessory, becoming one of the essential “components” of daily wear (and also the Gospel of hair loss).

In the day that city and outdoor scenes gradually produced intersections, a “multi-scene” hat in life must be an essential existence. Today, we will introduce a practical hat item that can be switched freely in the city or outdoors. It will add a finishing touch to your whole look and improve the completeness of the shape. Most importantly, it has a short brim and a long story to tell.

The Origin of 5-Panel Caps: Unraveling the Fascinating History

5-Panel cap, first of all simply do a popularization of science: Camp cap at the earliest time was called a 5-panel Cap as there are five pieces. This type of cap is divided into five pieces with four sewing lines, three of which are vertically arranged to form the structure of the whole hat, and the remaining one is direct across the top so that the front and both sides are no longer circular but flat, which is the characteristics of the five pieces of the cap. There is no definitive and accurate account of the origin of the five-panel hat.

Origin and Influence: The Five-Panel Cap’s Historical Journey

The popular version is that in the early 20th century, the five-panel cap was mostly a postman’s accessory, and postmen wearing it were often seen walking through the streets. And because of that, it laid the foundation for it to become a popular culture. By the 80s and 90s, the hat, once worn by postmen on their bikes, was back in vogue and became a favorite item among club members in London and Berlin.

It is also believed that the five-panel cap has nautical and military genes, with its simple outline and brim design protecting from sun and glare. Coincidentally, the five-panel cap trend overlaps with the seismic shift in New York hip-hop music. In the alternation between old and new, up-and-coming rappers have also taken up the five-panel cap trend.

Evolution of the Bucket Hat: From Skateboarding Trend to Supreme Classic

Skateboarders in New York noticed this style and gradually made it a must-have item for skateboarders. The 5-panel cap no longer belonged to a specific group of people, but gradually became a trend. As a street brand founded in New York, Supreme adopted the hat in 1997 and renamed it the camp cap. The front panel is just big enough for the Supreme Logo. This cap has become a classic Supreme style, which has gradually become the default term for the Camp cap.

Whatever the truth of its origins, the five-panel cap has become one of the most iconic symbols of trendy culture. For hat lovers, Supremes’ Camp Cap is a one-trick pony with few changes from season to season. But there are patterns, materials, and colors — nylon, corduroy, canvas, GORE-TEX, denim tannins — and there’s always something you like.

The short-brim design has a long story. Today’s bucket hat has a short brim(Also called narrow brim hat). Now let’s walk into the story and have details learned of this bucket hat together.

Cold Hat: A Historical Evolution from Workwear to Fashion Trend

Cold Hat, which can concave shape all year round, originated in the United States in the early 20th century. The English name is Beanie Hat, which means “hat without brim”. In China, it is customary to call it “cold hat” in Guangdong and Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

The cold cap was not originally a fashion accessory, but a must-have for blue-collar workers. Keeping warm is not the main function of the cold hat. Workers wear it to keep their hair out of the way, and the brim-free design doesn’t obscure their view at all. As the Industrial Revolution progressed, the worker-only hat fell out of favor. In the 1950s some schools made it mandatory for freshmen to wear beanie hats, which older students would identify as bullying.

At the end of the year, freshmen have a bonfire and burn their hats. It wasn’t until 1960 that most schools stopped following this tradition. Beginning in the 1960s, Beanie Hat grew in popularity. Marvin Gaye’s signature red skullcap and the black knit hat worn by Jack Nicholson in the 1975 film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest also add to the beanie’s unique appeal.

Trend Predictions Unveiled

Today’s bucket hat is a product of that time. In the 80s and 90s, the rise of Hip-Hop made young people particularly interested in items that used to be the preserve of the working class, and Beanie Hats naturally became popular as a fashion accessory. At the beginning of 2000, when Country Love started airing, Liu Nengshu himself wore many cold hat items. In that era when the trend was not popular, he had already seen through everything and probably predicted this style will become popular.

All-Occasion Street Beanies: Versatile, Rebellious, and Trendy!

This kind of hat is not limited to the occasion, it is relatively more every day. As a representative of street culture, it often reflects a rebellious temperament that does not adhere to rules. Both warm and concave shape, anti-seasonal collocation essential, the real king of everything. Knitted fabric makes it become a comfortable product and its street temperament style is a perfect fit for the winter outdoor trend!

And follow the principles of the big head in black, a small headband in light color, thin and high wear in bright colors, you will never go wrong and out of style. If you see a scantily clad “freak” wearing a Beanie Hat on the street in the summer, don’t be suspicious. He or she is just posing.

the inner side of the hat
the inner side of the hat

The Fabric of the Streeter Short Brim Bucket Hat

This bucket hat is a classic cotton twill hat that is warm and comfortable, ideal for winter outdoors or in the city. It has excellent air permeability and is made from double-layer alpaca knitwear mixed with polyamide and elastic fibers for increased comfort, heat preservation, and durability. Stitched pleats create a flat look, and the front is decorated with iconic banana patterns and the brand logo, full of detail.

Brief History of Berets

As we mentioned before, the short-brim design has a long story. The beret is one of the important factors. The Beret, transliterated from the English beret, which spread from the military to the general public, dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries.

At that time, it had no official name, and it permeated the poor peasant and art classes as a felt hat. During that time, shepherds in southwest France adored wearing a type of round rimless soft hat made of brown wool. This hat served as protection against the wind and rain when worn on the head, allowed them to wipe sweat when taken off, and could even be used as a cushion when placed on the ground. Such a hat perfectly suited their work and lifestyle back then.

Men mainly wore berets made of drab brown wool, without any other colors. One can find similar berets in Roman Catholic clerical hats. Many famous artists also have berets in their portraits. Later, the Beret spread to the Basque country on the border of France and Spain, giving it the name Basque Beret. The beret became the cap of French officers in World War I because it was easy to fold, not crush, and easy to carry. The short brim gained a lot of reputation at that time.

The Evolution of Beret in British

But it was the British army that carried the beret forward. A highly marketable Jew emigrated to France and changed his name to Jacques Spreiregen. In those days, the beret worn by French troops was a strong inspiration for his business.

So in 1918, after the First World War, he moved to London to start a business selling hats, mainly Basque Berets imported from France. In 1930, his product was officially established under the name KANGOL, which is a combination of crafts. With another war in Europe, Spreiregen is adamant that the military’s demand for berets will increase.

KANGOL: Knitting, Angora, and Wool – A Legacy in Berets

 “K” is knitting, the craft of knitting; “ANG” is angora because the wool used at that time was mainly from Angora goats; “OL” stands for wool, the raw material used. After the brand gained recognition from the armed forces, KANGOL berets also became a major supplier to the British armed Forces during World War II.

The trend has since spread to other countries. Different troops in different countries would choose different colors of berets as part of their uniforms, so a variety of berets came into being. Different colors have become representative of different arms in different countries.

Berets: From War to Fashion – The Legacy of Hiroshi Fujiwara

After experiencing the baptism of war, berets with a wider audience also gradually integrated with popular subcultures such as rock and Hip Hop, which started the rise of fashion. Hiroshi Fujiwara, the godfather of fashion, has listed 100 items he uses regularly in Personal Effects, including KANGOL’s beret.

The older generation of fashion players still believe that the beret must continue to represent the image of the short-haired Hiroshi Fujiwara. If you wanted to own the Godfather’s beret, you’d have to pay a premium.

Versatile Beret and Timeless Bucket Hat: Unveiling Style Secrets

As for why the beret is so popular, it may be that its fluffy top is effective in shaping the face and is not too provocative. Whether worn front, back, or side, it gives a different style, so you can hardly go wrong with a beret no matter what face shape.

I believe you have been surprised by this long story! However, what comes next is the most important thing as a consumer, which is more details about today’s Bucket hat!

Streeter black short brim bucket hat KN2101263
Streeter black short brim bucket hat KN2101263

Short Brim Bucket Hat from Streeter

The narrow brim design gives this bucket hat more possibilities to match. Flat embroidery is also one of the highlights of this product. The bucket hat has a history of more than 100 years since it first originated in Ireland. As farmers and fishermen go out to work, the bucket hat is also their “work clothes” at that time. Generally made of wool or tweed, and because of the high content of lanolin in wool, the hat has the effect of being waterproof, which was very popular among fishermen at that time.

Its characteristics for the brim are a circle and slightly trapezoidal that can cover deep and is suitable for men and women. Many wearers also like to fold the brim up, either to keep the view unblocked or to change the look of the hat, depending on the flexibility of the brim.

Evolution of Bucket Hats: From Fishermen to Fashion Icons

Later, in the 1970s and 1980s, Bucket hats changed from outdoor functional items of fishermen to favorites of Hip Hop rappers. They wore fisherman hats to perform on stage and shoot various MV and gradually became recognized by people in the fashion circle.

Nowadays, with the popularity of the Urban Outdoor style, bucket hats made of various functional fabrics can realize the switch from retro to outdoor in a second. Both comfort and protection have made great progress so that you can have a good wearing experience no matter in the city or outdoors.

In addition to the different materials, shapes, heights, and brim curves of different bucket hats, no matter whether your face is square, round, long, or flat, you can find the most suitable hat shape for you. Today, we would like to introduce a bucket hat with all kinds of fashion to you. Are you ready to look down together?

Streeter yellow, beige, or black short brim bucket hat KN2101263
Streeter yellow, beige, or black short brim bucket hat KN2101263

Streeter: Retro-Inspired Banana Print Bucket Hat for Effortlessly Stylish Looks

Recently more and more consumers have been a friend of Streeter several times. This is a flat-top bucket hat, which retains the original design of the bucket hat. The simple and generous design of the banana print gives people a retro and street feeling. The hat has a classic banana element, and the brim deepens the silhouette of the hat. And it has three colors respectively yellow, white, and black.

They are niche unique and durable. Good to go out in daily life. You can match bucket hats with T-shirts, sweaters, leather coats, and so on. They go well with both cute styles and handsome British styles.

It is good news for those who don’t know how to match because no matter how to match, it is very generous! When you commute to school and don’t have time to clean your hair, and you want to look cute and cool, this is where the Streeter comes in.

In the End

All right, for the above cap – yellow or black short brim bucket hat, you can try out your own Streeter color style. I believe that there will always be one color and one style that will make your eyes shine.