Streeter Army Bucket Hat – Be A Fashion Star With A Bucket Hat

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we’re going to introduce an army bucket hat from Streeter. Streeter is one brand from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998.

Embrace Outdoor Vibes: Discover the Trendy Bucket Hat!

Epidemics are still ongoing around the world. Being locked away at home makes more and more people crave the outdoors and the sights. Thanks to the publicity on various social platforms and style magazines, especially the living conditions under the epidemic, people are rushing to the outdoors.

Many people have also started cosplay games at home, pretending they are touring outdoor scenes. In these activities, some ornaments are needed to set off the outdoor atmosphere. The product we bring to you today is a bucket hat full of outdoor elements. Let’s take a closer look at this bucket hat and learn how to be a fashion star with it.

Streeter camo army bucket hat KN2102024
Streeter camo army bucket hat KN2102024

Urban Outdoors: Embracing Nature and Style

The popularity of urban outdoors has also been mentioned in previous articles. Mountains, environmental protection, and outdoor elements can be said to be everywhere along this wave of outdoor upsurge. It is obvious that nowadays those activities are deeply loved by young groups. Camping, rock climbing, hiking, and skiing, this “third space” beyond concrete and steel is undoubtedly the most popular refuge.

Hot words like Urban Outdoors are also gradually known to everyone. In addition to the highly respected lifestyle, there are also various styles to wear. How to wear and how to wear, such as POPEYE, GO OUT, and other famous magazines also give many references. But for the mountain, environmental protection, and outdoor elements can be seen everywhere, deeply loved by the young group.

Thanks to social platforms, instead of going all out to create an outdoor atmosphere, it’s better to start with a few pieces that fit into your everyday life. Most of us living in the city, don’t we always pursue the “sense of sophistication” and “level” of wear? However, all of this can’t be done without a few pieces that function as well as look.

Different Types of Hats

We won’t go into details this time, but we want to tell you that today’s outdoor hats. Although there are a variety of styles, still cannot be separated from these classic styles:

Fatigue Hat

Early Fatigue hats evolved from the US Navy’s Blue denim hat. It was usually a round hat made of four or six panels stitched together, with the brim fixed by dense needlework. When it was introduced into the Army, the color scheme changed from tannin blue to olive and dark brown. The bowler hat we see today often evolved from a fatigue hat.

Bucket Hat

This classical hat is also known as a bucket hat. Bucket hats originally originated in Ireland and were traditionally worn by fishermen and farmers to keep out the rain. Since it could be folded and placed in coat pockets, it was soon accepted by the English upper classes for hiking, hunting, and fishing.

In the 1980s, it was given the meaning of music by the hip-hop boom. The bucket top and wide downward-sloping brim are the most distinctive features of this type of hat. The product we bring to you today is a bucket hat, so this type of hat will be introduced and emphasized.

Bonnie Hat

Also known as the Bonney hat. This cap design comes from the World War II Fatigue cap. It resembles a bucket hat but has a stiffer brim and flat top. The original Bonnie hat had a ribbon sewn around it and a “branch ring” for camouflage. The cap often has mesh or holes for ventilation and a holding cord. Both elements are widely used today.

Wearing and matching create spatial hierarchy. Accessories in hats are part of the “third space” alongside clothes and shoes, serving both functional and fashion purposes. This time we recommend an outdoor bucket hat. Enhance your outfit with a must-have accessory that adds the perfect finishing touch. Don’t overlook the soulful single product that complements any style.

Streeter camo army bucket hat with a silicone patch at the front and a wide decorative strap KN2102024
Streeter camo army bucket hat with a silicone patch at the front and a wide decorative strap KN2102024

The Details About the Army Bucket Hat

STREETER, which focuses on outdoor culture, is a popular hat brand among young people. The hat is made of waterproof and breathable twill camo fabric, and the technique of the Rubber patch shows the outdoor elements in a big way.

The product material has waterproof, non-slip, warm, and other properties. The appearance design is also integrated into the natural mountain style, with camouflage, green, and khaki as its main color. Based on the outdoor scene and its function, they have been popular in the market for a really long time. From a pure fashion standpoint, camo is a must.

Textured Camo Twill: Stylish and Practical Bucket Hat

Shirts, pants, and shoes come in black and white, but no one wants a monochrome look. The fabric gives the outfit a nice wrinkle, especially the camo twill for added texture. The standout feature is the detachable hat sleeve, perfect for practical fashion enthusiasts. Its material is not as hard as the ordinary hat.

It is super soft and can be folded freely with no problem. This bucket hat comes in a small size, making it portable and space-saving for travelers. It maintains its shape even when folded, and can be easily restored with a simple pull. Wear it when you go out, fold it up and pack it in your bag when you don’t wear it. It’s convenient and durable. I bet you must already love it, right?

the inner side of the Streeter camo army bucket hat KN2102024
the inner side of the Streeter camo army bucket hat KN2102024

Stylish Sunscreen Hat: The Ultimate Bucket Hat Upgrade

It’s also more stylish than your average sunscreen hat. Consumers bought sunscreen hats, but many collapse due to large brims. The new bucket hat has a flat brim for better shape and versatility. It’s foldable and comes with a detachable drawstring to prevent wind blow-off.

Hats have become indispensable in spring and summer. As we have said before, the most unique hat shape is the Bucket hat, which is also the first choice of many people. For you to sort out some of the styles of STREETER collocation methods, you may want to be ready to follow!

Under the uniform short-sleeved style, a good bucket hat is practical and versatile. They can easily highlight the sense of modeling, and become the loved hat after the summer collocation of a fresh single item. The popularity of the Bucket hat, originally a Bucket Hat worn by fishermen while fishing in the wild, is also a trend in Urban Outdoors.

Bucket Hats: From Irish Walking Hat to Street Style Icon

Outdoor is now a trendy lifestyle. To enhance your summer style, opt for a bucket hat and a functional vest with outdoor vibes. Surprisingly, the bucket hat, initially known as the Irish Walking Hat, dates back to 1900. It was originally made of a thick, breathable woolen fabric.

Because it is easy to store and can protect the sun, it is gradually popular in people fishing or outdoor activities. So all kinds of trends related to bucket hats, actually Outdoor are the most important driving force behind them.

When the bucket hat was introduced to many famous hip-hop artists in the United States, they began to influence the early hip-hop culture with collocation and evolved into a street trend symbol. Even so, the bucket hat has long been positioned on the street, not in the high-end fashion circle.

It was not until the recent two years when the fashion street became popular that fashion brands realized that the bucket hat was associated with fashion, so it was frequently seen on the runway of 2023. Today, the bucket hat, an antique from the early 20th century, has taken on a variety of variations. Various designers also began to make articles from the length of the brim, material, and other styles.

The bucket hat can be neutralized by its unique tone in any style, making it highly popular in the daily field. It can be said that it is the hat that does not pick people. For example, if you are too lazy to tidy your hair, a comb of your hair and a bucket hat are the easiest styles to wear.

Fashion Fusion: Bucket Hat Revival

So if you’re tired of wearing old hats and melon hats, the bucket hat, which is both retro and fashionable, is sure to be the most colorful piece in spring and summer. And if you want to dress well, the following popular wear methods are absolutely indispensable:

Mix and match suits at will

When it comes to suits, they always seem to give people a sense of stability and maturity. Wearing a suit directly reminds people of traditional styles such as gentlemen’s hats or Panama hats.

In fact, the bucket hat with a similar feeling is also a good choice, reducing the formal sense of a suit jacket, more than a sense of intention. It is suitable for switching back and forth in multi-scene daily life. With an oversized suit, they broke the formality and ponderousness of a suit while retaining the sophistication of a suit.

However, someone may notice that many people wearing “adult clothes” lack a little gap between formal and casual details, and the bucket hat with a suit is very good to highlight the Oversize sexy. The bucket hat not only makes the face smaller than the old hat but also can be worn under a Polo or a traditional shirt. Incorporating a bucket hat into a formal outfit is one of this year’s most popular formal outfit trends among celebrities and street photographers.

camo hat
camo hat

Retro style collocation

Taking advantage of the trend of retro fashion in recent years, a lot of retro clothes are also flowing back. The bucket hat is one of the most common pieces of vintage style, but it’s also easy to turn into a “real fisherman” if it’s not properly constructed. Because the retro style itself is very strong, a bucket hat that is too loud or too simple is either overdone or plain. Today’s bucket hat is suitable for this way of collocation.

Retro Collocation: Harmonious Tannin, Premium Textures, and Patterned Bucket Hats

The color saturation of retro-style collocation cannot be too high, the uniform color of tannin is the easiest to make the retro collocation harmonious and prominent key. For a simpler look, some “premium textures” and “patterned” bucket hats from STREETER are a good match for a vintage look. At the same time, when choosing a retro bucket hat, please pay attention to the brim length: too long will make it easy to appear lethargic without spirit, and too short will make your face look bigger.

The short brim is more likely to appear lively and energetic, and the effect of age reduction. At the same time, the dome bucket hat is suitable for friends with clear facial lines, while the flat bucket hat does not have too big requirements on the face shape. Any face shape including the round face can be properly controlled.

Match at Urban Outdoor

A bucket hat is a must in mountain style, which is more functional and practical. The bucket hat should also choose the Explorer hat with a drawstring. You may find wearing a string a little cumbersome on a daily basis, but this simple element is the focal point of functional dressing.

Also, the material of the bucket hat is woven, it is tight and breathable, and the appearance style is simple and has more texture than the general oblique canvas. These functional fabrics are not only beautiful, but they also have the advantage of sun protection and water resistance, regardless of the fabric and cap shape.

In addition to outdoor activities, the combination of functional vests and outdoor shoes is regarded as the soul of the mountain style. Mountain function vests as the most common summer single product, and relatively everyone is no stranger.

But when it comes to summer outdoor shoes, sandals, and stockings are the best way to wear them outdoors. This combination is not understood compared to the single wear, but after the “bucket hat”, it instantly comes with a sense of incompatibility. If you are a huge fan of outdoor activities and styles, it’s time for you to have this bucket hat.

rubber patch
rubber patch

Simple and casual collocation

Although bucket hats are now popular and can be mixed with a wide variety of styles, nowadays many of our friends who like to wear them have their own style. But when you first try a bucket hat, the casual look is the most everyday way.

From a casual point of view, a bucket hat is simple and casual to wear, but it’s actually full of dressy items. Not only should we care about the color but also pay attention to whether it is simple and natural with the whole. Whether it’s paired with beach shorts or an Aloha Shirt, you can wear a very casual outfit with this bucket hat to create a casual look of “cloud vacation” anytime and anywhere.

In the End

For the start of summer coming soon, the simplest change in summer style is to “start from the beginning”. A cool summer bucket hat is great for both sun protection and styling. Now that you know how to accessorize your outfit, should you try the Streeter army bucket hat now? Be a fashion star with this bucket hat!