Cotton Bucket Hat – Mixed Colour Bucket Hats

Published On: March 20, 2024    By: kailyn


Today, we’re going to introduce a cotton bucket hat from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998.


Fashion weeks and street style photos reveal a rising trend: color block stitching items gaining popularity. Designers and fashion enthusiasts are drawn to their uniqueness, impact, and timeless appeal.

Vibrant Versatility: The Power of Color Block Design

The clothing has a presentation that is sexier and more fashionable than it has ever been at a conference as a direct result of the color block stitching design. This particular season will have styles that are ordinary and devoid of color collation signatures. As a result, there will need to be a higher focus placed on the ability to mix and combine styles in order to generate clothing that is more timeless.

  • Opting for a color block design with blended hues like yellow and pink or blue and green creates a colorful and intriguing appearance.
  • The prevailing shape doesn’t matter much; what counts is the breakthrough and stylish presentation.
  • Consider if your skin tone suits the event’s overall aesthetic when matching.

Complementary Color Match

Clothes should reflect the qualities of their colors. Following trends can make a woman look stunning, daring, and enticing.

Because its collocation hue is commonly linked with a seductive or glamorous aesthetic, like red or blue, matching it with another color scheme that is intrinsically complementary provides an interesting impression. This is because red and blue are complementary colors.


Color Coordination Hacks

A girl can appear put together by wearing complementary and contrasting colors, even if she isn’t great at color coordination.

The person’s attire won’t look bad, it will enhance their charisma and make them memorable. Each color has its own energy and fashion style, reflecting a unique language. Many people are unaware of this.


Color Analysis Mastery

Color analysis and overall style control are crucial. Pay close attention to them when matching to reveal shared attributes and maintain a consistent matching style.

White and gray are mature colors. They can create a classic look when used together. During the creative process, try different color combinations to achieve the desired style.

It is possible that picking more exaggerated colors and styles may lead to new fashion breakthroughs and a more memorable overall look. This is especially true when basic colors are not employed, which makes the wearer appear typical. Of course, this method is also suitable for bucket hats.

Retro Icon Returns

To this day, bucket hats are a popular headwear choice for many people to don throughout the warmer months. It includes both men and women. High-end fashion houses stock up on designer bucket hat types in advance. They do this due to the anticipated strong demand as the temperature rises.

One of the reasons for this is that they may be used to shield one’s face and hair from the sun and rain, respectively. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular. A bucket hat, a fantastic piece from the ’90s that is making a comeback, is currently all the rage. Bucket hats, which were made famous by rappers such as LL Cool J, are often regarded as the most iconic piece of headwear to emerge from the 1990s.

Aung Crown cotton bucket hat KN2102035
Aung Crown cotton bucket hat KN2102035

Aung Crown Cotton Bucket Hat

A range of colorful bucket hats designed by Aung Crown, a hat designer who is also engaging in this trend, was just released.

White is the color for cleanliness, lightness, coolness, and simplicity. It creates an untarnished, perfect, and innocent impression. Use white to depict something cutting edge.

White: Pros and Cons

White is a hue that will never go out of style because it is classic. It is similar to a blank canvas in that it enables limitless invention given that the appropriate intelligence is behind it. However, despite the fact that this may seem sacrilegious, the color white does have some drawbacks.

White clothing has the ability to make a person look both taller and wider. It does a good job of grabbing and keeping the viewer’s attention. Additionally, it attracts filth like a magnet (it’s very easy to get dirty). As a result, preserving the immaculate appearance might not be achievable unless you apply an exceptionally high level of caution.

Another thing is that if you use white as it is without any relief, if you are not careful you may end up looking too perfect and uninteresting – like a hospital bed sheet. White has to combine well with other colors to bring out its full potential. It also has to go well with your skin tone.

Available Colors

The bucket hat is also available in a number of patchwork color combinations, some of which include black, white-green, white-purple, white-light blue, and white khaki.

The natural world is filled with a wide variety of shades of green in practically every corner. These are the electromagnetic waves that we are able to observe, and their frequency range between 500 and one million hertz.

Most people see white as “colorless” because it contains all visible light wavelengths. Mixing green and white produces a delightful color reminiscent of airy, delicate, and joyful green grass.

Aung Crown white-purple fashion cotton bucket hat with a flat brim KN2102035
Aung Crown white-purple fashion cotton bucket hat with a flat brim KN2102035

White and Purple Cotton Bucket Hat

The color combination of purple and white is ideal for creating a romantic appearance. White has multiple applications. It can serve as a supporting hue or create a contrasting shade.

The combination creates a stunning visual effect. Purple and white work well together. You have the freedom to be bold or conservative with color choices involving white. Nobody will be unhappy.

White suits all skin tones and styles due to its neutral nature. Cool blue tones create a sense of calm elegance in the workplace, offering a striking contrast to white.

Aung Crown white and khaki cotton bucket hat with a flat brim KN2102035

White and Khaki Cotton Bucket Hat

Khaki is a warm color derived from earth tones. It’s commonly worn in cooler months. White single items are romantic and fresh, giving an air of intellectual elegance. They attract beginners and professionals. Together, they create a cozy and gentle vibe. The woman’s allure flows like water. The combination of khaki and white makes for a comfortable and unwinding environment that exudes reliability and safety.

The Fabric of This Cotton Bucket Hat

The unbrushed cotton twill construction of the bucket hats offered by Aung Crown contributes to its minimalistic appearance. Among the many different forms that brushed cotton twills can take, some examples include chinos, flannels, and chamois, produced with heavier yarns, which results in the finished product having a greater thickness and weight.

The length of the cotton fibers that were used to spin the yarn is a significant component in determining the quality of the finished cloth. Because longer strands require less twisting to keep them together, the finished product is less fragile, has a smoother texture when touched, and lasts significantly longer.

The cloth is brushed after it has been woven, which gives it a smooth appearance that differentiates brushed twill from other types of twill. Because of the construction of the fabric, brushed cotton tends to experience more shrinkage than other types of cotton and other types of fabrics. It is not uncommon to find brushed cotton twill utilized in the construction of both bedding and apparel.

Wide Brim Functionality

In addition to the characteristics described above, the cotton bucket hat has a brim that is both wide and flat. This brim makes it easy to see that the hat offers protection from the sun when it is worn when going outside on a day when the sun is shining. In addition, the decoration on the hat is kept to a minimum, consisting only of the initials of the brand written in English. If you have any other design ideas, you are welcome to share them with us and we will do our best to accommodate your preferences through the provision of individualized services.

Aung Crown black cotton bucket hat for women and men KN2102035

Patchwork Attention Seeker

In the realm of fast fashion, color block stitching is a trend that has only recently emerged, and it is a fantastic way to mix things up. Due to the patchwork pattern on this bucket hat, you will need to pay especially close attention to the way you match up items that are the same. It is important to remember that the rule of thumb is to limit yourself to no more than three different colors when putting together an outfit. However, if you wear this hat with an all-black outfit, it will bring attention to itself.

In the End

If you are just starting with hats but want them to become a staple element in your wardrobe, it is best to start with something fundamental. Because of their prominence, certain options for headwear, like this Aung Crown cotton bucket hat, require more careful consideration and attention to detail than others.

You need to begin with simple shapes that complement your tastes as well as the features you already have. Give yourself some time to practice and develop a sense of how the different types operate and don’t rush the process.