Summer Fashion Trend – 9 Modern Bucket Hats

Published On: April 9, 2024    By: chen hui

Summer Fashion Trend - 9 Modern Bucket Hats

In bucket hat collections, many bucket hats are designed for the new generation. Some of them are round-top and some of them are deep-crowned, which makes them elegant. Besides those, some bucket hats are wide-brimmed or thin. We – Aung Crown, a Chinese custom hat manufacturer, founded in 1998 with more than 25 years of experience in hat manufacturing, will introduce the 9 modern bucket hats. Now, are you ready for the bucket hat journey?

1.    Camouflage Printing Bucket Hat

This camouflage bucket hat is suitable for men to wear outdoors. This bucket hat is camouflaged and also designed for fishing. Made of 100% polyester, this camo bucket hat is great for creating casual looks. What’s more, this camo bucket is a mix combined with the texture of white color shadow and gray fabrics.

camouflage bucket hat

2.    Men’s Chlorine Resistant Bucket Hat

This men’s chlorine-resistant bucket hat features a UPF50+ design with a 3″ wide brim. This black bucket hat has an adjustable nylon buckle that fits snugly on your head. What’s more, the fabric of this bucket hat is stretchy and hand wash only.

men's chlorine resistant bucket hat

3.    American Stars & Stripes Bucket Hat

This American Stars & Stripes bucket hat is made of 100% cotton for women only. In addition, the quality of this bucket hat is the same as washed fabrics. However, it says that it’s for females only as the description, males can also wear this bucket hat. This American Stars and Stripes bucket hat is neutral and usually doesn’t have a gender limit. What’s more, this bucket hat is suitable for all occasions with patriotic symbols – Stars & Stripes from the national flag.

American Stars & Stripes bucket hat

4.    Unisex Reversible Bucket Hat

This unisex reversible bucket hat is a new type of bucket hat that can be worn on both sides. Made of 100% cotton, this reversible bucket hat is breathable and comfortable, making it the perfect choice for the summer season.

unisex reversible bucket hat

5.    Double-layer Bucket Hat

This white and red double-layer bucket hat is mostly white with a contrasting red band between the crown and brim. There are 2 layers of this bucket hat that is suitable for adults including women and men during sunny summer days. What’s more, such a fashionable yet versatile bucket hat can provide a perfect combo for all outfits.

white and red double-layer bucket hat

6.    Classic Plaid Bucket Hat

This designer plaid bucket hat has a flat top for casual occasions. Made of premium cotton, this plaid bucket hat is neutral. The black and white plaid pattern makes this bucket hat striking and easy to pair with other outfits.

designer plaid bucket hat

7.    Reversible Two-Tone Bucket Hat

This reversible two-tone bucket hat is what men are looking for. The reversible two-tone bucket hat is UPF 50+ certified and made of breathable fabric. It has an adjustable drawstring at the crown and a 3-inch brim.

reversible two-tone bucket hat

8.    Retro Bucket Hat

Whether you are looking for the Bay style of the 1970s or the Manchester style of the 1990s, this retro bucket hat can satisfy both. This vintage bucket hat adopts a bright blue tone, made of 100% denim fabric with symbolic patterns. This retro bucket hat is a completely classic type of bucket hat and is also the best choice for this summer.

retro bucket hat

9.    Backsplash Model Fisherman’s Hat

This red bucket hat features unique fabric patterns that look like pursuing an atmosphere of coming back. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, this red bucket hat is suitable for casual and sporty occasions.

Due to the space of the mesh holes on the fabric that is used to make this bucket hat. Some people love pure cotton bucket hats, some might like bucket hats that are made of denim fabrics. Sometimes they can be made out of fabric blends such as polyester and acrylic fabric. All is up to your decision; you can choose the fabric that meets all your requirements.

red bucket hat

In the End

The introduction of these 9 modern bucket hats ends here. We hope all can enjoy the content and find your summer bucket hat to enhance your look and fashion to the next level. If you are interested in the content, please save our blog site to your bookmark. And we will continue to post occasionally, unveiling the secrets of hats.


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