The 6 Best Hats for Men in Summer – Which is Your Favorite?

Published On: April 29, 2024    By: chen hui

The 6 Most Suitable Hats for Men in Summer – Which is Your Favorite

Besides umbrellas, hats are the most effective way to protect your head from the sun in summer. What’s more, hats have another important function besides sun protection – they are decorative. Speaking of hats, how many types of hats do you know? Here – we Aung Crown, a custom Chinese hat manufacturer with over 25 years of experience, will introduce 6 types of men’s hats for the coming summer. What’s more, all of them are suitable for wearing in summer. Go ahead and check which one is your favorite.

1.    Panama Hats

Panama hats -01

Panama hats are gentleman’s hats. There is a very nice advantage of Panama hats is that it’s not picky about the face shape. Therefore, Panama hats are the classic hats in the streets in summer. This type of hat originated in Ecuador. In general, most of them are made of straw, which is breathable and cool in the summer.

Panama hats -02

A sophisticated Panama hat can keep your head cool, and the wide, flat brim can provide better sun protection for your eyes. There are different colors when choosing a Panama hat. What’s more, Panama hats have a stiff structure and the whole design is simple and chic. The most important thing is that Panama hats are adjustable, which can be adjusted by personal head circumference. The black stripe on the crown is not only an ornament, but also the adjustable design of the hat.

Panama hats -03

If your workplace has a dress code, such as suits, then wearing a Panama hat in the summer is a great choice. Not only does it protect you from the sun, but it’s also a very gentlemanly look. Panama Hats – a perfect accessory for suits.

2.    Bucket Hats

Bucket hats-01

Bucket hats are a great choice for men in the summer, especially when traveling, on vacation, or the weekends. What’s more, bucket hats are suitable for most people to wear. There is a fun thing about bucket hats is that you can adjust the brim of the bucket hat according to your needs.

Bucket hats-02

You can roll up the brim as shown below to make the bucket hat look like a top hat. That’s funny. Isn’t it? It’s easy to change the look of a bucket hat like this. We think most people will like it. If bucket hats are not your favorite, please keep reading, there are still 4 types of hats left.

Bucket hats-03

3.    Octagonal Hats

Octagonal hats - 01

Octagonal hats are born with a strong sense of artists, which is a perfect hat for painters. They are classic elegant are attractive. If you’re an artist, then you can try an octagonal hat that can wrap you in an artist’s atmosphere.

If we’re talking about octagonal hats, they’re old-fashioned and good-looking. Such a type of hat is a foreign hat with a classic octagonal leather hat, while wearing such a hat, it looks like a foreign detective. Cool with a sense of wisdom, which is quite nice.

Octagonal hats - 02

The octagonal hat in the picture below is retro and can wrap the head perfectly with a conveying brim at the front, and the whole look is sophisticated and slick with a strong sense of England style that looks a bit like a painter. The combination of one T-shirt and one octagonal hat is quite simple.

4.    Baseball Caps

Baseball caps

Baseball caps are one of the most common hats people wear. Wearing a baseball cap on casual occasions is pretty cool. What’s more, there are different types of baseball caps to choose from. It’s recommended to get plain or unprinted baseball caps because they are much easier to match with your clothes.

5.    Narrow Bucket Hats

narrow bucket hats - 01

It’s different from bucket hats. The narrow bucket hats have a thin and narrow crown that is much slimmer than normal bucket hats. The narrow bucket hats look more like buckets than regular bucket hats.

It’s more suitable for young people and people who like chic and street styles. Narrow bucket hats are quite chic. The combination of a narrow bucket hat and a vest is super handsome and personalized.

narrow bucket hats - 02

6. Straw Hats

straw hat -01

The straw hat that we are going to talk about is not the straw hat in the picture above. It’s a stylish straw hat.

straw hat-02

Straw hats have better breathability and the wide brim design can block more sunlight when outdoors. Compared to women’s straw hats, men’s straw hats are more gentlemanly. The texture or pattern of straw hats is also a special ornament of straw hats, which is different from other hats.

straw hat-03

Like the black straw hat in the picture above, it’s super cool and is a perfect accessory for men to create a chill and cool look.

straw hat-04

As for women, it’s much sweeter and gentler when a woman wears a straw hat. It’s super easy for women to create a sweet and cute look or a holiday look with a straw hat.

The two-tone straw hat in the picture below is very elegant and with a noble sense, combined with a long dress, full of elegant temperament.

straw hat-05

After looking at the 6 types of hats above, which is your favorite?


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