What Kind Of Hat Is Most Suitable For Outdoor Traveling

Published On: May 4, 2024    By: ray herb

suncreen hat

Finding an appropriate travel hat requires considering various aspects, including climate, season, tourism style and style of clothing worn when traveling. Below are some popular types of hats with usage scenarios in mind:

During summer outdoor tourism, there is a strong ultraviolet radiation, which can easily lead to the risk of being exposed to black people. In today’s world where “white” is still considered beautiful, it is necessary to pay attention to sun protection. In addition to applying valuable sunscreen, an outdoor hat is also a good choice. In fact, hats are one of the outdoor travel equipment that most people tend to overlook, and people often think that just wearing a hat is enough. In fact, although the hat is small, there is a lot of knowledge in between. Wearing it correctly, all aspects will receive extra points; Wearing the wrong one not only makes it unattractive, but may also result in suffering and exhaustion. So, how do we choose a truly suitable outdoor travel hat for ourselves?

Emphasize functionality and materials

From a material perspective, outdoor hats can be divided into regular, waterproof, and waterproof breathable types. The ordinary type, as the name suggests, is the most common travel hat that can be worn in outdoor environments with less harsh weather conditions. It can be emphasized on its aesthetics and decorative properties to make oneself different from others. Waterproof, this type of hat is slightly less breathable, but it excels in weather resistance and is suitable for hikers with higher requirements. Waterproof and breathable types are advanced varieties. GORE-TEX materials are common. They are necessities for traveling at an altitude of more than 3000 meters. For example, when going to scenic spots with higher altitude, such as Xizang and Yunnan, a GORE-TEX hat is certainly the best choice.

According to functional classification, hats that are generally suitable for summer outdoor activities should have sun protection and UV protection functions, as well as quick drying, breathable, and cool materials. This way, even in environments with heavy sweating, they can still remain dry and cool, which is a necessary feature of outdoor hats. Different outdoor activities also require different hats. For example, jungle activities may require jungle hats that are resistant to branches and insects, fishing may require fisherman hats with large brims, while general mountaineering requires baseball and military hats

Choose a hat based on personal appearance

When it comes to individual specific choices of outdoor hats, the aspects that need to be considered should be more targeted.

Firstly, choose the appropriate hat based on the face shape. There are three main types of facial shapes for humans: square face (Chinese character face), round face (round face), and pointed face (pointed face). Wearing a dome shaped hat with a round face makes the face appear larger and the hat smaller. Wearing a wide duck tongue style is more suitable. A person with a pointed face wearing a duck tongue design appears to have a smaller and slimmer face. Therefore, wearing a dome hat is more appropriate. All hats are more suitable for people with a Chinese face.

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Secondly, choose a hat based on your own body shape. A tall person’s hat should be larger than smaller, otherwise it will give a feeling of light head and heavy feet. People with short stature are the opposite. Tall people should not wear tall hats, otherwise they will feel like they have grown taller again. Short people should not wear flat brimmed hats as they may appear shorter. Wearing a hat, like wearing clothes, should try to highlight strengths and avoid weaknesses. Even if you are satisfied with wearing it, it will still make people look elegant. When women consider outdoor hats, they should consider the style and color, which must be matched with clothing, scarves, gloves, and shoes. Ladies wearing glasses should not wear hats with complex floral decorations on them. It is not advisable to cover their forehead with a hat. The hat should be higher to show off their demeanor and temperament.

The third factor is age. Young people can choose outdoor hats with bright colors and novel styles, which are conducive to highlighting a passionate and lively personality; Middle aged people should highlight their age characteristics of generosity, maturity, and composure.

Tip: Outdoor tourism in summer consumes relatively more physical energy. The physical expenditure and heat dissipation of a person are directly proportional, and more than 60% of heat dissipation is through the head. Therefore, the main function of outdoor hats in outdoor tourism activities is not only to prevent sun protection, but also to prevent excessive heat dissipation and prevent catching a cold during rest. Therefore, it is wise to keep an outdoor travel hat on hand.

Recommended styles for summer outdoor travel hats

1. Sunscreen Hat: Ideal for summer tourism, the sunscreen hat provides effective UV ray blocking capabilities and sunburn protection while being easy to carry – making it highly practical!

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2. Fisherman’s Hat: Perfect for outdoor tourism in mountains, forests and beaches alike, as it effectively blocks out sunlight as well as providing mosquito and wind protection functions. It is often worn during hiking and camping excursions.


3. Knit Beani hat: Ideal for winter tourism, woolen hats provide warmth while protecting against strong winds and cold. Plus they make great fashion statements!

winter beanie

4. Skincare cap: Ideal for high-risk activities such as skiing and rock climbing, this skincare cap has been specifically designed to ensure people’s safety by preventing slipping, detachment and increase activity convenience.

5. Baseball Cap:

It’s about choosing a baseball cap and wearing it to look youthful. If you want to say that reducing age makes you look younger, it must be a baseball cap. Suitable for casual wear, very youthful. I like pants, so they are more suitable.

Selecting an appropriate hat requires taking several factors into consideration, including body type, season, functionality and popularity. With proper consideration given these elements, choosing an appropriate hat can make travel more comfortable, fashionable, safe and fulfilling.