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Published On: April 17, 2024    By: kailyn

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Hats are typical in our daily life and we can see them anywhere. No matter where we are, we can see caps on streets, towns, schools, malls, bars, etc. The popularity of hats cannot leave their functions – hat functions.

In this blog, we will introduce the functions of hats from five aspects, including keeping warm, anti-dust and anti-pollution, sun protection, less hair grooming, and decoration.

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1. Keeping Warm

In the cold winter, the head is the same as other parts of the body needed to keep warm. The research showed that in people who keep a static state if don’t wear a hat on the head and in 15℃/59℉ surroundings, the loss of heat accounted for 30% of the total body heat, as for 4℃/39.2℉surroundings, when the total loss heat cap be up to 60% of the whole body heat.

If the head gets cold, it will evoke some diseases such as cerebral vasoconstriction, dizziness, and headache, or cause disorders of nutrient circulation in the scalp and metabolic dysfunction of the hair follicles, leading to disorders of hair nutrients or massive unnatural hair loss, etc. According to the research, wearing a hat can keep the body temperature high about 3℃/37.4℉.

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2. Anti-Dust and Anti-Pollution

In sandy, dusty, and polluted areas, hair usually becomes a basis for micro-creature and dust. This may lead to generating bacteria on the scalp or even can cause follicular infection, which can affect the survival surroundings and growth quality of hair. The friction between comb and hair when combing, as usual, will cause the scurfy skin to stick up on the hair surface. And the hair surface will be rough, if severe, it will cause split ends, brittle hair, etc. Wearing a hat can effectively block the invention of dust and micro-creature.

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3. Great Sun Protection

Summer is a cute and lovely season, but the strong sunlight is a problem. Strong sunlight will heat up the scalp and hair which can make the scalp oil and sweat quickly, making hair itchy. The bad sides of strong ultraviolet rays can make hair lose its original hydration and nutrition, leading to yellow hair caused by solarization. To avoid hair fading by strong sunlight, choosing a hat that matches the outfit is a fashionable and practical way.

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4. Less hair Grooming

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle at work and daily, people don’t have much time to groom their hair, so wearing a hat can cover most embarrassing situations. Also, it can save time and reduce the burden of hair from hair making.

5. Decoration

Hats play an essential role in dressing not only for their functions – hat functions. Not only can they make the whole outfit beautiful, but also can make up for the shortage of the outfit by stylizing, color, or materials, such as gorgeous outfit designs, exaggerated modelings, lovely designs, or thin and flexible designs. All these play pivotal roles in beautifying and decorating when setting off the atmosphere of outfits and the performance of the dresser.


In conclusion, hats are popular and essential in our life and work due to their functions that we talked about above. No matter which hat functions people need, hats can meet the demand well. Therefore, choosing the right hat is important. Here, at Aung Crown, a professional hat maker since 1998, you can get the right hat from thousands of choices.