The Introduction of Embroidery for Custom Hats

Published On: March 21, 2024    By: chen hui

The Introduction of Embroidery for Custom Hats

The common crafts for custom hats are embroidery, printing, tie-dye, heat transfer rhinestone, Jacquard, and embossing. Today, we – Aung Crown, a professional and rewardable custom hat and garment manufacturer in China, will introduce the common craft – embroidery for custom hats. So, are you ready to step into this fun journey?

embroidered trucker hats

What’s Embroidery?

Embroidery is a craft that can embroider patterns on certain items, such as outfits, bags, hats, shoes, etc., which can instantly make an ordinary hat extraordinary. There are different types of embroidery crafts. In general, when customizing hats with embroidery, the first thing is to design the logo or pattern, then embroider the logo or pattern by machine or by hand on the fabric. Then, the responding part is cut and the edges of the logo or pattern are trimmed. Finally, the pattern or logo is applied to the hats. Sometimes the logo and pattern can be embroidered directly onto the hat panels, which saves some cost. But that’s up to the particular craft. Here is the normal process of embroidery for custom hats.

To simplify it, the embroiderer will create the logo on the desktop using software, and then embroider the fabric pattern using the embroidery machine. The next step is to cut and trim the embroidered fabric. Finally, we make a cloth with the embroidered pattern.

Simple Process:

Sample Pattern/Scratch → Scan → Drawing → Molding → Embroidery Machine → Apply (soft, hard, or self-adhesive) → Cut/trim/punch → Inspect

blue embroidered trucker cap

The Main features of Embroidery for Custom Hats

1.    Literary

Embroidery on hats can add a literary sense to the original hat and can also enhance the reality of the logo or pattern, making the logo or pattern more natural. Embroidery can make the pattern or logo more beautiful and vivid.

2.    Culture and art improvement

Embroidery as an application craft for custom hats, represents our national embroidery has continuously improved, which is an improvement in culture and art. That’s why embroidery for custom hats should be maintained and improved.

3.    Not easy to fade

Compared to simple printing, embroidery does not fade easily. It’s no doubt that the embroidery threads won’t fade after getting wet with water. However, it’s hard to say that when printing patterns get wet by water. Facing getting wet by water or in high temperature, printing patterns are very easy to fade and melt. If the pattern is not complete, then it can ruin the beauty of the whole hat.

4.    More durable

The craft of embroidery is more durable than others. If the logo is made of simple stick-on crafts, such a hat belongs to the semi-manufactured products. If the hat is pulled or gets wet by watering, it’s very easy to fall. So, embroidered hats can easily avoid such a problem. Therefore, if you want a quality logo or pattern on your hats, then embroidery is the first choice. Because embroidered logos or patterns can withstand high temperatures, pulling, fading, and falling.

5.    Safe

Embroidery for custom hats is a craft with no pollution, no irritation, no harmful residue, and no harmful colorants. Compared to other dyeing or printing crafts, embroidery is much safer.

hat making

In the End

Whether it is the beauty, the visual effect of the logo or pattern, or the quality of the custom hats, embroidered hats have advantages and benefits. Other ordinary handicrafts cannot have these advantages and benefits. As time goes by, there is a super big change for people in the practices of life, cultural life. Quality embroidered hats are more and more popular among people, and the crafts are essential in hat manufacturing, pointing the direction, and have a great influence on improving the quality of manufacturing and cost efficiency.

Today, the introduction of embroidery for custom hats is finished here. We – Aung Crown, hope all people can enjoy these contents and have a nice day. We will continue to publish related articles about hats and clothing from time to time. If you’re interested, please bookmark our blog site.


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