5 Custom Hats to Extend Your Brand or Business Easily

Published On: March 22, 2024    By: chen hui

5 Custom Hats to Extend Your Brand or Business Easily

Hats might be one of your essential dressing accessories. Besides, expressing your attitude and sense of fashion, hats are quite practical and convenient items at all. Hats can protect you from the influence of weather, no matter whether it’s a hot sun, chill breeze, or rainy day. Custom-printed hats or normal hats are the first choices when you want to cover your dirty or messy hair. Due to all these reasons, hats are popular and still have a great demand worldwide.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, people were stuck at home for about two years, resulting in a low demand for hats. However, from now on, people are free to go out, which means the demand for hats is rising and will have a huge increase in the future.

Aung Crown hats

Aung Crown, a professional custom hat and garment manufacturer founded in 1998 with more than 25 years of experience in hat and garment manufacturing, seizes this opportunity to provide its customers with the best custom service. This blog, Aung Crown, will introduce how you can succeed in customizing the right hat for your brand or business in the hat market.

The designs of hats are various and changeable, leading to various shapes and styles on the hat market. Then, here are the questions. What’s people’s favorite hat? What kind of hat can be customized? Here are the 5 types of hats that are perfectly customized for your brand or business.

Custom Baseball Caps

1.    Custom Baseball Caps

According to the data, baseball caps are the most popular type of hat and half of the people surveyed like to wear a baseball cap as part of their everyday clothing.

In the beginning, baseball caps were designed for baseball players and were part of the traditional baseball uniform. As time went by, the popularity of baseball caps has continuously increased and has become an essential item for everyone’s daily wear. The influence of the baseball cap goes beyond being a simple item and baseball caps have a great influence in the fashion industry.

The styles of baseball caps have changed tremendously from time to time in different shapes and morphs. However, from the structure, most are similar in structures, including panels (5 or 6 panels), brims, the top button, and eyelets.

Custom Trucker Caps

2.    Custom Trucker Caps

Trucker caps are very similar to baseball caps. In the beginning, trucker caps were a promotional gift from agricultural supply companies to farmers and truck drivers. That’s why the reason trucker caps were popular among workers in the United States countryside.

Before as a fashionable accessory, trucker caps were designed for practicality and convenience. The symbol feature was the back mesh design to improve the ventilation and keep the head cool, providing comfort for workers when they worked outdoors under the sun. That’s why trucker caps are the favorite caps among blue workers and farmers.

Trucker caps were popular in the ’00s and became famous at that time. Companies like Von Dutch, have success in their trucker caps. Recently, with the trend in 2000, or what we call Y2K style, trucker caps have become popular again.

The structure of trucker caps is firm and stable. What’s more, you can custom full DIY printing on the front panel of trucker caps, even including the mesh panels, which can make them distinctive and impressive, leading to your success.

Von Dutch trucker caps

3.    Custom Bucket Hats

There seems to be no need to introduce the bucket hat because we all know it. The casual and effortless features of bucket hats make them essential hats in streetwear. Such a simple bucket hat has a special power to enhance your style and outfit distinctively. What’s more, such a bucket hat is also a perfect idea to cover your unideal hair.

Custom Bucket Hats

4.    Embroidered Custom Hats

Embroidery is a popular way to decorate hats. Compared to regular printing, embroidery is more long-lasting and durable, and the quality looks premium. However, there are some cons of embroidery.

  • Higher cost than printing
  • Only suitable for simple handicraft
  • Embroidery machines cannot handle complex and detailed designs
Embroidered Custom Hats

5.    Custom Beanies

The last one is custom beanies. Beanies are the must-have headwear in winter because beanies can keep your head warm and fashionable at the same time. However, beanies are suitable for winter and can be worn all year round from spring, summer, and fall to winter. What’s more, you can customize your personalized pattern or logo to express your sense of fashion. No matter whether you want to promote your brand or creative idea, even fashion in the cold winter, then custom beanies are a very nice choice for all.

Custom Beanies

In the End

Finding the right hat for the market is key to the success of your brand or business. In such a situation, please consider what are the hats that people are interested in and want to invest in.

For example, for trucker caps, you can target some hot hunting bases, veterans, road trips, outdoor travel, etc. It’s highly recommended that you expand your research on trucker caps to other markets that may be interested in trucker caps. As for baseball caps, they may be closely related to sports, games, clubs, etc.

By digging deeper into niche markets, you can find appropriate hats for different opportunities for your brand or business.