Trendy 5 Panel Baseball Hat for Men and Women

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Aung Crown 5 panel baseball hat. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998. With almost 25 years of experience in hat making, you can totally trust it.

A baseball cap is an excellent fashion item. It has a good effect on clothing matching and framing the face. If you want to try to impress, a baseball cap is a good choice. When choosing a hat, consider the shape of your face. It is more suitable for those who have a heart-shaped face, an oval face, and a long face.

Moreover, a person with a round face, diamond-shaped face, and square face is not suitable for a baseball cap. Because wearing a baseball cap will magnify the shortcomings of their facial shapes, making their faces look larger and face shapes look strange. Of course, it does not mean that a baseball cap is not suitable when matches with the wrong faces. We can make baseball caps look better by lowering the brim and choosing the appropriate hat type. Let’s take a look at what face shape a baseball hat is suitable for.

black baseball cap

What Face Shape Is a Baseball Hat Suitable For?

It would be wise to choose a hat according to the shape of your face. If your face shape is not suitable for wearing a baseball cap, even the most beautiful hat will look obtrusive. But it is quite fashionable for those who are fit to wear a baseball cap. So what kind of face is appropriate to wear a baseball cap?

When you put on a baseball cap, people will visually shorten the length of your face when they look at you. Because the cap body of a baseball cap is round, and the tip of the cap converges into a point, it is easy to give people a visual illusion of a pointed head and a larger face. For those who have a heart-shaped face, an oval face, and a long face, a baseball cap can help to frame the face and make the face more three-dimensional. So wearing a baseball cap is a great choice.

What Face Shape Is Not Suitable For Wearing a Baseball Cap?

A fine baseball cap will make people look good, but not everyone is suitable for wearing a baseball cap. People with the following three face shapes are not suitable for wearing baseball caps:

Round Face – Wearing a baseball cap will have the effect of making your face look round. If you put on a baseball cap with a chubby round face, your whole face will look large.

Diamond-Shaped Face – The cheekbones of people with diamond-shaped faces will be more prominent, wearing hats and doing their hair generally weaken the shape of their faces. Baseball caps do the opposite. They emphasize the shape of the face, so people with a diamond-shaped face are less suitable for wearing a baseball cap.

Square Face – People with a square face are not suited to wear a baseball cap either, because wearing a baseball hat will highlight their cheeks, and make their faces look weird.

How Do You Wear a Baseball Cap With an Unattractive Face Shape?

If you don’t fit a baseball cap, it’s recommendable that you don’t wear it. However, if you particularly like the baseball cap, you can also use certain methods to frame your face, for example:

  • Covering the cheeks with hair and pressing the brim two-thirds of the forehead can weaken the effect that the baseball cap makes the face look round.
  • In order to avoid making the face look longer, when wearing a baseball cap, you can lower the brim of the hat to emphasize the presence of the chin and the bridge of the nose, which is both attractive and mysterious.
  • Choose the right cap. A baseball cap comes in a variety of types, so you need to pick the right cap type according to your face shape. Generally, a full-fit, large-capacity baseball cap looks better.
pink baseball hat

Common Ways To Wear Baseball Caps

The main purpose of wearing a baseball cap is to look good. To look good, you can use some tricks when wearing a baseball cap. There are three ways to wear baseball caps, which can wear at forward or sideward, and backward. If you want to feel different, you can wear a baseball cap in a different direction. Let’s take a look at how to wear a baseball cap well.

Hair Styles

If you’re a woman, you can tie up a ponytail or pigtail hairstyle, or you can let your long hair hang down loosely, and then wear a baseball cap forward. But it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t press the brim too low. The slightly upturned brim will make you look more lively and cute, which is also the way that people often wear it.

If you have big, wavy curly hair, you can try wearing a baseball cap sideward. When you tie your hair, put on a baseball cap, and turn the brim to the side, you will look cute and delicate. If you want to make yourself look cool with a baseball cap and have a wild image, then it is better to wear the baseball cap backward. That’s really cool. If a woman with a round face wears a baseball cap and the brim towards the back, she can part her hair down the middle and let the hair hang down along the corners of her eyes, which can cover her fleshy cheeks.

On the whole, no one is not suitable for wearing baseball caps. Only those who do not know how to wear baseball caps well or have not bought the right cap type. This Aung Crown baseball cap recommended to you today is moderately stiff, stylish, and classic. Wearing it not only makes your face look smaller and lets you look more temperament, but also reduces the damage caused by ultraviolet rays, and can also provide women who do not wear makeup and wash their hair with confidence and a sense of security when going out. A baseball cap is a good match for your year-round outfit.

Casual Baseball Cap From Aung Crown

100% Cotton Material

The cotton fiber contained in the cotton fabric has relatively good moisture absorption, which ensures that the cotton baseball cap can make people feel soft and comfortable when it touches the skin. Because the pure cotton baseball cap has good moisture retention, bringing more warmth and comfort to the wearer.

Through the study of scientists, it is found that cotton products used in daily life have comparatively good heat resistance. Even at a temperature of 100℃/212℉, the cotton products will only evaporate the water, but it will not affect the cotton fiber itself. In other words, a cotton baseball cap can be washed at one’s option, which also greatly promotes laundry resistance and improves the durability of the baseball cap.

The raw materials of cotton products adopt naturally grown cotton, and cotton fiber in cotton is a natural fiber, which is mainly composed of cellulose. Our cotton products are made of these cotton fibers, which are very safe. The pure cotton fabric will not have any irritation in contact with the skin, will not cause allergies, and will not cause any damage to the skin. Therefore, it is harmless for us to wear cotton baseball caps for a long time.

To sum up, this baseball cap from Aung Crown is durable, washable, and comfortable to wear, with strong moisture absorption and good warmth retention. It has no irritation on the skin. Sweaty people are the best fit to have this pure cotton baseball cap.

black baseball hat
black baseball hat

Black Baseball Cap

The most commonly used baseball cap is black. Since black itself is an extremely popular and versatile color, a black baseball cap can provide a great variety of visual effects. In your daily life, if you put on a black baseball cap, you can select a black shirt or a white one to match it. A gray top is also a good choice to match a black baseball cap. Most of the time, the main purpose of wearing a black baseball cap is to be cool, so you can select a light color suit to match it so that the whole appearance can be more harmonious. In normal times you can also choose to wear a baseball cap with a black camisole and a denim jacket, which will also look trendy.

How to Match A Black Baseball Cap?

You can wear a black baseball cap to match black or gray sportswear, then match them with a pair of sneakers. As for sportswear, it is possible to select a short sports top and a pair of high-waisted sweatpants, which also makes you look cool. In addition, you may opt for a black cap with a camisole top. For some women who have a better figure, such a combination can truly bring out a new sensation. Although black is a versatile color, it is still recommended that you do not match it with some macaron colors, such as pink or light blue. Wearing a light blue shirt with a black baseball cap can also give you a strange appearance.

You can selectively learn some celebrities’ matches. Because black baseball caps can add a lot to the overall outfit, most celebrities prefer to wear black baseball caps when they go to the airport. If you have a small face and a little head, then a black baseball cap does suit you better. A black baseball cap can match with dark clothes, or with white and gray clothes. In general, there is nothing wrong with this combination. The combination of the same color can make your outfit more eye-catching.

back closure
back closure

Other Details

The shape of this 5 panel baseball hat is full and three-dimensional. The perfectly round crown can cover up the defects of the head shape well. The alignment of the embroidered logo is smooth and even, giving texture to the hat. The contrast color thread subtly presents the pattern of maple leaves and letters, which is low-key and eye-catching. The curvature of the brim is designed just right to protect your eyes against the sun without obscuring your view. Inside the baseball hat, there are sweatbands. It’s easy to get wet when you’re sweating, but you’ll be able to get rid of this with sweat absorption bands.

The design of eyelets effectively loses heat, so you will not sweat easily after wearing this baseball cap for a long time. Don’t worry about getting hot when you go shopping with it. The self-fabric and bronze TRI-GLIDE buckle is designed to conveniently and freely adjust the cap circumference to suit more people’s heads. Both males and females will enjoy the simple, gender-neutral baseball hat. The couple wearing this hat will also make people feel that their affection is very sweet. Whether you’re going out shopping or traveling, you will be the focus of attention if you wear a nice hat like this.

the inner tapings
the inner tapings

In the End

It is very difficult for a person not to love a nice and useful cap. The same thing could happen in this baseball hat. With this hat, even if you haven’t washed your hair for days, just wearing it will cover up your greasy hair and make your outfit even better. For people who don’t know how to match, it is more friendly. You can put on it directly to go out quickly, which perfectly solves the difficulty of choice. Walking down the street will also attract a lot of attention by wearing this black baseball cap. Actually, you don’t have to go after the number of hats. There are just two or three hats that are suitable for different occasions and different looks. Nevertheless, for the collectors of clothing accessories, hats are good things to buy, as they are a good way to show their tastes.