Velvet Bucket Hat: Soft Plushy Hat that Every Woman Loves!

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


The Aung Crown velvet bucket hat has got your back in the days of sunny to monsoon. As a professional hat maker, Aung Crown was founded in 1998. What’s more, cooperation cannot be possible without its unique features, go and check the details!

winter velvet bucket hat
winter velvet bucket hat

What is a Velvet Bucket Hat?

Velvet bucket hats refer to headwear designed similarly to the shape of usual bucket hats, but the material used is different-teddy velvet fabric. This casual accessory is wearable on any type of occasion, be it formal or casual events. Because of the luxurious and soft material like teddy velvet, velvet bucket hats make a great choice for any season, especially winter.

Providing you the safety is the main purpose as their coverage extends from head to ear. Colors as well as design availability make them suitable for purchase and worth it! The hat maker, Aung Crown, comes up with narrow brim-like bucket hats with a plush texture to the making of velvet material. Certainly, this type of hat is perfect for wearing for fashion purposes. But follow-trends remain always the first choice for fashion enthusiasts.

Why are Velvet Bucket Hats a Women-Friendly Head Accessory?

If you search for women-friendly trendy bucket hats, you will get results for velvet bucket hats. In addition, it is not something unusual as the velvet bucket hat perfectly suits your head as it has a narrow brim. Various reasons count these hats as women-friendly head accessories. For instance, the majority of trend followers of these bucket hats are women. While the design of these hats is unisex, they are predominantly worn by women. However, when it comes to fashion, subjectivity reigns, and head accessories, known for their elegance and style, often resonate more with women who frequently grasp the concept.

black or white velvet bucket cap
black or white velvet bucket cap

Materials of Construction: Teddy Velvet

Velvet bucket hats are an indispensable way to protect your head from any kind of calamities, the sun, or the wind. Besides the protection, these hats also clear your view of the front. The core material of construction is teddy velvet. Teddy velvet fabric is a compiled version of cotton with polyester and the material of acrylic.

This fabric feels soft and fluffy and provides a sheepskin look. The hat maker, Aung Crown comes up with the idea of teddy velvet-made bucket hats which exactly provide the late 90s feel with a hip-hop vibe. Colors are essential as they matter in choosing a perfect formal setting. The hat is comfortable and easily adaptable to be decorated with any texture. Because of this specific teddy velvet, bucket hats are waterproof and flame retardant most possibly compared to other types.

Unique Features of the Aung Crown Velvet Bucket Hat

Since these bucket hats are teddy-fabric made, which contain short fiber. These fibers have medium strength to follow whereas knitting techniques are warp-based mostly. The Aung Crown bucket hats come up with unique features. Follow the given options to find out more information:

·         Style: Plain Dyed

Plain dyed or plain textured based hats. There is no such pattern or texture that makes it attractive. Hence, the bucket hat retains the policy of ‘simple is beautiful.’

·         Application Areas

These bucket hats serve both as a tool for protection and a stylish look.

·         Functions

Velvet bucket hats are tear-resistant, shrink-resistant, and flame-retardant in nature.

·         Colors

Colors are varied in nature as the hat maker Aung Crown ensures them. But one thing is, the color adjustability is perfect with the fabric.

·         Size of the Hat

One-size fits all design. These bucket hats follow the size chart of ‘one size fits all.’ That is 58 cm/22.83 inches.

·         Brim of the Hat

With narrow-down brims, these bucket hats have narrow brims as a structure. But it never goes out of its functionalities. The brim is short and straight structured with decorative seams attached.

·         Trendy Fashion Pieces

Aung Crown follows up on the latest trends in hats. As a result, they provide the best input in this trendy fashion piece of velvet material.

·         Logo Techniques

The hat maker – Aung Crown uses the techniques of flat embroidery in logo making and printing on velvet bucket hats.

·         Other Functionalities

Bucket hats which are well-made of velvet material have ventilation eyelets. The shimmering teddy velvet fabric is also a real kicker.

·         Suitable for any gender

Furthermore, easy integration has consistently proven to be an ideal solution to combat the cold, creating a picture-perfect tool.

soft headwear
soft headwear

Available Colors: Black and White

Aung Crown, being a professional hat maker, comes up with velvet bucket hats in 2 major color palettes. The colors are black and white. The colors are selected in a way so that anyone can wear them with any outfit. Tones are basic and timeless. They are classic among millennials in this eternal beginning of fashion. Moreover, these colors are perfect for the tropical atmosphere or summer trends and fall to winter trends mostly for being warm and comfortable. All you must do is match and mix the existing black and colors with the outfits from your clothing collection.

The Brim of Velvet Bucket Hats: Narrow Brim

A narrow-brim bucket hat, velvet-made, is very common nowadays. The brim may seem like a narrow brim means a short brim, which is 1 to 2 inches. It is all right to connect them with short brims, but the main distinction lies in functions. Velvet bucket hats offer as much as sun protection you need using the narrow brim. These types of narrow brims follow a variation of ‘Boonie’ hats. The narrow-brim hat is soft and easily rolled up nature with enough packed service. The narrow brim size usually tends to be between 2.5 to 3.5 inches.

Logo Design and Printing: Flat Embroidery

Flat embroidery is what velvet bucket hats deserve the most in the case of logo design and printing. There are many other embroidery types. But the decorative pattern with stitched design reflects better on the fabric. Such a flat embroidery is stitched in most cases where the stitch does not come up with nice sharp edges. To maintain this upward trend, employ an embroidery hoop and an appropriate needle for the thread, coupled with scissors, to achieve impeccable logo design and printing services on your preferred colored bucket hat.

Velvet Bucket Hat Benefits

For hats, it is very difficult to find an error while identifying. Benefits always exceed the cost of bucket hats. However, the most significant benefits that keep bucket hats worth trying for are given in the following section:

·         Keeps you comfortable.

·         Works like a shield from rain.

·         Protects you from the sun.

·         Versatile in terms of design.

·         Comes in a variety of styles and patterns.

·         Size is perfect for anyone.

·         No strap is needed for adjustment.

·         Open to any gender.

The Use of Raw Materials in Making a Velvet Bucket Hat

Aung Crown always focuses on making a great accessory for headwear.  Although teddy velvet is a mixed version of both natural and synthetic fiber, they offer the best use of it after complete usage. Aung Crown is popular because of these sustainable ideas of affordable headgear just like bucket hats.

soft bucket cap
soft bucket cap

When to Wear a Velvet Bucket Hat?

Velvet bucket hats are favorable to wear in winter. But you may still wear them in the fall, even a bit in spring. They should be worn in a specific season when the hat will keep your head warm as the material is teddy velvet. Velvet fabric not only provides protection but also keeps you away from getting cold. Also, these bucket hats are super soft to give you structure and shape against any odds. Your current wardrobe should be a complimented version of all types of benefits, and you just must recognize the hat’s presence.

How to Get a Wholesale Velvet Bucket Hat?

Velvet bucket hats are hard materials made that protect you against both the sun and rain. It is completely up to you to decide what makes you like velvet bucket hats. Always be sure what is stylish and comfortable for you all day long to use. This is always a great way to improve your view by getting these hats with proper furnishings. Besides, depending on your desired color, look, and size, choosing wholesale bucket hat criteria will differ. To get them easily, you must follow the given options:

·         Trade shows.

·         Online B2B marketplace.

·         Magazines, daily newsletters

How to Care for a Velvet Bucket Hat?

These bucket hats are a complete nostalgia to embrace with a modern take. They are available only in a few places just like Aung Crown, the biodegradable manufacturer. Since getting these hats in a cozy and soft fabric is rare, it is an utmost duty to care for them with proper diligence. To care for them with proper passion, you must hand wash these hats using warm water and washing powder. In case of stains and marks removal, use your hands properly, allow them to soak for a few minutes, and hang them to dry.

The Best Places to Wear Velvet Bucket Hat

Bucket hats do not have such specific places to wear them. It only matters whether you have worn them with confidence or not. Look at the given areas to wear hats in retaining fashion consciousness. They are:

1.      Beach

Velvet bucket hats do not perfectly match this destination. Yet, you can have them with you while visiting calm seas. The basic colors will carry the look around.

2.      Park

Park is another place to roam around just wearing the bucket hat. This destination carries out the most weight for giving you a fashionable vibe.

3.      Outdoor Festivals

No type of outdoor festival would not be carried around flawlessly without the presence of this bucket hat.

4.      Sporting Events

Sporting events can be destinations in winter to go around wearing bucket hats as an accessory.

How to Style a Velvet Bucket Hat?

Velvet bucket hats from Aung Crown, the professional hat maker, are undeniably stylish. This is primarily attributed to their classic appearance and unparalleled comfort. Moreover, incorporating these recommended styles during your next gathering with friends and family can elevate your fashion game to new heights! Such as:

·         Go Basic!

It means you can be all full white from head to toe in selecting wardrobe and hat accessories or full black.

·         Get along with wearing an Oversized T-shirt!

Bucket hats suit mostly oversized t-shirts. This same applies to velvet ones!

What to Consider When Purchasing?

Velvet bucket hats are not usually compared to other types of bucket hats. They are high quality and premium looking. So, considering a few things is a must when you purchase. The following things you may keep in mind:

1.      Shape

The shape of the bucket hat matters the most! You cannot change it. But at Aung Crown, you may not stress over considering shape as their shape of construction is top-notch.

2.      Size

One size fits all theorems work perfectly well in this matter!

3.      Material

Check out whether the material is skin-friendly and wearable as a head accessory!

4.      Color & Pattern

The colors of velvet hats must be mild otherwise the premium outlook may not be seen.

winter cap
winter cap

Aung Crown and Its Velvet Bucket Hats

Velvet bucket hats are perfect for women as they add quality personality to your look. There are many issues to consider and various colors to choose between; all these experiments end when you find your best fit. It does matter what you choose for your head accessory as they are an addition to your wardrobe! Getting them for specific occasions and following them is a great choice at the end of the day and Aung Crown assures you that!



Aung Crown velvet bucket hat has got your back in the days of sunny to monsoon. Cooperation cannot be possible without its unique features. Be it for fabric or the features of bucket hats, make sure you get ready to add more clothes to your wardrobe so that you can match them with available hats. They are just a better edition to cover all your hideouts to make them more functional and customized. Trying out any piece will not cost you bankruptcy, so why don’t you try one out before reviewing your experience?