What are the standards for flameproof fabrics in the United Kingdom?

Published On: April 12, 2024    By: ray herb


Standards for flameproof fabrics vary between countries. What are the requirements in the United Kingdom for flame retardant fabrics?

BS7177 (BS5807) applies to fabrics such as furniture and mattresses used in public places in the UK. It specifies specific fire performance requirements as well as stringent testing methods; fire sources are divided into eight levels from 0-7 representing low, moderate, high and extremely high risk areas.

BS7175 is a permanent fire safety standard applicable to hotels, entertainment venues and other public places. To meet its criteria, at least two types of fire tests – Schedule 4 Part 1 and 5 Part 1 tests – must be passed successfully.

BS7176 applies to upholstery fabrics and requires both fire and water resistance during testing. Fabric and filler must meet Schedule 4 Part 1, Schedule 5 Part 1 smoke density, toxicity etc to pass this more stringent standard than its predecessor, BS7175 (BS5852).

BS5452 covers bed linen and pillow textiles used in public places in the UK as well as any imported furniture imported into this country, and requires them to remain fire resistant after 50 washes or dry cleaning cycles.

In terms of fire resistance requirements for children’s pyjamas: British Standard BS5722 children’s pajamas must meet this standard; while bed linen must comply with British Standards BS5815.3 bed linen specifications. Curtains fall under British Standards BS6249.1B curtains.