What are the standards for flameproof fabrics in the United States?

Published On: April 12, 2024    By: ray herb

Internationally, many countries have their own flame retardant standards; CA-117 in the US is one such popular one-time flame retardant standard that does not require testing after water exposure and applies to most textiles exported into this country.

The CS-191 standard is a general fire protection standard for protective clothing in the United States, emphasizing long-term fire resistance and comfort. The processing technology is usually a two-step or multi-step synthesis method, with high technical content and profit added value
NFPA-701 and NFPA-703 are fire prevention standards published by the National Fire Protection Association of the United States, applicable to hanging fabrics such as curtains in public places that do not require water resistance. The test also requires physical and chemical indicators such as adsorption dry weight and hand feel

The full name of the US TB-603 is BHFTI CTB-603, which has been implemented throughout the United States since January 1, 2005. It is mainly used for bedding products such as mattresses and beddings. The testing method is to test the heat release value of a complete mattress (bedding) using the large chamber combustion method. The US NFPA261.94 applies to furniture covering strong objects, including sofas. The US FAR25-83 fire protection standard for interior decorative fabrics for aircraft requires.