Peak Performance: Understanding the Design and Functionality of Baseball Caps

Published On: March 23, 2024    By: chen hui

Peak Performance - Understanding the Design and Functionality of Baseball Caps

Baseball caps have different functions, such as sun protection, warmth, decoration, protection, etc. So, there are many kinds of baseball caps, and how to choose the right baseball cap? We, Aung Crown, a reputable custom hat and garment manufacturer in China, founded in 1998, with more than 25 years of experience in hat and garment manufacturing, will share the introduction of baseball caps on how to choose the right baseball cap.

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How to Choose the Right Baseball Cap?

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1.     Choose by Faces

In general, there are 3 types of faces. Here they are: square face, round face, and pointed face.

If people who have round faces wear a round-top hat, then their faces will look bigger and the hat on top will be small, which is super abrupt and strange. If the round-top hat is changed to a wide-brimmed baseball cap, then the baseball cap can cover the deficiencies of round faces and make the face look small.

However, pointy-faced people are fit to wear a round-top hat, because if people who have pointy faces wear a baseball cap, then the whole face looks into a wide top and a small bottom, which makes the face look smaller, which is quite abrupt. That’s why pointy-faced people are fit to wear a round-top hat.

Square-faced people can wear all kinds of hats.

2.     Choose by body shapes

The second is to choose the right hat for your body shape. This is the second factor to consider when choosing a baseball cap.

Tall people should choose large hats rather than small ones, otherwise, the whole look is unbalanced – heavy head and light bottom. The opposite is true for short people. Tall women should not wear tall baseball caps or the whole look will be too high. Petite girls should avoid flat and wide-brimmed baseball caps, which can make them look shorter.

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3.     By personal style

While wearing a baseball cap, it’s just the same as dressing in outfits, we need to emphasize its advantages and avoid the disadvantages, which means decently pleasing ourselves. The color and style of baseball caps should complement your outfits, scarves, gloves, shoes, and other accessories. Women who wear glasses should not choose complex or fancy hats, and please do not cover your forehead. If they wear a baseball cap, the hat should be placed a little high on their head and not block their glasses. What’s more, such a way can easily show her temperament and elegance.

4.     Choose by sizes

The right size is very important for comfort when buying a hat. No matter who you are, if you want to wear a hat comfortably, choosing the right size is the key. Usually, for men’s hats, the size of the hat namely means the head circumference, therefore, it’s very convenient for men to choose the right size. However, some hats are shrunk after washing, so, in such a situation, please buy plus sizes.

Here are the general sizes for adults, kids, and babies.

Adult: 55cm – 58cm/21.65inches – 22.83inches

Kid: 50cm – 55cm/19.68 inches – 21.65inches

Baby: 42cm – 46cm/16.53 inches – 18.11 inches

The Basic Introduction of Baseball Caps

The Basic Introduction of Baseball Caps

Sun Protection

In the beginning, baseball caps were designed to protect baseball players from sunlight to get a better score due to different times and places. So, sun protection is the first function of baseball caps.

Binding hair

This function is also designed for baseball players to bind their hair to prevent hair from falling and blocking their eyes if they lose scores. Such a function is very practical now.

Keep warm

Keeping baseball players warm when playing baseball in winter or cold weather. Nowadays, baseball caps can keep your head warm no matter who you are.

Protection from other small items & ornaments

Wearing a baseball cap also can prevent your hair from getting dirty from dust, sand, raindrops, etc. Also, can become a very nice decorative item for the whole look and add a sense of fashion and casualness to the whole look. Dressing casually with a highlight baseball cap, you can easily create a new look.

Washing Tips

The washing of baseball caps is pretty easy. Baseball caps can be hand washed or machine washed, and the wash way is up to its fabrics and crafts.

Usually, hand washing won’t cause shrinkage. Use cold water or lukewarm water to wash a baseball cap. Please do not use hot water to wash a baseball cap, otherwise, it may cause deformation or shrinkage. It’s best to soap water to wash a baseball cap than detergent or washing power.

Normal Fabrics for Making Baseball Caps

In general, the fabrics that are used to make baseball caps are bouncy. Due to the features of cotton fabrics, cozy, skin-friendly, and great water-absorption, cotton is the most common fabric that is used to make baseball caps.

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In the End

Today, the share ends here. Aung Crown hopes all can enjoy this blog and have a better understanding when choosing their baseball caps. If you don’t have any idea about what to choose, you can visit our site to look at various styles of baseball caps.