A Brief Guide To Pure Cotton Sweatshirts

Published On: June 26, 2024    By: chen hui

The Pros and Cons of Pure Cotton Sweatshirts

Do you know about cotton sweatshirts and their pros and cons? If not yet, you can go through this blog. We – Aung Crown, a trustworthy custom hat & apparel maker, will introduce the pros and cons of cotton sweatshirts.

When buying a sweatshirt, it’s important to choose the fabric of the sweatshirt. Generally, sweatshirts are made of cotton blended with a little bit of other fabrics. Today we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of pure cotton sweatshirts.

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The Pros of Pure Cotton Sweatshirts

1.        Moisture-wicking

Cotton fibers are excellent moisture-wicking. Under normal conditions, cotton fibers can absorb excess moisture in the environment, and the moisture content is 8% to 10%. That’s why when it comes in contact with human skin, it’s soft without any stiffness. When the moisture content in cotton increases and the temperature is quite high, the water in cotton will evaporate and disperse completely, which can make cotton maintain water balance to make people feel comfortable.

2.        Moisturizing

Because cotton fiber is a poor conductor of electricity and heat, the thermal conductivity is quite low. In addition, cotton fibers are multi-hole and great for stretching, and the grip of cotton fibers can store a lot of air, and air is a poor conductor of electricity and heat. Therefore, pure cotton fibers or sweatshirts are excellent for moisturizing and keeping people warm.

3.        Heat-resistant

Pure cotton is excellent for heat resistance. While under 110℃, it won’t damage pure cotton and will only cause water to evaporate in pure cotton. So, there are no side effects when wearing, washing, or dyeing pure cotton sweatshirts or outfits at normal temperatures.

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4.        Alkali-resistant

Pure cotton is very good for alkali resistance. In alkali liquid, cotton fibers won’t be damaged, which is beneficial for washing, sterilizing, or removing impurities. At the same time, also can dye, print, or apply other crafts on pure cotton textiles to produce more new cotton weaving varieties.

5.        Hygienical

Pure cotton fibers are natural fibers and the main ingredient is cellulose with a little bit of waxy substances and nitrogenous substances with gliadin. After much testing and practice, pure cotton textiles can touch the skin without any irritation and side effects. Therefore, it’s super beneficial for people without harm to wear pure cotton textiles for a long time and it’s still great hygienic.

Cons of Pure Cotton Sweatshirts

1.        Easy to get wrinkles

Pure cotton sweatshirts are prone to wrinkling and it’s hard to flatten these wrinkles. So as pure cotton sweatshirts.

2.        Easy to shrink

Shrinkage of pure cotton sweatshirts is 2% to 5%. Unless pure cotton garments are specially treated or the exception is washing water treatment.

3.        Easy to deform

Pure cotton sweatshirts are prone to deformation, especially for summer pure cotton outfits, because the fabrics of summer pure cotton outfits are quite thin.

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Protection Against Static Electricity

Cotton fibers are poor conductors of heat and electricity and are great at wicking moisture. Dry environments are more favorable for electrical charges to transfer and gather. Pure cotton textiles are disadvantageous for the transfer and gathering of electric charges, so pure cotton sweatshirts are not easy to cause static electricity.

To reduce static electricity, the best way is to choose pure cotton clothing and not to wear clothing made of chemical fabrics, especially intimate clothing. This will reduce the chance of friction between skin and clothing. Most of the thermal underwear on the market today is made of velvet, and people with dry skin wear velvet thermal underwear, which is very easy to cause static electricity. The solution is to add a cotton bottoming shirt inner.

The Maintenance for Pure Cotton Sweatshirts

1.      Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

2.      Turn the inside out while drying can keep the color lasting longer.

3.      The ironing temperature should not exceed 200℃.

4.      It’s recommended to fold and store with desiccant when not wearing.

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How to Wash Pure Cotton Sweatshirts

1.      Available for both hand and machine washing with various detergents. Because cotton fibers are poor in stretching, scrub gently in case of deformation and affect the size.

2.      White pure cotton sweatshirts can be washed at high temperatures using detergents with high alkali content, which may have a bleaching effect. Please remember that intimate apparel cannot be soaked in hot water, otherwise it may cause yellow sweat stains. It’s better to wash pure cotton sweatshirts in other colors in cold water with detergents or laundry powders that don’t contain bleach to prevent fading. More importantly, do not pour detergent directly on cotton fabrics to avoid localized discoloration.

3.      If light-colored pure cotton sweatshirts are soiled, soaking them in water for about 1 to 2 hours may have a better cleaning effect. For dark-colored sweatshirts, do not soak in water for a long time in case of fading.

All the above are the pros and cons of pure cotton sweatshirts and the washing and maintenance wats. Hopefully, this can help you know better about pure cotton sweatshirts and how to care for them.