The Sun Protection Effect Of Fisherman Hats In Summer

Published On: June 26, 2024    By: chen hui

Science Fiction Article! Funny about Fisherman's Hats

Of all the hats, fisherman hats, also called bucket hats, are the most popular among women and girls. Why do women like fisherman hats? Because fisherman hats can show the beauty of femininity, just like the pink fisherman hat looks like the opening hem of the black skirt. Aung Crown, a reliable fisherman hat manufacturer, will share this science fiction article! Funny about fisherman hats. 

pink bucket hat

Fisherman Hats

A fisherman’s hat is a hat with a rounded top and sloping brim. Fisherman’s hats are usually made of medium-thick fabrics such as denim, canvas, or thick wool. Sometimes there may be embroidery or metal eyelets for better ventilation.

Fisherman hats are also known as bucket hats. Fisherman hats are mostly called by consumers and bucket hats are mostly called by hat manufacturers. Fisherman hats are also divided into brims and crowns.

The Brim of Fisherman Hats

The angle of the brim of a fisherman’s hat is different and can be divided into two main types.

The first tilted angle: A fairly large downward tilt angle of about 150◦ and the brim is tilted out on both sides.

The second tilted angle: The tilt angle is more vertical and the brim extends downward.

The image below shows the difference between the two tilt angles.

bucket hat - shows the difference between the two tilt angles

The Top of Fisherman Hats

There are 2 types of tops on fisherman hats. The first one is a flat top and the second one is a rounded top. The rounded top looks like a clock. Therefore, there is another professional name – cloche hat.

Originally, cloche hats were invented for women by Milena Caroline Ray in 1908. From 1922 to 1933, cloche hats were quite popular and the name came from the French word – cloche.

cloche-shaped fisherman hats

Why Call Fisherman Hats Sun Hats or Anti-UV Hats?

Sometimes people call a fisherman’s hat a sun hat or an anti-UV hat. Why is that? The main reason is to consider the sun protection effect. Therefore, the brim of such a fisherman hat can reach its maximum of 10-12 cm/3.94-4.72 inches. In addition, due to the long brim, a sun hat can block the view and is called a wide-brimmed fisherman hat or a fisherman hat with a wide brim.

wide-brimmed fisherman hat

The brim shown below is 12 cm/4.72 inches, which looks very exaggerated when worn on the head.

wide brim

The brims shown below reach 7-8 cm/2.76-3.15 inches, which can enhance the effect of sun protection and don’t block the view.

medium brim

The normal brim of a fisherman’s hat is 5-6 cm/1.97-2.36 inches, and such a brim provides some sun protection and covers 1/3 or 1/4 of the head.

normal brim

Here is a list of brim widths for fisherman hats.

Brim Widths of Fisherman Hats
Brim WidthFisherman Hat TypesNotes
5-6cm/1.97-2.36inchesStandard Fisherman Hat/
7-8cm/2.76-3.15inchesSun Fisherman HatOutdoor Fisherman Hat
10-12cm/3.94-4.72inchesSun-Protection Fisherman HatWide-brim Fisherman Hat
sun fisherman hat

In a word,fisherman hats offer a great option for sun protection in the summer because of their practical design, coverage, and comfort. Fisherman hats can help protect your skin during outdoor activities when used with other sun safety measures, like applying sunscreen or seeking shade at peak sun hours.