Aung Crown Polyester Baseball Cap – The Amazing Combination of Baseball Cap and Printing

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we are going to introduce a great polyester baseball cap from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998 with almost 25 years of experience.

History of Baseball Caps

From the name of the baseball cap, you can see that it has something to do with sports, and it has something to do with baseball as well. The baseball cap was worn by an amateur baseball team in Brooklyn as early as 1860. In the beginning, it was just a cap that shielded players’ eyes from the harsh sunlight. Later, people always wore baseball caps when they played, whether it was rainy or sunny. In the early days, the brim of baseball caps was much shorter than that of modern baseball caps.

But with the times’ development, the baseball caps’ style is becoming more and more diverse. Moreover, the baseball hat was initially thought of as an exclusive item for players, but it soon spread to various European countries. With the development and connection of the world, a baseball cap has gradually become a global product. Now, it is very common in our daily life.

Baseball Caps – Multi-functional

A baseball cap is one of the most popular hats and is an essential item for trying to impress. Even if you wear it at random, you will look stylish. And baseball caps are functional, with shading, warmth, protection, and decoration. If you want to wear a baseball cap in style, you must first choose the right baseball cap, and then learn some appropriate matching skills.

the left side of the polyester baseball cap SFG-210429-5
the left side of the polyester baseball cap SFG-210429-5

Aung Crown Polyester Baseball Cap

Aung Crown is a very popular fashion brand for young people. Its audiences are those who have fashion taste and want to express their individuality. If you want to keep up with the trend, you can buy an Aung Crown polyester baseball cap with style and personality.

High-Quality Polyester Fabric

Along with the change of trend, the material of baseball caps has also increased a lot, which has enriched the variety of baseball caps, and the more commonly used are cotton, leather, polyester, denim, and so on. The visual and touch differences between the different materials make it impossible to ignore the material when selecting a baseball cap. This printed baseball cap from Aung Crown is made from premium polyester fabric.

 If you observe closely when buying clothes and various textiles, you will often see a fabric, namely polyester, which is a fabric that is widely used in life and production. If you are still stuck in the stage of only knowing the name of polyester, then you can continue to read this article, because next, this article will briefly introduce what polyester is. You can also learn about the characteristics of baseball caps made of polyester.

What Kind of Fabric Is Polyester?

Polyester, also known as polyester fiber, is made of organic dibasic acids and diols polycondensation of synthetic fibers and is a macromolecular compound. Polyester fabrics have many advantages. Let’s take a look at these characteristics of polyester:

Solid And Durable 

Polyester fiber has high fiber strength. Therefore, the impact strength of the polyester fiber is much higher than that of ordinary fiber, and it is very solid and durable.

Good Elasticity 

Polyester fabric has high strength and highly elastic resilience, and its elasticity is close to wool. So, the elasticity of the polyester fabric is very good, and it can quickly return to its original shape after repeated kneading, and it is not easy to leave wrinkles. Polyester fabric is one of the most common anti-wrinkle fabrics in the world.

Good Heat Resistance

Polyester is a thermoplastic fiber, and its melting point is higher than the general fiber melting point, so the heat resistance is also stronger than the general fiber. In short, polyester is a fiber with good heat resistance. Polyester fabrics can withstand very high temperatures, allowing them to withstand various ironing temperatures.

Good Abrasion Resistance

Polyester fabrics are second only to nylon in terms of abrasion resistance but better than other natural fibers and synthetic fibers.

Excellent Light-Resistance

Polyester fabric has excellent light fastness. Generally speaking, it is relatively lightfast, so it’s not a problem to be exposed to sunlight. You don’t have to worry that it will be damaged or has any other side effects under solid sunlight.

Strong Chemical Resistance

Items made of polyester fabric are highly resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. So some bleaches and oxidizing agents won’t do them any harm.

This 5-panel baseball cap made of polyester will also have these advantages. It is durable, elastic, corrosion-resistant, not easy to deform, easy to wash, and quick to dry.

multicolor polyester baseball cap SFG-210429-5
multicolor polyester baseball cap SFG-210429-5

Screen Printing Logo & Digital Printing Fabric

The front of the hat body is white letter patterns, and the overall base color of the body is multicolor. The screen printing logo and digital printing crown make the overall of this polyester baseball cap look harmonious and unified.

  • Screen printing

Screen printing is a printing technology in which ink is transferred to a substrate with a mesh, except in areas made impervious to the ink through a blocking stencil. Silk-screen has more versatility than traditional printing technology. The surface doesn’t need to be pressed, as is the case with etching or lithograph, and it doesn’t need to be planar.

  • Digital printing

And digital printing is a method of printing from a digital-based image directly to a wide range of media. Digital printing differs greatly from traditional methods in that it is not necessary to replace printing plates, while in analog printing, the plates are replaced over and over again. This leads to a faster turnaround time and a lower cost when adopting digital printing.

  • Printing

Printing is now an extremely popular element, and it has been applied extensively in the fashion world. Printing is more used on clothing, and rarely on baseball caps, so printed baseball caps are more distinctive. Printed elements can give baseball caps a visual feast. Whether it is graffiti printings or simple small printings, which are the expression of printed elements.

Different printings will bring different visual effects, for example, graffiti printings prefer the hip-hop style, and text printings are biased toward the street style. Putting on this printed multi-color baseball cap will immediately make you more youthful and energetic. The whole hat is simple and atmospheric. It fits well both with sports or leisure wear.

Aung Crown polyester baseball cap SFG-210429-5
Aung Crown polyester baseball cap SFG-210429-5

Slightly Curved Brim

The brim of this polyester baseball cap has a certain curve, similar to the shape of an arch. This curved-brim cap fits your head perfectly. This baseball hat can make up for the defects of facial features, and outline a good-looking silhouette. And there is also a certain shading effect. When wearing it, you can lower the hat to make the head and hat fit better, and its effect on framing the face will be more obvious.

the metal buckle tuck-in closure polyester baseball cap SFG-210429-5
the metal buckle tuck-in closure polyester baseball cap SFG-210429-5

Adjustable Metal Buckle

I wonder if there are any friends around you who can’t wear hats because of their big heads. If these friends choose beanies, although they can put on them, they will be very ugly. The Aung Crown’s colorful polyester baseball cap has a design with adjustable metal buckle on the back, making it easy for people of different head shapes and sizes to wear without affecting the shape of the hat.

the inner taping design of the polyester baseball cap SFG-210429-5
the inner taping design of the polyester baseball cap SFG-210429-5


Some people think that polyester fabrics are less breathable and do not absorb sweat, however, Aung Crown has also considered these problems and found ways to settle these problems. The baseball cap body is designed with eyelets, and the inside of the cap is equipped with a sweat-absorbing sweatband, which can solve the problem of breathability. The matter of wearing hats remains to be taken seriously. Studies have shown that when our scalp is exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, it is very prone to hair loss. This Aung Crown baseball cap is breathable and sweat-absorbing, and it also helps to keep your hair healthy.

The Multicolor Baseball Hat Is More Fashionable

If you want to increase the presence of the hat and add highlights to the look with the help of the hat, then make sure that the color of the hat is prominent enough. The shape of the polyester baseball cap is basically not much changed, and the color is mostly black, beige, white, red, blue, dark blue, or other colors. Among them, baseball caps in basic colors such as black, white, gray, and blue are low-key and very vibrant.

The multicolor can play the role of brightening, which can basically meet the needs of most people. A baseball cap will show a sense of leisure, so if you want to be more fashionable, you can select the baseball cap from the color. Apart from a more sound base color, you can try a multicolor polyester baseball cap. Put on a multicolor baseball hat and it will be easy to create a stylish look.

Aung Crown polyester baseball cap SFG-210429-5
Aung Crown polyester baseball cap SFG-210429-5

Matching Tips for The Multicolor Polyester Baseball Cap

While baseball caps are a versatile accessory in the fashion industry, they are highly decorative and functional. However, if you wish to display your own style, you will have to spend much more time learning how to match a baseball cap.

The color of the baseball cap is different, and the effect that can be shown is also quite different. However, all multicolor polyester baseball hats have a common matching skill, that is, using the matching method corresponding with the color or pattern of the baseball hat. Just add some patterns of the same color to the clothing, or wear shoes of the same color, and it is not necessary that the entire outfit is designed in this color.

If you use the same pattern as an embellishment, the effect that can be displayed is more ingenious and delicate, and it is more comfortable to look at. No matter what season it is, you can use this baseball cap to match your outfit.

A Baseball Cap – A Great Dressing Accessory

Baseball hats are a perfect complement to casual clothing, and more luxurious clothing like evening dresses don’t go with a baseball cap. The baseball hat makes an awkward addition to your outfit. Of course, the best outfits are casual clothes, like jeans, T-shirts, and jackets, which will bring out the essence of the clothing. Jeans are a very frequent garment that appears throughout the year, fashionable, casual, and versatile.

Jeans with a baseball cap are not only full of sunny vitality but also smart and cool. The classic pairing for the baseball cap is a T-shirt, and the combination of the two is simply a portrayal of the youthful atmosphere. The simple T-shirt is comfortable and casual, but there is no novelty, and the visual highlights are insufficient. The lack of fashion sense will make the outfit look rustic, and your temperament cannot be highlighted.

However, if you put on the baseball cap with the T-shirt, your overall look will be more fashionable and younger. The simple and ordinary T-shirt with the baseball cap instantly enhances the fashionable sense of wearing. Jackets are also very versatile clothes. In daily life, using a jacket to match a baseball cap is casual and handsome, and has a kind of neutral charm. In fact, there are many ways to match baseball caps. As long as you study and imitate seriously, you will be able to find the right matching skills that suit you.

In the End

Accessories like baseball caps can be the icing on the cake when used properly and can add a lot of fashion to the whole outfit. Baseball caps are no longer exclusive to males, female can still bring out the coolness and personality of baseball caps.

The same is true of this Aung Crown polyester baseball cap. It is suitable for both singles as well as couples. If you like versatile baseball caps, don’t miss this printed baseball cap. It’s very good value for money. You deserve one. Baseball caps have many uses. For example, celebrities will use it to hide their aura as stars.

 And if you haven’t washed your hair or accidentally cut bad bangs, you’ll be able to save yourself from being embarrassed by wearing it. Wearing a tracksuit and sneakers with a baseball cap will certainly give you a sense of style as a whole.