Structured Baseball Cap from Aung Crown

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Fans of baseball caps who like the trend of leisure have a look at this structured baseball cap from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998. This is a black and white plaid baseball cap.

Aung Crown structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3
Aung Crown structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3

Aung Crown Structured Baseball Cap with Plaid Patterns

If you are a loyal fan of black and white plaid, you will be deeply attracted by this Aung Crown plaid baseball cap. If you haven’t tried this black-and-white plaid style, you can also learn about it. A black and white check pattern is a good choice for commuting. This daily style is suitable for office workers and student parties.

But the black-and-white plaid pattern also tests the designer’s aesthetics. If the black-and-white check pattern is not designed properly, it may have the problem old-fashioned. Many consumers are also worried that black and white plaid will appear very old and not fashionable. Even if they are interested in such patterns, they are hesitant to start.

Why Choose This Cap?

I think that a good design can help consumers overcome such concerns. When faced with patterns that you dare not choose, you can choose products with the same pattern at a glance. So this product is undoubtedly successful. This is what this baseball cap should be made of.

Choosing black and white stripes as the keynote of this structured baseball cap from Aung Crown will certainly face many challenges and difficulties. But we are not afraid to face difficulties. We firmly believe that our hard work can make many people look down on the pattern, and can make this part of people change their minds. They can be surprised to find such patterns. It turns out that there can be such a good design.

1. Fabric

This structured baseball cap is made of black and white plaid fabric. Many consumers have the stereotype of black and white checkers that the fabric is very thin, has no texture, and is particularly rough. So it is difficult to accept such fabric on a fragile head. Therefore, we must be careful in choosing fabrics. In terms of fabrics, consumers were impressed.

Finally, this structured baseball cap chose pure cotton fabric is the fabric component of this structured baseball cap. The definition of this baseball cap contains the definition of leisure. The baseball cap made of pure cotton can really bear the word leisure.

The pure cotton texture can bring comfort and softness. Such a gentle texture can penetrate the hearts of consumers. Only by giving consumers a good consumption experience can consumers feel that this product is worthwhile. I even think this product is worth more than money.

the curved brim of the structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3
the curved brim of the structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3

2. Brim: Special Brim

Like most baseball caps, the brim of this structured baseball cap is also a curved plastic brim. The brim of this structured baseball cap has a high camber. It can also be seen from the picture that the height of the top of the brim center from the plane is obvious.

Curved brim

The curvature of the brim is smooth. The height of both sides of the brim is the same. When the structured baseball cap is placed flat on the plane, both sides of the brim can land. There will be no case where one side of the brim can contact the plane while the other side is in mid-air.

the horizonal side of the structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3
the horizontal side of the structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3

Color of the brim

The brim is also made of black and white checkered fabric. The stripes on the brim of the cap and the stripes on the body of the baseball cap cannot be connected. Some stripes can be smoothly connected, while others are staggered. This is indeed a bit unexpected. However, such an irregular design also gives a glimmer of vitality to the rigid black-and-white checkered pattern.

 The stereotype that black and white checkers are easy to bring is broken at this moment. Consumers can also keenly feel that such designs have replaced outdated fashion with more vivid and youthful lively images.

The combo of black and white

If the black and white plaid pattern on the brim cannot be connected with the black and white plaid pattern on the crown, then the arrangement needs more attention. Although the black-and-white check pattern cannot be too rigid, it can not be arbitrarily distorted.

The casually distorted black-and-white check pattern makes people can’t bear to look directly. Therefore, the stripes on the brim are evenly distributed and neatly arranged. Such meticulousness adds a touch of formality to this baseball cap.

The fixed line on the brim is a black thin line. This raises the question, why not choose white? In fact, we can observe that although it is black and white plaid, there is still gray on the fabric. Gray and black on the fabric occupy most of the area.

Harmonious black and white

Although white is conspicuous, it does not occupy so much area. And the places where the fixed line passes are mostly black and gray. If you choose white, these white thin lines will be quite conspicuous in terms of color difference.

At a glance, consumers can see the white thread instead of the black and white plaid fabric on the brim. But if you choose black, the color is too close to be detected. This design not only hides the fixed lines well but also achieves a cleaner effect visually.

3. Wonderful labyrinth

This structured baseball cap has a six panels structure. What is more distinctive is that this structured baseball cap does not choose a square stripe structure. The stripes in each area have their own direction. Arranged like a triangle.

The two areas directly in front of the structured baseball cap have no obvious triangular shape. But it can also be clearly seen that the two areas are not straight. If the connection is straight, it will not be perfectly connected with the black-and-white check pattern on the brim.

The neat and chic look

The top of the two black stripes closest to the boundary line is connected. This is indeed a triangular shape. The top is connected together, and the tail is slightly forked. Make the front of the structured baseball cap interesting. The pattern of the board is weakened and lively elements are added.

The triangular pattern behind the structured baseball cap is relatively obvious. The stripes on both sides are climbing up crazily. Finally, converge to the vertex. The neat arrangement does not cause discomfort or dizziness. But there is indeed a kind of confusion that goes astray. It seems to have come to a wonderful mystery.

Impressively structured baseball cap

Even if they can clearly recognize it, they are unwilling to leave. After staring at the picture for a long time, I even felt that the connecting part in the middle was sunken and the two sides were bulging upward. This is also a visual illusion formed by irregular design.

This can also better impress the consumption interest of young consumers. This Aung Crown baseball cap can only be popular if more consumers are interested.

the flat embroidery letters on the front of the structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3
the flat embroidery letters on the front of the structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3

4. The design of flowing letters

This structured baseball cap uses flat embroidery technology. The black-and-white stripes have produced a relatively bright visual impact. The logo design must be simplified. If the logo design is too complex, it will form a vicious circle with black-and-white stripes. The sad result is that consumers think the background is messy and they can’t see the logo clearly.

It seems that in a complex context, a simple style often stands out. The logo of this structured baseball cap is white, which can be distinguished from the background without being too abrupt. This kind of vision brings visual pleasure again. The white English letters seem to be written. It is so smooth. But the logo like printing is embroidered.

Flat embroidery letter on the front

A close observation of the logo shows that this baseball cap is not absolutely neat. The edges of the letters seem to extend outwards and protrude outwards deliberately. It looks like it explodes outward. Like a grumpy child, especially cute.

Slight 3D effect

Because the front of the structured baseball cap is not a whole, it can create a three-dimensional sense of folding. The logo is also separated from each other. This three-dimensional sense provides a strong sense of advancement. The logo doesn’t seem to be on a plane. With a little sci-fi color. The effect is particularly prominent from the side. The design concept is also more complete.

the back side of the structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3
the back side of the structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3

5. Adjustable and checkerboard back tail

In order to make consumers more satisfied, the tail strap of this baseball cap is adjustable. The tail strap of the structured baseball cap uses the same fabric as the cap body. Make the overall pattern more uniform. The black-and-white checks on the tail band are standing neatly. There is no such wonderful design as a baseball cap body.

It looks like a very common and very simple arrangement. Perhaps because of the limitation of the width of the tail band, these stripes must stand neatly like soldiers who stand guard seriously. To look more tidy and beautiful. If it is also designed in a triangular pattern, it may be dazzling. And such a small area cannot be expanded. It is difficult to achieve the desired effect.

the metal buckle tuck-in closure on the back of the structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3
the metal buckle tuck-in closure on the back of the structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3

Metal buckle closure & tuck in

The buckle on the tail strap is a metal snap fastener. Metal can enhance the texture of this structured baseball cap. Black and white stripes are everyday and popular, which may bring a certain sense of cheapness and simplicity.

This requires certain elements to improve the quality of the structured baseball cap. So the button is made of metal. Choose silver as the color of this button. Silver is more similar to black and white gray. Can easily integrate into such a pattern. While improving the overall texture, it will not appear extra abrupt.

Matching back strap tail

The tail strap of this structured baseball cap is like a simple ordinary cloth strap. There seems to be nothing special except metal buttons. That is how the low-key tail belt can not take the lead in the irregular design of the upper cap body.

the inner sweatband and taping of the structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3
the inner sweatband and taping of the structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3

6. Inner design and sweat-wicking sweatband

The sweat-absorbing headband of this structured baseball cap is also perfectly integrated into the pattern of black-and-white stripes. The inside of the structured baseball cap is also quite simple. The white brand name – AUNG CROWN is printed on the black cloth belt on the boundary line.

This black-and-white combination on other baseball caps seems to have little effect. But this baseball cap seems to echo the overall black and white stripe pattern.

There is also a separate brand trademark on the side of the tail band of the structured baseball cap. The initial letter is highlighted in red, which is particularly prominent under the black-and-white stripe pattern. Instead of the bright red, we chose a relatively low-key dark red to match the overall pattern. Every detail serves the whole. Even the brand trademark can’t steal the overall spotlight.

7. Size

The black-and-white check pattern is certainly suitable for the public, so this is a neutral design. The size is 58cm/22.83 inches, which also meets the requirements of popularization. This is a structured baseball cap designed for most groups.

plaid structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3
plaid structured baseball cap SFG-210421-3


Clothing with black-and-white stripes may not be uncommon, but this structured baseball cap with black-and-white stripes of an irregular design may not be uncommon. And this baseball hat is suitable for a wide range of groups. Can you be moved by such an inclusive baseball cap? I look forward to your affirmative answer.