Blank Baseball Cap from Aung Crown

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we’re going to introduce a blank baseball cap from Aung Crown – a professional hat maker with almost 25 years of experience.

unisex casual blank baseball cap SFG-210421-1
unisex casual blank baseball cap SFG-210421-1

Aung Crown Blank Baseball Cap

Here is a blank baseball cap of casual fashion. The main body of this baseball cap is gray. This kind of gray is slightly lighter and has no heavy feeling at all. It gives people a brighter feeling than the soft gray of dark gray.

There is no gloomy depression, it is a kind of lightness that brightens people’s eyes. It seems that you can still feel the rhythm of it, which is relaxed and pleasant as a whole. Consumers who don’t like it too heavy should have a look at this baseball cap. The lightness you want, the liveliness you wish, and the introversion you want are all here.

This is a baseball cap that looks like an ink painting. It is so fresh, it is so elegant, and it is so simple and low-key. It is strange how such products without a strong visual impact and a firm appearance can stand out from the vast number of baseball cap products.

Why can we enter the vision of consumers? How did this blank baseball cap from Aung Crown win the favor of consumers? Please look down.

1. Fabric: Suede Fabric

When it comes to the fabric of this baseball cap, people feel a little hesitant. This baseball cap is made of suede. When I see this material, I believe most people will be shocked. Indeed, among the many fabrics of baseball caps, this kind of fabric seems to be rare. If you are interested in it, you can learn about it.

Suede can be produced on both water jet looms and air jet looms. It is characterized by a good velvety feeling, a soft and very delicate touch. The texture of this kind of fabric is relatively good, and its main characteristics are its thick and velvety feel. After finishing, you can carry out a series of process operations such as bronzing, embossing, punching, printing, etc. Because of its wide range of uses, it is favored by merchants.

The fabric grown from this kind of fabric has the advantages of soft and waxy feels and is easy to care for. It can create a fashionable and elegant feeling and add an attractive charm. People with insight believe that this fabric meets people’s demand for novelty and fashion, so the sales prospect can be continuously optimistic.

Suede Features:

This kind of fabric is fresh and elegant, very beautiful, and not easy to fade. A good fabric effect is not easy to pill and is with a good anti-wrinkle performance. After being made into a product, consumers can wear it easily, naturally, and with an extraordinary style. The products made of this kind of fabric are in line with the fashion of clothing advocating nature and pursuing leisure, so they are popular and popular with consumers.

This blank baseball cap is printed based on the fabric with digital printing in stock. This baseball cap adds a sense of color and a stereoscopic feeling. In the pursuit of comfortable fabrics to achieve the effect of leisure, we also do not forget to achieve the goal of fashion through printing. It can be said that leisure and fashion should be closely grasped at the same time.

the curved brim of the blank baseball cap SFG-210421-1
the curved brim of the blank baseball cap SFG-210421-1

2. Brim: Curved Plastic Brim

The brim of this casual blank baseball cap is a curved plastic brim. Due to the use of suede fabric, the overall baseball cap is relatively soft. The brim of a baseball cap does not have a particularly high camber. Although the camber is not high, it is not soft. It has a slight radian, not a straight brim.

If you don’t like too high camber, it’s a bit strange. Your forehead is also vulnerable to wind. If you don’t like the flat brim, you will feel dull. In either case, you can choose this baseball cap. Because this baseball cap neutralizes two situations.

A great balance has been achieved. The appearance of this baseball cap looks soft, and there is no strong attack at all. You can safely choose this baseball cap, which will have a good decorative effect. And this kind of decoration is very natural, and daily travel will not be exaggerated.

3. Panel and Crown: Six Panels Structured Baseball Cap

This blank baseball cap is a six panels structured baseball cap. It can be seen that the amount of this baseball cap is sufficient. The cap body of the baseball cap has a little horizontal development, and the overall inclusiveness is very strong. And the softness of the material can also be seen in the picture.

Each connection has been reinforced. The lines for reinforcement treatment are white thin lines. These white thin lines are covered by the patterns on the gray cap body, and the sense of existence is greatly reduced. It is almost difficult to detect these thin lines. These thin lines almost blend with the stripes on the cap. The overall appearance is good and beautiful.

4. Closure: Adjustable Metal Snap Closure

The tail strap of this baseball cap has an adjustable seal. The tail strap is also made of the same fabric as the baseball cap body. The pattern is also consistent with the basic tone of the baseball cap. The tail strap design of this baseball cap is a metal snap design. The metal snap has abandoned the traditional gold. Although gold is more classic, it may not be suitable for this baseball cap.

This blank baseball cap has a silver metal snap closure on its tail strap. Silver and the overall gray of the baseball cap echo each other. Silver and gray are similar. Choosing silver as the color of the metal buckle can also better integrate the tail strap and the baseball cap. After all, the fabric used for the tail strap is consistent with the baseball cap body. If the buckle cannot be consistent, it will be abrupt and waste the previous process. This is not worth the loss.

the metal buckle tuck-in closure on the back of the blank baseball cap SFG-210421-1
the metal buckle tuck-in closure on the back of the blank baseball cap SFG-210421-1

Adjustable Seals

Some consumers may not be familiar with such adjustable seals. This adjustable seal will be more convenient. It can shorten the time when adjusting, so that consumers can quickly adjust the length, saving time and effort.

More importantly, the adjustable seal will be more beautiful. Because this design will not expose the excess part of the tail of the baseball cap. This baseball cap can ensure that the back of the consumer’s head is clean and tidy. Also, can be felt from the appearance that a wearer is a neat person, avoiding the image of slovenliness. It also improves the overall texture visually. The seal is polished smooth and flat, and will not disturb the hairstyle of consumers.

5. Base Color Tone and Pattern

Gray is easy to bring stereotypes such as gloom and melancholy. However, this baseball cap chose gray as the keynote. So how to turn the gloomy gray headwind upside down? This baseball cap is a good example.

First of all, the color light gray is selected as the keynote. At the same time, soft fabric is selected as the fabric composition. The next most important thing is pattern design. If the pattern design is well-done, it is very simple to save a baseball cap. The pattern of this baseball cap is some irregular and cracked lines.

These lines are light black and light gray. In a word, they are light colors. If dark color is selected, these lines will be particularly conspicuous, and irregular design is likely to become disorderly. This overall shallow design gives a clean and comfortable feeling. Irregular lines are designed to be straight and curved, thick and thin, and wide and narrow. And the line design of each side is independent.

Great Combination

There seems to be nothing in common with other lines around. These lines are exquisite and not much expensive. Once there are more lines, people will feel dizzy. This small amount of lines is just right. Leave the body of the blank baseball cap as white as possible, giving more imagination space for consumers.

Consumers can create a beautiful environment for themselves through these imaginary spaces, to convince themselves that they like this blank baseball cap. Too many elements will disturb the imagination of consumers and cause disgust.

6. Eyelets: Embroidered Perforations

This blank baseball cap is made with embroidery ventilation holes around the top of the crown. This baseball cap has a special design, which is the ventilation hole of this baseball cap. Even the air holes use flat embroidery technology, which is shocking.

Perforations are generally ignored by businesses. Many air holes are made very carelessly. I think that only a few small holes on the top of the baseball cap can be done. The vent is also very exquisite. As the main way of baseball cap ventilation, the role of ventilation holes can not be underestimated.

The breathable holes of this blank baseball cap are very delicate. The embroidery is made of fine beige threads. Embroidered along the shape of the air hole looks like a small flower. It is like a flower in bud, which is so petite and lovable.

the inner sweatband and taping of the blank baseball cap SFG-210421-1
the inner sweatband and taping of the blank baseball cap SFG-210421-1

7. Sweatband: Sweat-Absorbing Headband

This blank baseball cap is with a neutral design. The size is 58cm/22.83 inches. Although it is a casual baseball cap, this baseball cap also has a sweat-absorbing headband design. Even for daily travel wear, there is a need for sweating in normal life. Therefore, the sweat-absorbing headband is still very necessary.

the inner label of the blank baseball cap SFG-210421-1
the inner label of the blank baseball cap SFG-210421-1

The gray on the inside of the baseball cap is very light, and it doesn’t look much different from white. The inside of the baseball cap is black and white. At each joint of the baseball cap, a black wide cloth belt is used for fixation. These black cloth belts are printed with a long string of white letters(AUNG CROWN).

These white letters are the name of the brand. There is a separate brand name next to the tail band of the baseball cap. The first letter of each word is replaced by red, which can be more conspicuous. A small list of websites is also attached below the brand name. If you want to know more about this brand, you can enter it through this website.

gray blank baseball cap SFG-210421-1
gray blank baseball cap SFG-210421-1

In the End

The introduction of this casual blank baseball cap is over. If the soft texture of this baseball cap strikes your consumption preference, please place an order immediately. I believe that such a careful baseball cap will not disappoint the majority of consumers. We look forward to your satisfied shopping experience.