Unstructured Baseball Cap

Published On: March 25, 2024    By: kailyn


Today, we’re going to introduce an unstructured baseball cap from Aung Crown – a professional hat maker with almost 25 years of experience.

In fact, I saw many leisure baseball caps or sports baseball caps. I believe many consumers have been dazzled. Why does a baseball cap have a specific place to wear it? If you want to go to leisure places or sports places, you need to buy two baseball caps. Isn’t this really causing trouble? Why not have a baseball cap that is suitable for wearing in leisure places and sports places?

A Wild-Fashion Baseball Cap – the Unstructured Baseball Caps from Aung Crown

What’s more, this unstructured baseball cap from Aung Crown possesses the ability to address all of your concerns effectively. Additionally, it is ideal for any destination you may have in mind, making it a highly versatile choice. Notably, this baseball cap seamlessly merges the elements of casual style and sports aesthetics, resulting in a unique blend of fashion. Consequently, this unstructured baseball cap adeptly combines the best aspects of both styles, offering you the perfect accessory. If you are still hesitating and don’t know which baseball caps to buy, you can choose this one. Buy this baseball cap and you can take it to any place you want.

There is no need to change the baseball cap at the same time as changing the place because of the dress problem. Such an exciting baseball cap is certainly worth further understanding.

unisex dad caps
unisex dad caps

Aung Crown Unstructured Baseball Caps

The Aung Crown unstructured baseball cap offers a wide variety of color combinations. Firstly, we have the classic combination of gray and black baseball caps. Additionally, we present the striking duo of purple and white baseball caps. Furthermore, for those seeking a touch of femininity, we offer white and pink baseball caps. Last but not least, we provide the timeless appeal of light khaki and khaki baseball caps.

In total, there are four distinct color combinations available, ensuring that consumers have the freedom to select the option that best suits their preferences. There is no need to worry because you like the style and don’t like the color. This baseball cap offers a plethora of color combinations for your reference. Moreover, each baseball cap possesses its own unique characteristics. Rest assured, there is undoubtedly a baseball cap that will capture your attention. So why wait? Come and explore to discover which one resonates with your personal preference.

1. Fabric: Suede

The fabric of this baseball cap is suede. It is true that this kind of fabric is relatively rare among the types of baseball caps. Maybe you know this fabric, but you don’t know its name. You can see the softness of this fabric from the picture.

This kind of fabric has a very soft and sticky feel, which makes people can’t help feeling it again. It is like a doll, which can’t be put down after being touched once. The moment I saw the picture, I fell in love with the fabric of this baseball cap. This fabric is really soft and comfortable to the touch. It is the soft and waxy feeling of kissing in response to your touch.

A Sense of Thickness

This kind of fabric has a sense of thickness. To go out in winter to meet the challenge of cold wind, we need the help of such a baseball cap. Ordinary baseball caps can’t carry the wind and the cold. In the cold winter, many consumers are eager to have a baseball cap that can wear to keep warm when going out.

But it’s a pity that an ordinary baseball cap can’t keep warm. In other words, it can play a very small role. But this baseball cap is different. You can also rest assured of its warm effect from the picture. This kind of baseball cap with a velvet feel will have a better windproof effect in winter. It is like a strong barrier to isolate the cold and harsh wind. This cap can protect your head from other elements.

Good Warming Effect

This kind of fabric not only insulates the external environment but also has a good warming effect while playing a windproof effect. Because keeping warm not only reduces the stimulation of external cold but also reduces internal heat dissipation.

This fabric can store the heat dissipation of the head in the baseball cap. In this way, even if the head heats up, it can also warm up in this way. The head can be in a relatively warm environment for a long time. In cold weather, I don’t worry about catching a cold on my head. It’s really a good helper.

2. Curved plastic brim

The brim of this baseball cap is different from the color of the cap body. A pink brim with a white crown combines this baseball cap, as you can see from the picture below. This kind of pink is dark and may be close to flesh color. The pink color may be a little bright, and it will steal the lead role’s attention if put on the brim of the hat, which is not appropriate.

 And this dark color will also be more resistant to dirt. Browse the brim colors of four baseball caps. The color of each brim is dark colors or warm colors. After all, every brim is pure color. Since the baseball cap itself is a simple style, the brim cannot have fancy elements. This solid color brim can serve as a background plate to set off the logo on the baseball cap. The overall appearance will also be cleaner.

the inner taping and sweatband
the inner taping and sweatband

3. Six Panels Unstructured Baseball Cap from Aung Crown

The structure of this baseball cap is 6-panel unstructured. Each boundary line on this baseball cap has been reinforced. The thin lines for reinforcement are all white. The body color of this baseball cap is light. In order to conform to the simple style of this baseball cap, these reinforced thin lines also need to be invisible as much as possible.

So we choose the white thin line. In addition, with the exquisite craftsmanship, it seems that only a row of holes is punched on both sides. Try to minimize the presence of the white line. Through the difference in color, consumers focus on the cap body of the baseball cap. Although it reduces the sense of the existence of thin lines, they work everywhere.

Every place where they are needed is not lazy. Even the tail belt has been reinforced. Ensure that every detail is meticulous. They are hardworking gardeners, who pay silently and work hard in their posts. It doesn’t need special attention. But they cannot be missing. It is with them that such a delicate baseball cap can be organized.

the back side of the unstructured baseball cap SFA-210407-3
the back side of the unstructured baseball cap SFA-210407-3

4. Adjustable Metal Snap Closure

Usually, the tail strap of the baseball cap is also consistent with the fabric of the baseball cap body. But the color is not consistent with the body of the baseball cap. Instead, it is consistent with the color of the brim of the baseball cap and the color of the top button of the baseball cap. It seems that the back of the baseball cap is not so monotonous. With the addition of a color element, the bare rear also has a ray of vitality.

Metal Buckle

Although this baseball cap is simple, its design is not simple at all. The tail belt is with an adjustable seal. The adjustable button is a metal button. This button is in bronze metal color. It perfectly blends with the color of the tail band.

At first, I couldn’t find that this button was actually a metal button. I thought it was just an ordinary paper button. Sure enough, a baseball cap with enough effort will not make any place appear cheap. Bronze is also very suitable for this baseball cap.

5. Embroidery Logo

This baseball cap uses flat embroidery technology. Each baseball cap has a simple capital letter. If the cap body of the baseball cap is dark, the letters are white. If the cap body of the baseball cap is light, the English letters are black. This is to highlight the logo.

Logos are in the middle. Use the center line of the baseball cap as a reference. Ensure that the logo will not deviate. The embroidery technology of this baseball cap is really exquisite. The embroidered English letters are not embroidered at all. It is as neat as printed. The pins are arranged very closely. People can’t help admiring such a technology.


The arrangement of stitches can only be observed when the picture is placed very large. In addition, the pictures were enlarged in time, and these lines were not disorderly. This is quite testable. And this tight layout can also make the logo more solid.

These segments are particularly short, which also reduces their sense of existence. The edges of the logo are very smooth and tidy. There will be no problem of wire and thread. The segmentation and integration with the cap body are well-handled. Touch the logo with your hand, and you can feel that these lines are very tight. This will make the logo more stable and maintain it for a longer time.

6. Average Size & Sweat-Absorbing Headband

Because the fabric of this baseball cap is suede. Many consumers worry that such baseball caps are only suitable for wear in autumn and winter, and will be particularly sultry if worn in summer. In fact, don’t worry. The size of this baseball cap is 58cm/22.83 inches, so it won’t be squeezed. And this baseball cap also has a sweat-absorbing headband. Even when sweating, there is a sweat-absorbing headband for adsorption. Make sure your trip is clean and refreshing.

Inner Design

The inner side of the baseball cap is not treated with special plush, which is consistent with the normal baseball cap. So you can wear it in summer. After all, don’t forget that this is a baseball cap suitable for sports. Of course, it will not be muggy. If the phenomenon of dry and hot sweat occurs, it does not meet the requirements of sports.

The inside of the baseball cap is dark cloth. Use white cloth tape on the boundary. These cloth belts are pure white cloth belts without any pattern. This is really the ultimate in simplicity. In appearance, the inside of the baseball cap is clean and tidy.

Inner Trademark

Because the inside of a baseball cap doesn’t need a special fancy design. Just make it comfortable. Of course, this baseball cap also has a brand trademark on the inside. The trademark is placed on the side of the tail strap for comfort. It not only highlights the brand name but also does not affect the overall appearance.

various caps
various caps

The Bottom Line

This baseball hat offers more options. This is a baseball cap with a neutral design, which also means that consumers can wear it with their relatives and friends. It can be used as a friend item to go out with friends. It can also be used as a parent-child item to go out for a walk with family members. It is more joyful to share the joy than enjoy it alone. Let’s share this simple unstructured baseball cap from Aung Crown with you. Which one do you prefer? Do your relatives and friends have the same choices as you?