Khaki Baseball Cap from Streeter – Do You Know How to Make A Baseball Cap?

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


In this blog, we’re going to introduce a great khaki baseball cap from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998 with almost 25 years of experience.

A Baseball Cap – Daily Wear

A baseball cap is one of the types of headwear that has been worn by most people throughout history. These hats are practical, affordable, and customizable, making them popular among individuals and businesses.

Are you a fan of this headwear? You know the excitement of buying a new baseball cap. It has neatly stitched seams and a flawless look. Have you ever given any attention to the process by which such magnificent things are produced in the first place?

You’re in luck if you’ve ever pondered the components that go into the manufacture of a baseball cap. Additionally, find out where you can get baseball caps of high quality to sell in your retail line for the company.

denim blue cap
denim blue cap

History of the Baseball Cap

It’s surprising to find out that early versions of baseball caps were not all that unlike how they seem today. Baseball caps used to have a top that was significantly softer and rounder, giving them a floppier appearance. Fashion designers stuffed latex rubber inside the hat to give it a structured appearance. They continued to wear this style until that time. This style is now common.

The hat’s brim, or “peak,” used to be shorter. Its main purpose was to protect players’ eyes from the sun and enhance their vision.

Patches with the club’s mascot or logo were commonly attached to the cap. This practice was a part of traditional baseball hats and continues in the current game. They have evolved in some ways while maintaining their traditional appearance in others.

black hat
black hat


Wool has been a popular choice for use in the construction of baseball caps since their earliest iterations right up until the present day. Wool is a common fabric in the production of many baseball hats even in this day and age.

Cotton and cotton synthetics are two other materials as replacements for raw materials. This would have been the conclusion for the very first caps, but modern ones make use of certain materials to ensure that the structure is stable

Manufacturers can choose different materials like plastic, hard buckram, or cardboard (not ideal for rain). The team’s emblem and name can be displayed as a patch or embroidered version.

Hows it Made?

ou know the basics of baseball caps. Let’s talk about the next part now. How to make them? Baseball caps are produced in large quantities to meet demand from clubs, wholesalers, and other markets. This is a brief overview of the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Process

1. The preliminary step

As a preliminary step in the production process, the fabric is cut into individual pieces. Because the majority of caps contain components that are uniform in size and shape, hydraulic equipment is an excellent choice for cutting the panels. This is a fast, accurate, and reliable process for cutting the visors and glass for the windshields.

2. The Crown and Visor

Before moving on to the last process, the crown and visor are first built separately before being stitched together. The front panels of an SNLS machine are the ones that are inserted into the machine first. Because of the design of the hat, the back of the front panel will often have an additional layer of fusing fabric. This is where the characteristic form of the crown originates. 

3. Embroidery Design

The third stage involves embroidering designs into the panels. The next step takes us to the embroidery department. Here, computerized embroidery machines work their magic, adding unique logos and graphics to the front panels.

4. Panels & Eyelets

Once the embroidery is complete, the panels are transferred to eyelet machines. These machines pierce the cloth and stitch around the panel’s perimeter, forming eyelets. This is done by the eyelet machines. For there to be air circulation and for the heat that has been trapped under the cap to be released, at least two of the panels need to have holes punched in them.

Hats have six panels. Stitching starts by attaching three panels twice. Then stitching is done in between and backward to form the crown. After panels are stitched, fabric tapes hide raw edges on the cap’s seams from the inside. These tapes are applied to the seams to provide the wearer with a more comfortable experience.

5. Conjunction of the Crown

In conjunction with the production of the crown, the visor is created by stitching together two fabric panels in the shape of a pocket and then flipping those panels inside out. To make a robust visor, cardboard is frequently placed between two layers of cloth and then sealed at the hem. Depending on the circumstances, the padding for the visor can be crafted from either a hard cloth or a sheet of plastic.

6. Parallel Stitches

After this has been finished, a stitch of seven to eight parallel stitches is stitched on the visor so that it runs parallel to the visor hem. This is done so that the bottom cloth does not stretch out over time. The best results may be achieved using automatic stitching machines, which is why they are so extensively employed for this purpose.

7. The next step is to stitch the visor to the crown

After the visor has been stitched into place, the sweatband can be attached to the crown of the cap, and a decorative topstitch can be added for flair. Afterward, the cap is ready to be worn. At this point, labels can be stitched onto the sweatband if desired.

8. The Final Step

The final step is the connection of the fabric snaps at the top of the hat, where all of the panel seams converge. This step must be completed before moving on to the next stage.

For a more personalized fit, wrap a Velcro strap around the back of the cap and secure it. Either a self-fabric or plastic clasp may be used to secure the item closed.

After the stitching process is complete, the caps are put through blocking machines, which steam them and permanently solidify their shape. After going through this procedure, the caps have a longer usable life since they are less likely to become deformed in some way.

A significant percentage of these processes must be carried out by hand even while using a sewing machine. As a consequence of this, the individual who is running the sewing machine is in an excellent position to identify and rectify any flaws.

The business is very stringent about making sure that all of the raw materials satisfy its requirements (including color fastness-important if sportsmen are playing in the rain or are perspiring in the caps).

Where to Find Baseball Caps

If you are in the market for hats for your store but do not want to go through the effort of doing so yourself, Aung Crown has a broad range of wholesale hats available for purchase that you can choose from. They have a diverse range of headwear, including a variety of baseball hats in a variety of designs.

For instance, they have a wholesale selection of vintage baseball caps, which are ideal for participating in the current trend of wearing retro-inspired clothing. Some companies like snapbacks, while others have a preference for fitted hats, as detailed in the production process. Fitted hats have a more snug fit. Their hats come with blank panels, allowing you to quickly embroider anything you want on them, like your company’s motto, emblem, mascot, or anything else you can think of.

Streeter khaki baseball cap
Streeter khaki baseball cap

Streeter Khaki Baseball Cap

If you don’t believe it, why not look at their caps, such as their khaki baseball cap? Every sports lover should consider purchasing this cap as their first option. To begin, the hat’s daring sense of design is a result of its use of two colors rather than just one.

Unisex Design

This khaki baseball cap may wear by either sex and comes in a variety of color combinations, including red and khaki as well as the classic black and white. The combination of black and white is low-key and suitable for any casual event, whereas the combination of red and khaki creates a unique and novel color collision that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Soft Cotton Twill Fabric

Second, made of 100% cotton twill, this khaki baseball cap is a material that is naturally breathable and won’t cause you to overheat while you’re working out. The leaf that serves as the hat’s insignia is unique. It begins with the technology of plain embroidery and features highly fine technology, delicate and exquisite stitching, and an emphasis on aesthetics.

Additionally, it makes use of the technology. In addition, the unusual typesetting design of the English alphabet emits a bold sense of design, which is a defining characteristic of American street style.

Streeter khaki baseball cap at the inner view
Streeter khaki baseball cap at the inner view

This is just one of a wide variety of one-of-a-kind baseball caps that are for sale; you will undoubtedly find another that is more to your liking. You always have the option of going with a more specialist provider if the outcomes don’t meet your expectations. For instance, you may offer them your design ideas and inspiration and then wait for some amount of time that has been determined in advance.

It is crucial to be familiar with the manufacturing of baseball caps because they have become a standard component of our everyday apparel. Even if you have a large collection of hats, you should usually have at least one baseball cap in your wardrobe at all times.

baseball cap type
baseball cap type

You have just completed an in-depth look into the manufacturing process of baseball caps. Any business would do well to consider selling merchandise in the form of baseball caps. It’s not just the fact that they continue to exist and enjoy widespread popularity; it’s also the fact that they’ve evolved and become better throughout the years.

In the End

To sell sports franchises, you do not need to have any kind of managerial experience. Baseball caps are an excellent choice for a promotional item for any kind of business because of how versatile they are. Everyone, from athletes to parents to children, should always make sure they are wearing an appropriate hat.

Because they have such broad appeal, you should unquestionably include them in the assortment of goods that you offer. For any of your wholesale headgear requirements, from beanies to bucket hats, you can find them from shopping at Aung Crown.