Bucket Hats: Choosing a Style to Flatter Your Face Shape

Published On: May 11, 2024    By: chen hui

Bucket Hats Choosing a Style to Flatter Your Face Shape

Bucket hats – one of the most familiar hats for all. They are not only functional but also fashionable. Today, we – Aung Crown, a reputable hat manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in hat manufacturing – will tell you why bucket hats can flatter your face shape.

What’s a Bucket Hat?

Bucket hats, also called fisherman hats, originated in the 20th century for Irish fishermen and farmers to protect them from strong sunlight, wind, and rain.

Bucket hats, also called fisherman hats

In the beginning, people didn’t know about it, and from its name – fisherman hat, it seemed that it was with a taste for the countryside. However, after bucket hats have been widely spread, people have started to get their benefits. Not only can flatter the face shape but it also becomes a great helper in daily life, especially in summer.

bucket hats -01

Plus, bucket hats can cover your oily and dirty hair to save your shampoo. Also, an on-the-go accessory to keep in your hand while you hurry up in the morning. In addition, bucket hats provide a sense of literacy.

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No matter what you are wearing, a bucket hat can make you look like an unruly, unconventional, two-eyed, melancholy, literary prodigal son. When bucket hats became popular in the fashion industry in the 1980s and 1990s. The original style of the bucket hat was hip-hop and mainly combined with gold necklaces.

bucket hats -03

At that time, the famous hip-hop singer – LL Cool J, wore a bucket hat as propaganda for his record. After the influence of celebrities, bucket hats became a symbol of the hip-hop music circle.

Even now, hip-hop singers and street dancers still love to wear bucket hats.

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Bucket hats have changed a lot, from the fisherman’s hat for Irish fishermen and farmers to the elegant bucket hat worn by Coco Chanel with her black dress and pearl necklace. It has even become a symbol of youth, coolness, good looks, and a great helper for people with big faces.

bucket hats -06

The charm of bucket hats is so attractive that it’s worth buying them anyway. However, it’s not easy to find the right bucket hat.

The Top and Brim of Bucket Hats

Bucket hats can be divided into two types – flat-top bucket hats and round-top bucket hats. Nowadays, flat-top bucket hats are much more popular than round-top bucket hats. Compared to the cuteness of round-top bucket hats, flat-top bucket hats are cooler and more popular among men.

bucket hats -07

But it doesn’t matter if it’s a round top or a flat top, it’s all up to you.

bucket hats -08

People who have large faces, need to pay more attention to the length of the brim.

Please remember that if the brim is too narrow and small, people with large faces who wear such hats won’t look pretty and will look like they have a teacup lid on their heads.

bucket hats -09

When you look at the mirror, it looks like you are looking at magnifying glasses. In a ward, you can easily understand that the smaller the brim, the larger the face.

bucket hats -10

So, round-top and narrow-brim bucket hats are stylish with a sense of cuteness. However, it’s hard for ordinary people to handle them, and people with large faces are better off not wearing such a bucket hat.

It’s suggested to choose bucket hats with a little bit of long brim to decentralize the attention about the large faces from other people. That’s the most important core of bucket hats.

bucket hats -11

If the width of the brim is greater than the height of the crown, then we can call such a bucket hat – a wide-brim bucket hat.

bucket hats -12

Because this proportion is proper and the line of the hat is smooth in the best elegant state.

Wide-brimmed bucket hats can not only cover the disadvantages of a large face but are also great for creating stylish looks. Wearing a wide-brimmed bucket hat to drop your trash, can make you look like shooting street photos.

bucket hats -13

The brims of wide-brimmed bucket hats are down-sloping, which can provide great physical sun protection. Whether styling for everyday life or going on vacation, choosing a wide-brimmed bucket hat never goes wrong.

Colors of Bucket Hats

Black and white colors are the classic colors of bucket hats, and also the safe colors that can make your face look smaller visually with a great modifying effect.

bucket hats -14
bucket hats -15

If neutral colors don’t meet your demands for standout dressing, choose summer blues and greens to take your fashion to the next level.

bucket hats -16

Men’s complexions are usually darker than women’s. So please do not try bucket hats in bright colors such as fluorescent colors, orange, lemon yellow, etc. Otherwise, these colors will make the face look bigger and more obtrusive.

bucket hats -17

Patterns of Bucket Hats

There are three main patterns of bucket hats: solid color, patterns, or tie-dye patterns. Plain color is the first choice for safety and the most popular choice for all.

bucket hats -18

If you want something special but not plain color, you can choose a bucket hat with one or two simple or classic logos.

bucket hats -19

If you want to stand in the crowd on the street with a clutter-pattern bucket hat, such an idea is too adventurous.

Some fashionistas occasionally adjust the brim of their bucket hats and put their hands in their pockets. All of them are trying to attract people’s attention, and then they pretend to walk away without caring. Believing that people will regret seeing this and look at them with an arrogant gaze.

Lowkey is the principle to pick up a bucket hat, which can show your taste maximum.

bucket hats -20

Fabrics of Bucket Hats

Please don’t buy a bucket hat that’s made of too soft a fabric, because it’s prone to collapsing and losing its shape. No matter how you wear it, it will look floppy and cheap.

bucket hats -21

If you are a shiny and clean youth who has to wash such a bucket hat before wearing it, the bucket hat will be wrinkled and folded on your head like a clean towel.

It’s also better not to choose too thick bucket hats in summer, such as denim bucket hats, corduroy bucket hats, etc.

bucket hats -22

If so, you may feel the heat around your head. When you get home, the bucket hat may have a sweaty and sticky smell.

bucket hats -23

Even if you can ignore the strong sticky feeling, angle buckle hats are super unfriendly to people with large faces.

bucket hats -24

In general, Asian people do not have angular facial contours. Under the comparison of the hard lines of the hat, the face looks like a flat pie. So, it’s suggested to choose bucket hats made of proper soft canvas and tweet, which can make the whole look fresh and enjoy the long summer days.

Wearing Ways

Wearing a bucket hat is not only to cover the disadvantages of a large face and hairline but also to be cool and natural. Then it’s important how you wear it.

bucket hats -25

This is the deciding factor that makes you look like a tasted teenager or a greasy uncle.

Put a bucket hat lightly on your head, then move the hat to cover 1/3 of your ears, stop moving it and tilt it slightly, and then tidy up your hair. You’re ready to go out.

bucket hats -26

What’s more, in such a way, the whole look is clean and slick, which can make you have more confidence in yourself.

bucket hats -27