Women’s Summer Fashion – How to Choose a Summer Hats?

Published On: May 9, 2024    By: chen hui

Women’s Summer Fashion - How to Choose a Summer Hats

Summer. What comes to mind when you think of summer? Hot, beaches, shorts, headwear, or outdoor activities? It’s headwear that we will talk about today. We – Aung Crown, a trusted Chinese custom hat manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in hat manufacturing, will share tips on how to choose a summer hat for women.


Then, how to choose a summer for women in summer? The most important tip is to choose a hat according to your face shape. There are three main types of face shapes: square face, round face, and pointed face.

face shape

1.     Round face

What is a round face? A round face means that the length and width of the face are close to each other and the whole face is plump without obvious facial lines. That’s why it’s recommended to choose hats that can lengthen the facial lines and make the face look craggy.

Recommended hats: Straw hats, peaked hats (visors), baseball caps, berets.

Hats not recommended: Bucket hats and cloche hats.

Recommended hats:

Recommended straw hats

2.     Square face

Square faces are broad with well-defined chin angles, making the whole face look masculine. Therefore, people with square faces can wear round or rounded hats to soften the square face.

Recommended hats: Fedoras, cloche hats, rounded top hats, and hats without brims.

Hats not recommended: Flat top hats, visors (peaked caps), and cowboy hats.

Recommended Fedoras

Recommended Fedoras

3.     Pointed face

The inverted triangle face is one of the pointed faces, in which the head shape is quite narrow with a pointed chic and the cheek is pretty wide.

Recommended hats: Fedoras, Panama hats, berets, and bucket hats.

Hats not recommended: Visors (peaked caps) and baseball caps.

Recommended berets

Recommended berets

4.     Long face

On long faces, the length of the face is larger than the width of the face, making the whole face look very long. Therefore, it’s recommended to choose hats that have narrow brims and are pointed down to soften the length of long faces.

Recommended hats: Bucket hats, wide-brimmed hats, berets, and fisherman hats.

Hats not recommended: Baseball caps or high-crowned hats.

Recommended wide-brimmed hats

Recommended wide-brimmed hats-01
Recommended wide-brimmed hats-02

Complexion (skin tone)

Complexion (skin tone)

1.     White complexion

Women who have a white complexion have various choices when choosing a summer hat. However, it’s better not to choose white hats because white hats cannot emphasize the white complexion.

2.     Grayish complexion

Women with a grayish complexion can choose hats in neutral colors and please do not choose hats in bright colors.

3.     Black complexion

People with black complexion can choose bright-colored or patterned hats to change their complexion. However, please pay attention to the overall matching effect – whether it’s coordinated or not.

4.     Yellow complexion

People who have yellow complexion are not fit to wear yellow or green hats and can choose hats in purple, tea colors, gray, or cyan color schemes because these colors can make people with yellow complexions look white.

choose summer hat by body shape

Body Shape

Different people have different body types. In general, body shapes can be divided into tall, short, overweight, or slim. Usually, women who have strong and tall bodies should choose larger hats to keep the balance of the whole look. Otherwise, if they choose a normal or small hat, it’s unbalanced for the whole look – heavy head and light toes. Conversely, short women should not choose flat hats and tall people should not choose high-crowned hats.

The combination of hats and outfits

1.      When wearing sportswear, it’s better to wear a baseball cap or a visor (hollow-top cap).

2.      When dressed in suits, coats, or long tweed coats, it’s better to wear a top hat or wool cap.

3.      For print outfits, it’s recommended to choose dark-colored hats.

4.      You can also choose hats that can make a strong color contrast, giving people an energetic look.

5.      While dressing in red outfits, it’s perfect to wear a blue hat. And vice versa.

6.      Also, can choose hats whose colors are close to the outfits or in the same color range, which can give people a fresh and elegant sense.

The combination of hats and outfits

In the End

How to choose a summer hat for women? Please choose a summer hat according to your face shape, complexion, and body shape. Then it’s hard for you to choose the wrong summer hat.