Aung Crown Canvas Baseball Cap 

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


As a person who pursues fashion, a canvas baseball cap is what you must have. Because canvas baseball caps are a fashionable item that is the simplest and most convenient one of all accessories.

details of the black canvas baseball cap dad cap KN2102031
details of the black canvas baseball cap dad cap KN2102031

Dressing Accessories

If you do not have too many rings, necklaces, earrings, watches, and other accessories for you to match when you need to go out and want to dress up to impress people. In this situation, a simple canvas baseball cap is your best choice. For example, if you are wearing black all over, you can choose a black cap to match it for a cool and handsome look; if you are wearing a dark color, you can also choose a bright cap as a highlight to your whole body. On the one hand, it can improve your fashion taste. On the other hand, it also has some other special effects.

For instance, you have to go out to do something, but you are lazy to wash your hair. At this time, you can wear a hat to cover your greasy head. Or if you have had a lot of acne on your forehead lately, you can also choose to bring a hat to cover it up. To sum up, hats must be a great tool in daily life, so today I am going to introduce you to a canvas baseball cap from Aung Crown. There are some characteristics of it.

Pure Cotton Material

Aung Crown men's canvas baseball cap dad cap KN2102031
Aung Crown men’s canvas baseball cap dad cap KN2102031

I ensure that this canvas baseball cap is 100% cotton. As we all know that pure cotton material has some benefits sweat-absorbent, warm, heat-resistant, alkali-resistant, and natural environmental protection.

Pure Cotton Fabric

In the beginning, I will particularly talk about sweat-absorbent. Pure cotton fabrics are made from cotton, which is made of cotton fibers. You know that cotton fibers are very absorbent. Because of this, under most circumstances, cotton fibers can absorb moisture from the air to keep themselves soft. According to experts, the moisture content of cotton fiber can reach 8 to 10%.

Therefore, when it comes into contact with human skin, it can make people feel soft and not dry. What’s more, if the moisture in the fabric is too high, it will allow the moisture in the fabric to evaporate away when the surrounding temperature is high, creating a balance that will always feel comfortable. It is because cotton is so absorbent that we chose it as the material for our canvas baseball caps. You don’t have to worry about summer sweating ruining your makeup or obscuring your vision if you choose this canvas baseball hat.


In addition to this benefit, this fabric is also very warm. In middle and high school, we know that cotton fibers are not easy to conduct electricity or heat, which is called a bad conductor of heat and electricity. Furthermore, its heat transfer coefficient is very low, and the cotton fiber itself is porous and elastic. What is more important is that air which is also a poor conductor of heat and electricity can also accumulate between the fibers. For all these reasons, pure cotton material is excellent at keeping your body warm even on cold winter days.

Heat Resistance

Heat resistance is also a feature of our product. According to experiments, at temperatures below 100℃/212℉, cotton fibers will only evaporate their moisture without damaging the fiber structure. This is also a property that I mentioned in the previous section on heat retention. So, under normal circumstances, it doesn’t matter whether you use it in daily life or wash it or dye it, unless you put it in a pressure cooker. It shows that our canvas baseball cap has a very long service life, and its washable durability is very high.

Alkalo Resistance

Alkali resistance is also a significant point. We all know that human sweat contains a certain amount of alkali, which is why you may find that the inside of a hat fades slightly after wearing it for a long time, especially for some darker hats. Moreover, if you do a lot of observation in your life, you can find that a lot of clothes will fade after just one wash. This is because a lot of laundry detergents also contain alkalis.

On the contrary, you don’t have to worry about any of this with our canvas baseball hat, because we use 100% cotton. Cotton fibers themselves have great resistance to alkali attack and can maintain their shape in alkaline liquid. This property makes the fabric of this material stronger than others. Therefore, our canvas baseball cap has a long time life. This character can help you save money.

Natural Environment Protection

It has one final advantage: natural environmental protection. We use 100% cotton without any other fabrics. Cotton fibers, which are natural, are made of cellulose, along with small amounts of waxy and nitrogenous substances and jelly gums. These are all natural materials that won’t do any harm to the human body. And according to the expert inspection survey, contracting with the human body will not produce any irritation or side effects. All in all, it’s good for nothing. So whether you are tempted by our canvas baseball hat or not?

Curved Plastic Brim

the front of the black canvas baseball cap dad cap KN2102031
on the front of the black canvas baseball cap dad cap KN2102031

This canvas baseball cap features a curved plastic brim.

Face Shaping

First of all, the brim of the baseball cap itself has a certain curvature, which can visually shrink the shape of our face and make our face look smaller. Human face shape pays attention to the proportion of three eyes, five eyes, and five facial features, and this curvature can block our forehead part to help shape a better face shape proportion.

Sun Protection

Secondly, the curvature of the radian can be omnidirectional shading to a certain extent. The original purpose of hats was to shade from the sun. From the ancient umbrella shade to the straw hat to the present hat, if a thing has lost its original function, it is a useless thing. We’re going to keep this thing where it’s supposed to be while we exploit other aspects of it.

For some people with larger foreheads, this cap is also more friendly. Because it only shows a little bit of the forehead, and it also can pull up in proportion. Or if you have a lot of flesh on your face, you can also try this baseball cap. Its small arc can make your face look smaller. For some people with gills on the face, this hat is also very suitable.

Their whole face shape is characterized by a wider underside of the face, which makes them look a bit top-heavy. But if you have one of these hats, it will give you a fuller upper part of your face and prevent other people from noticing your facial flaws. Even if you don’t look great, you can improve yourself with accessories like hats. Just because you weren’t born a fairy doesn’t mean you can’t turn into a fashion queen.

Not Easy to Deform

In addition, the plastic brim doesn’t deform easily, so you can handle it however you want without putting too much effort into protecting it. And the plastic brim will be lighter and have less pressure. It can be soft or hard. There is also the practical problem that the plastic brim is easier to work with, cheaper to build, and more acceptable to buyers.

Six-Piece Unstructured Baseball Cap

top crown of the canvas baseball cap dad cap KN2102031
top crown of the canvas baseball cap dad cap KN2102031

 Our canvas baseball caps are made with a six-piece unstructured crown. It’s the left front piece and the right front piece stitched together through the machine. Depending on the size of the human brain, six lines make it easier to support the hat, allowing the shape of the hat to flow into the shape of the head. Maybe you can say that there are many hats made with a five-piece unstructured crown.

Thus I will give you a detailed explanation. Part of the hat uses a five-piece hat, which is a piece of fabric in front of the logo. The hat will be flat in the front, making the whole head look flat. And this also will appear people have no spirit no temperament. Compared with the five-piece hat, the front of the six-piece cap is fuller, and the seam between the entire hat is shorter, which makes it more three-dimensional and makes the shape of the head look better.

Metal Buckle Adjustable Seal

black canvas baseball cap dad cap metal buttons closure KN2102031
black canvas baseball cap dad cap metal buttons closure KN2102031

First of all, the main customer group of this baseball hat is male, choosing a metal button closure can appear more male charm. For example, if you choose Velcro, there is a great possibility that you will always have a bulge at the back of your hat, which will make you look stiff and silly. Or you could opt for plastic vents, which also give a cheap feeling. Then even the most beautiful and handsome hat will be dragged down to a lower level.      

Secondly, we choose the button adjustment is also very convenient. Because the adjusting mouth of the hat is in the back of the head, many times their operation is not very convenient, then the method of a button is very simple. You can adjust the back of the hat before you put it on so that once you put it on, you only need to fine-tune the next click.

In consideration of the diversity of our customers, we chose an adjustable seal so that all customers can use the hat. Compared with non-adjustable baseball caps, customers of the latter need to be very careful while buying and measuring their head circumference in advance. Even then, the hat that they select may not be suitable, which is very unfavorable to the current era of online shopping. And the former is perfectly avoid such drawbacks, whether you are head big or head small you can rest assured to buy. Because our baseball caps are adjustable, customers can adjust them themselves.

Three-Dimensional Embroidery Logo

the embroidery logo at the front of the black canvas baseball cap dad cap KN2102031
the embroidery logo at the front of the black canvas baseball cap dad cap KN2102031

Three-dimensional embroidery is designed using special wool on special fabrics. Compared with other embroideries, the biggest feature of three-dimensional embroidery is that it is a three-dimensional design on the drawing so that people have a stronger stereo vision. It is worth pointing out that three-dimensional embroidery originated from cross embroidery, so three-dimensional embroidery and cross embroidery are in the embroidery method of the same work. But three-dimensional embroidery on the drawings of higher requirements has its special drawings.

Even though this embroidery method is more complex, we also insist on using this process to give our customers a better experience. Our canvas baseball cap logo uses three-dimensional embroidery to increase its presence. If it was just plain embroidery, the hat would be plain and not quite what we’re looking for. It is because our hat itself only has a logo embroidery without too many other decorations that three-dimensional embroidery can be a good way to solve this problem. Therefore, our baseball cap can be simple but not simple.

Sweat Absorbing Headband

the inner sweatband of the black canvas baseball cap dad cap KN2102031
the inner sweatband of the black canvas baseball cap dad cap KN2102031

As a sports cap, the canvas baseball cap itself is sweat-proof. If it loses this function, then no matter how great the hat looks, it is a useless thing. Our canvas baseball hat features sweatbands on the inner edge of the hat for beauty and sweat resistance. There are special sweatbands on the market, and you may have seen a band that many people wear on their heads on the sports field.

Most people will think that it is handsome and beautiful, but just such a strap can easily be lost, or it will feel hot to wear on the head in the summer. It can be seen that this sweatband is not very convenient. And we designed the sweatband inside the hat and integrated it with the hat. This is perfect for both sweat and sun protection. So what reasons do you not like this hat?  Hurry up and shop at the professional hat maker – Aung Crown founded in 1998.