Do You Want A Fashion and Beautiful Olive Green Baseball Cap?

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As the name suggests, this olive green baseball cap is a unique supply for baseball players—hat tongue, the top composition of two parts, usually simple design, neat. Belong to the available cap. It has the function of shading, warmth, and shape. Usually, the cap tongue of a baseball cap is bent inward, also called curved along the baseball cap.

The condition of the baseball cap itself is excellent, and the brim of the place with the hairstyle can also be perfect for covering the meat, long face, round face, or diamond face. For boys, a baseball cap is not only a tool to shelter from the wind and rain but also more importantly, it can enhance the overall appearance and temperament of the individual. Who doesn’t love a sunny boy wearing a cool baseball cap?

men's olive green baseball cap dad cap KN2101051
men’s olive green baseball cap dad cap KN2101051

The origin of a baseball cap

Baseball caps can be used throughout the year, with face shape, summer shade, and shampoo savings. So, how exactly did a baseball cap work out? Baseball caps have developed along with the sport of baseball and are very popular in the United States. Most players defending the first team wear a baseball cap, so many fans will wear the hat they like the team. When it became popular, it was not just the baseball team hats. Various styles and brands of baseball caps were trendy worldwide.

Because of the significant influence of baseball, baseball caps also prospered with the development of baseball. According to relevant American experts, baseball originated from British cricket (Cricket, also known as Rounder). In 1839, Doubleday (American) organized the first game similar to modern baseball. The players started to cover the sun in the game with the hat. Because of its particularity, the brim was longer to cover the sun and the eyes to get better results, which was the earliest baseball cap.

left view for the olive green baseball cap dad cap KN2101051
left view for the olive green baseball cap dad cap KN2101051

How to choose a baseball cap that suits you?

1. Consider decorating:

if you buy a baseball cap to make you look cool, choose exaggerated, decorative caps.

2. Shading effect:

in the summer baseball caps, you should select an arched-brim baseball cap because this design of the cap can block the sun to the greatest extent.

3. Warm effect:

when buying a baseball cap in winter, we should consider its warmth and choose a baseball cap with thick fabric. After all, the cold wind in winter is relatively complicated.

4. According to the material selection:

there are many kinds of baseball cap materials. Several of the most popular materials are elastic cotton, corduroy, canvas, wool, more high-grade, and velvet.

5. Observe elasticity:

high-quality baseball caps should have a certain elasticity because such a baseball cap worn on the head will not feel tight. If the baseball cap is not elastic, then do not buy it.

6. According to the face shape choice:

when choosing a baseball cap and should fully consider the face. If it is a melon seed face, choose a flat baseball cap with a brim. You should select the baseball cap with a curved brim for the Chinese look.

olive green baseball cap dad cap curved brim view KN2101051
olive green baseball cap dad cap curved brim view KN2101051

Wearing baseball cap matters

Wear a baseball cap and wear clothes to avoid shortcomings, even if they are satisfied, and make people look elegant. Hat form and color must match clothes, scarves, gloves, and shoes. Wearing glasses, ladies, do not wear above complex flower ornaments that should not cover the forehead and a hat too high, so that can show your dashing style and elegant temperament.

General Size

Men’s hat size is the number of centimeters around the head, so the purchase is very convenient. But take into account some hats after washing to shrink, so when buying should be slightly larger. The general adult men’s cap number is 55-56cm/21.65-22.05 inches, the child cap is 50-55cm/19.69-21.65 inches, and the baby cap is 42-46cm/16.54-18.11 inches.

There is no doubt that baseball caps have different functions, such as shading, decoration, warming, and protection. So there are many kinds and choices.

The height of the baseball cap should not be small, or it will give the feeling that the head is light. The opposite is true for shorter people. Tall women should not wear tall baseball caps, or they will appear to be growing taller. Short ladies should not wear a flat top wide brim baseball cap, as it will appear shorter.

horizonTal view for the olive green baseball cap KN2101051
horizontal view for the olive green baseball cap KN2101051

Pick out a fancy baseball cap for the man you love

We can benefit from the following aspects to determine the baseball cap excellent or bad.

One, the front view :

Poor quality baseball cap: cap body deflated, shrinkage, multiple parts collapse, can not well modify the face shape.

High-quality baseball cap: body round, entire, cap shape brace shaped, can realize the head package face effect.

Second, side view :

Soft surface baseball cap: soft fabric causes the cap body more collapse, fold, and shrink, and the curve is not smooth. The brim size, curvature single.

Hard surface baseball cap: increase the side shaping, cap body more full more three-dimensional, and optimize the head curve, and the brim according to head circumference adjustment size and curvature three.

Third, back view:

Inferior quality baseball cap: cap body becomes pointed, multi-part protrusion and wrinkles, cap circumference single – not suitable for all people.

High-quality baseball cap: want to have back curve smooth, back of the head shaping is the focus, divided code custom, different head circumference wear a different hat.

Four, internal view:

Poor quality baseball cap: cap body fabric only one layer, double-needle band, and the sweatband is also more ordinary fabric, relatively speaking rough and has no shaping function.

Quality baseball cap: cap body using multiple layers of imported fabrics, sweatband using more soft and comfortable custom fabric, both comfortable and support performance. Customized double needle band, both soft and performance.

army green baseball cap dad cap 3D embroidery piping applique view KN2101051
army green baseball cap dad cap 3D embroidery piping applique view KN2101051

Baseball cap in the boutique, you deserve to have

Based on the above judging criteria, we recommend a product to you, an unconstructed baseball cap.

This product is mainly used in sports places or the outdoors. The audience is vast, from men to women, from the younger to the elderly. But this product is more in line with men’s aesthetic

Therefore, for aesthetic design, this baseball cap has two colors. They are grey-green and yellow-green for you to choose from. 

Aung Crown Olive Green Baseball Cap

In addition, the cap’s fabric designs are also very distinctive. It has a tail strap made of a self-fabric and bronze TRI-GLIDE buckle. The maximum size is 57cm/22.44 inches. The cotton content of 100%. Its brim uses a curved brim design. More in line with the aesthetic standards of modern people. The hat of the committee loan using the original cloth plus bronze day word buckle composition. The tri-glide buckle is easy to adjust in the front of the hat. The use of digital printing and 3D applique embroidery shows a beautiful logo.

Shop for men’s 100% olive green baseball caps? Aung Crown army green baseball cap is a great choice.

6 Unconstructed panels baseball cap. Digital printing, appliqued, and sweat-wicking baseball hat.

olive green baseball cap dad cap 3D embroidery piping applique view KN2101051
olive green baseball cap dad cap 3D embroidery piping applique view KN2101051

Wear a fashionable baseball hat

The hat is a type of ornament that is popular right now. It is waterproof, windproof, and toasty when worn on the head. Men, women, and kids can wear it. What should the boy do with it then?
The hat serves as a sunshade, ornament, heater, and form of protection. As a result, there are numerous varieties and a variety of options. The initial hat selection should be based on facial features. Second, select a hat that fits your body type. As much as you can, dress appropriately, wear a hat, and try to be strong. The hat’s shape and color must complement the clothes.

back side of the olive green baseball cap dad cap KN2101051
back side of the olive green baseball cap dad cap KN2101051

How can a man wear a hat in a stylish and attractive way?

1. the well-liked military headgear in gray
Colors that are light and dark will normally look nice. This fashionable black down jacket with a gray military cap from Japan exudes personality and elegance.

2. fashionable military cap made in Korea
Military green trousers are worn underneath the fashionable Korean interpretation of the light-colored flat-topped cap, which is matched with a black and orange combo coat. It seems stale and unpleasant! It perfectly captures the seductive charm of men and raises the overall grade and sense of quality.
3. a navy hat
Generally speaking, there is a lot of black exposure. Choose a black hat with plenty of individuality if you’re wearing black clothing and don’t want to blend in with the crowd – a navy black cap.

How do I clean a baseball cap?

According to stains:

1. Slight stains: Wipe off with a wet towel.

2. Deep stains: if it is only a large area and has penetrated into the fabric of the stain, the method of washing should be used.

For deep stains:

1. Wet the stained area with clean water.

2. Put a little detergent over the stained area.

3. Scrub with a toothbrush, and remember not to be too violent.

 Cleaning steps:

1. Prepare a basin of warm water and add neutral detergent to the warm water.

2. If the baseball cap is only locally dirty, you can use a soft brush to gently scrub the stains on the baseball cap.

3. If the cap is not clean, soak it in warm water, gently clean the cap and brim, and then use a soft brush to focus on particularly dirty parts.

4. There will be more sweat stains on the inner ring of the baseball cap. You can scrub several times to thoroughly clean the sweat and dirt.

5. Rinse the baseball cap with clean water. After cleaning, rinse the spot with clean water (do not forcibly rinse the cap at the faucet because it may cause deformation of the cap shape in this step) and gently shake off the water.

6. The baseball cap is spread out, stuffed with waste newspaper, the cap body wrapped in facial tissue, flat dry, do not hang dry.

7. The use of adhesive paper to remove the dust and small wool on the surface of the hat.

Knowledge extension:

What should I pay attention to when washing a baseball cap?

1. Do not machine wash the baseball cap because the shape of the baseball cap is fixed. Machine washing will cause the cap to deform.

2. It’s best to wash a baseball cap with warm water, not too hot water. Hot water usually causes the cap to distort.

3. When washing by hand, you can use a soft brush to gently brush the cap body. The soft brush can be washed more carefully and will not cause damage to the hat.

4. For some printed baseball caps, washing often leads to fading, so it is best to dry clean this kind of baseball cap.

5. After washing the baseball cap, you can wrap it with facial tissue, which can effectively prevent it from getting yellow.

In conclusion

Aung Crown is a professional hat maker, founded in 1998 and located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. Under the mind of “Made with Heart ” to run hats and garment trading export internationally for over 10 years. Cooperated with more than 30,000 brands from the United States, South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and other parts of the world. A reliable and trustable brand to choose from.

olive green baseball cap dad cap wicking sweatband view KN2101051
olive green baseball cap dad cap wicking sweatband view KN2101051