Cool and Comfortable: How to Pick the Perfect Summer Tee

Published On: May 20, 2024    By: chen hui

Cool and Comfortable - How to Pick the Perfect Summer Tee

As the temperature rises, wearing a T-shirt is the preferred choice in the summer season. However, many poor T-shirts are on the market now, with poor comfort, wear resistance, wash resistance, etc. So, today we- Aung Crown, a professional hats & garment manufacturer since 1998, will share tips about how to choose a summer T-shirt and 5 recommended brands.

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There is some misunderstanding about T-shirts and T-shirts on the market are not always good. Therefore, people can often choose T-shirts that are sticky and poor in wear and wash resistance. So, to avoid such a situation, we share some tips on how to choose a summer t-shirt.

Tip 1: Choose from quality brands

Most brands have a single manufacturing craft and don’t have quality control for their outfits. Therefore, all these can cause many problems such as deformation of necklines, bursting threads, etc.

Tip 2: No better with a higher cotton composition

Most people think that 100% cotton T-shirts are 100% cotton. However, T-shirts made of cotton with more than 70% cotton content can be labeled as 100% cotton. In addition, 100% cotton T-shirts tend to stretch and lose their shape easily. If you want to choose a T-shirt with better comfort and breathability, the best blend is 70% cotton and 30% polyester. This is the golden ratio.

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Tip 3: Opt for a suitable weight

In general, the weight of T-shirts is less than 200g, then the texture of them is quite transparent. Therefore, it may be embarrassing to wear such a T-shirt. In addition, the weight of T-shirts is over 240g, such a T-shirt is too heavy and sticky. Therefore, it’s best to choose a 230g T-shirt, which is not transparent and breathable at the same time.

Tip 4: Choose T-shirt shape

It’s recommended that you choose a slim or loose fit T-shirt because they are more comfortable to wear. In addition, wearing a tight-fitting T-shirt not only compromises comfort, but it’s also not suitable for outdoor use.

Tip 5: The style and pattern

When choosing a summer T-shirt, it’s recommended not to choose a T-shirt with too fancy patterns, because it’s hard to match. Besides, such a T-shirt will stay in your wardrobe for a long time after it’s fresh.

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To provide full aspect choices, we recommended 5 T-shirt brands from all and hope that people can choose the best summer T-shirt from all aspects.

5 Recommended T-shirt Brands

1.        Kiss Sea

Kiss Sea T-shirt

Kiss Sea is a men’s clothing brand and it’s not too much to say that it’s the first choice for men. Many of Kiss Sea’s outfits or pants are made of high-count cotton or Solona, which are the same fabrics used by major brands and have advantages in their price.

What’s more, their crafts are multi-dimensional triple booklet rid threads, virgin fabric binding, etc. The stitch density can reach 10 counts in one inch. Therefore, such a T-shirt is not easy to deform and burst threads, which solves the problems of deformation, burst threads, and friction to the neck.

In addition, the prices are better than most outfits and pants in the same price range, and also no poorer than high-end big-brand outfits and pants.

If men don’t like fancy styles, then Kiss Sea’s design style is right for them – high-level but not flashy. Simple and fashionable design, even wearing such a t-shirt on important occasions is not embarrassing.

2.        WASSUP

WASSUP T-shirt

WASSUP was established in 2015. In recent years, WASSUP has caught the trend of fashion. Therefore, young people prefer this brand, and the style of WASSUP is close to simple streetwear. The design of WASSUP focuses on its logo elements to avoid too many complex ornaments. However, the quality and workmanship are normal and placed in the normal standard. Therefore, WASSUP T-shirts are not particularly excellent and not very bad.

3.        Saville Street Tailor

Saville Street Tailor T-shirt

Saville Street Tailor is a Japanese-style menswear brand that is preferred by most people. Therefore, most styles of Saville Street Tailor t-shirts are full of Japanese styles with a campus atmosphere – simple and bright.

Saville Street Tailor’s workmanship and detailed processes are also at the normal level, and the fabrics it chooses are relatively comfortable. However, for the detailed processes, Saville Street Tailor is general. The advantages of this brand are that it’s suitable for campus men to wear and the price is affordable.

4.         H&M

H&M T-shirt

H&M is a multinational clothing company based in Sweden that focuses on fast fashion clothing. Its women’s clothing is popular in different styles. However, the menswear is young and simple in design. However, the price is quite high for normal quality.

5.    ZARA

Zara T-shirt

Zara is a famous clothing brand from Spain most of the clothes from Zara are young and fashionable and have become a fast fashion brand. Therefore, basic style outfits from ZARA are favored by most young people. However, the quality is general and the price of quality clothes is quite high.

After going through all the above, we believe that you can choose the right summer t-shirt for yourself to take your fashion to the next level.