Aung Crown Cotton Bucket Hat – Winter Fashion

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we are gonging to introduce a cotton bucket hat from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional and reliable hat maker. It was founded in 1998, with a high capacity of production and expertise in hat making.


The Perfect Solution: Stylish Bucket Hats for Winter Fashion

What is the most afraid of thing when it comes to dressing in autumn and winter? Some consumers asked a circle of friends around, all said that they have a fear of showing fat, afraid of showing old age. There’s nothing wrong with looking fat. After all, in such cold weather, if you don’t pile up your clothes, you really won’t survive the winter. Therefore, winter fashion can only be placed in beautiful and exciting color matching and single products, let’s take a look at this kind of bonus single products-bucket hat.

Face-Slimming Magic: The Trendy Appeal of Bucket Hats

The bucket hat is thin and light, even if it is worn in summer, it is not easy to stifle sweat. The brim of the hat cannot only shade from the sun but most importantly, its concave shape can make the face smaller in minutes! Many celebrity bloggers are loyal fans. Do you think a bucket hat is just for sun protection?

No! The point is to look small and show your fashion taste. The bucket hat also has a variety of items. Once a sweet girl wearing a bucket hat, her face is full of youthful collagen. Who would have thought that the original main outdoor hat invincible youth age reduction? The all-black look, with its bucket hat, has captivated many passers-by.

Cool Layered Style: The Versatile Bucket Hat

The soft bucket hat has a cool side. When your Look is too simple and boring, add a bucket hat to add layers to the ensemble. Or if you feel that an outfit is too complicated, you can use a bucket hat to take the edge off the exaggeration of the item and make the whole Look complicated and orderly. No matter how many differences there are, the bucket hat still has a low-key personality. The simpler it is, the better its tone will be.

Do you think the bucket hat just makes the face look small? No, of course not. The point is, it improves your clothes. The bucket hat is lightweight and portable, so you can slip it into your bag without worrying about buckling. Do you think the bucket hat is just convenient? Of course not. The point is the most fashionable.

Hat-essentials: Winter Fashion Hacks

When you go to school, we believe that many people have a nickname: parallel goods. The nickname is loud and famous because it has the prefix “high-level parallel goods”. That would be a little difficult to understand. Hey, everyone can be lazy, but lazy also cannot have low credits, it is a test of ability. Such a person must have been able to win the teacher’s approval even if he did not listen in class, but gained the envy of others.

Then someone summed up the mystery. This kind of person’s mind is all about how to save trouble and worry and labor, and their talent in this aspect has continued to this day. As a fashion stylist, it is bound to be delicate to trend, but laziness and fashion are enemies all the time. Many people don’t like to wash their hair, so to maintain the dignity of the stylist, one person has come up with the perfect solution to stay fashionable in winter:

1-3 days refreshing hairstyle, 4-6 days greasy head with a hat. But it is important to choose different hats in different moods. In the eyes of your colleagues, you are a fashionable, exquisite and handsome boy, who has defended his professional dignity to the death! Fashion is inseparable from accessories, among which the leader is the hat. In today’s article, I’m going to tell you the secrets of the years. Would you be interested in learning how to be a fashionista in winter?

Historical Bucket Hat Journey

The fisherman’s hat is called a Bucket Hat, which would be more accurate if translated literally. Originally, it is an Irish fisherman’s costume which is characterized by wool support and small edges. It is different from the exquisite yuppie style of a gentleman’s top hat and different from the outdoor sports style of a baseball cap. The most traditional version features a small edge with a ring of shading edges.

The first bucket hat was made of wool, but nowadays people seem to prefer thicker polyester, which usually has small rings with metal openings on the sides, to keep people from getting too hot in the summer. The first bucket hat was made of wool and was made of wool or twill in Ireland around 1900. Because wool is naturally waterproof, it is very suitable for working people.

After World War II, it spread rapidly because of its portability. In the 1960s, it became popular with the spread of TV shows, and the lead actor in the American comedy “Garrigan’s Island” wore it in almost every scene.

white and khaki caps
white and khaki caps

Hip-Hop’s Iconic Accessory: The Rise of the Bucket Hat

From the angle of wearing, a bucket hat is much younger and more versatile. As early as the 1980s and 1990s, a bucket hat gradually became popular among the hip-hop community, especially popular with hip-hop artists.

As we all know, the spread of any popular elements cannot be separated from the help of street factors, such as various variety shows or new people, although they are not rappers, but always have to say “yo yo yo” to touch the edge. Because the street is the most suitable for people’s real-life scenes. It is a free place to contain talent, just like the saying goes, “the master in the folk”.

The Enduring Trend: Bucket Hats in Pop Culture

The popularity of bucket hats is no exception, riding the high-speed train of “street”. Hip-hop culture and pop singers quickly became popular to imitate, most notably LL CoolJ’s bucket hat, which is also a classic of hip-hop favorite Kangol. After that, in the 90s, there also became New Radicals – a strange one-man band – by frontman Gregg Alexander, also an enthusiast for bucket hats.

Not only has the Bucket hat not gone away as the trend culture continues to evolve but we can also see that many celebrities love the bucket hat combination, and the bucket hat has indeed become more diverse and diversified with the careful matching of celebrities. Their bucket hats are just like a model in winter, bringing others a feeling of trend and fashion.

Aung Crown cotton bucket hat KN2102035
Aung Crown cotton bucket hat KN2102035

Rising Popularity

Today, the bucket hat is a star’s must-have. Daily wear, or MV shooting can’t live without it. A bucket hat can add a strong collocation attribute and our normal clothing becomes colorful and fashionable. So people’s love for it also increased, even more intense. Of course, the good melon is not blown out, but to eat out. The following for you to count its advantages:

NO.1 Sun protection 

Although not as good at UV protection as sunscreen, the bucket hat strikes the perfect balance between beauty and utility. Some people say that many hats can shade the sun, why mention this one alone? But for all kinds of scenes, and for how to look good, a bucket hat is first!

NO.2 Shape your face better

Wearing a bucket hat that can be worn all year round to better your look. For some relatively short friends, today’s bucket hat can instantly help you to increase several centimeters and have no sense of disharmony. Sometimes, your destiny is in your own hands.

And right now, there is a good choice for you. At the same time, the bucket hat also makes the face smaller. The wide brim is a very face-modifying design, and the contrast between the two sides makes people feel that our face is not as big as they think.

For consumers who are on business for a long time, they can also lie down and rest at any time (when taking a plane or a train). The bucket hat can also have functioned as an eye patch. It is a lovely hat!

NO.3 Lazy Style

People who have the habit of spraying hair spray are not strange that 3 days without washing their hair is almost messier than the kennel. There are many reasons to love a bucket hat, but the fact that “no washing” and forms a concave shape is overwhelming for a trouble-phobic. Looks like it’s time to keep one in your closet for emergencies!

However, if you are going for a hipster look and want a more sophisticated and extreme style, then how to wear and choose is what we think about.

Aung Crown casual bucket hat with fine details KN2102035
Aung Crown casual bucket hat with fine details KN2102035

Finding Your Perfect Bucket Hat Fit

A bucket hat is always a good type of hat that is very neutral. So a lot of times, it can create a super fashionable feeling, so today we will tell you what face-shape bucket hat is suitable for you.

1. Oval face

The first thing to talk about is the oval face. One thing we should be aware of is that this face shape is a very versatile face style, so it can match all hat styles, never to mention the bucket hat. It can be well-matched and have the delicate chin exposed at the same time, bringing out a very mysterious and good-looking feeling.

2. Square face

For the square face, the bucket hat is also quite friendly, this type of face shape belongs to a facial line that is more distinct. So when friends who have a strong sense of line are choosing a hat, the bucket hat is a super good choice for you. Because the brim of the hat is relatively large, it is not difficult to find when wearing a hat. The overall effect of this combination is just right to cover the lines of the face and block the view, so it is a great choice for square faces.

3. Round face

Round face is a fleshy face shape, and there is no serious damage to the face shape of this one. So choosing a bucket hat is a relatively good choice, which gives people a very playful feeling. At the same time, when using the bucket hat, you can also directly make the bucket hat band a little lighter to reveal your face shape.

Today’s product is a really good choice for you. The effect is very good that provides us with a sense of fashion, but also can weaken the more naive effect of the round face, so the overall above is quite good.

Simplified Style: The Aung Crown Solid Cotton Bucket Hat

If you have no idea what your style, temperament, or body looks like, go for a solid/plain bucket hat. The advantage is to simplify the complex, to avoid a single product and the main atmosphere discord. Today we would like to share with you an Aung Crown brand flat-top cotton bucket hat. Let’s go into the details.

Sometimes, less is more, at most a word, a LOGO can bring a very good effect. Aung Crown’s design is simple and generous. The cap shape is very inclusive and can be easily worn with any face shape. It comes in five colors: black, green, purple, light blue, and khaki. It is casual and fashionable. If you have a restless heart and are determined to be the most amazing person on the street, let the bucket hat in the pattern, color, or any aspect, match the body!

Fashionably Lazy: Embracing the Greasy Hair Trend

If you want a different feel, you can try color contrast or a couple-color design: black + white, red + blue, etc., which will create a visual impact.

I believe that through today’s sharing, we can probably understand a lot. And there’s one thing we should remember: greasy hair can also be fashionable, lazy can also have a fashion state. As a bucket hat coming out of the street, its “function” is not a word of nature. It is absolutely popular until now after years of practice and tests of a broad base of people.

The bucket hat was originally designed to be worn by fishermen and farmers at work. But today, it’s no longer just a commodity, it’s a status symbol, a nice bucket hat that not only protects you from the sun while you’re fishing but also makes you stand out from other fishermen as the “Fisherman star.”

Aung Crown white-purple fashion cotton bucket hat with a flat brim KN2102035
Aung Crown white-purple fashion cotton bucket hat with a flat brim KN2102035

In the End

Because lazy people hate umbrellas and don’t want to be exposed to the sun, but with a bucket hat you can free your hands.

Even if you wear the same foundation and hair wax as Korean goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo, who has been described by the media as having “exquisite makeup,” it is easy to lose your makeup and hair after sweating. If you don’t want to be drowned out in a sea of people and want to make a look when the sweat hits you, then try an Aung Crown cotton bucket hat.