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Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


In today’s article, we are going to introduce a great metal baseball cap from Aung Crown – a professional hat maker founded in 1998.

Personality refers to the characteristics of a person’s life, which we call character. Only by showing our personality can we better express ourselves and let others understand us better. So there’s personality, and there’s a need to show it to let you shine.

metal lebals on the metal baseball cap SFG-210429-6

The Importance of A Baseball Cap

But have you ever thought that what you wear can also affect your personality? Even just a cap? We always say we have to be a person of character and people with personality need to show it more. While we are showing it, we can learn more about ourselves and find out the value of our existence. In this way, we can also send a message to others to let them know what our characteristics look like. So whether it is now or in the past, we have ideas and characteristics, and they should be expressed. Once they saw and understood our characteristics, there would be a huge possibility and ability to better express ourselves.


In this passage, we will talk about how to find our way to show our personality and the right baseball cap that is exactly suited for you! Nowadays, the function of the hat is to be used not only to prevent cold, and warm but also to become an effective carrier in many respects, such as the grade that shows a person’s position. Because of this, it can also be used as an ornament, allowing one’s personality to be displayed in front of others. Different people have different characters, behavior, and life habits, that’s why the nature of the hat style of love is different.

the exquisite metal label on the metal baseball cap SFG-210429-6
the exquisite metal label on the metal baseball cap SFG-210429-6

Aung Crown Metal Baseball Cap

Today’s products have many advantages. As you can see from the picture, the logo is made of metal. The silver color enhances the overall texture, which is more delicate and hierarchical. The metal material is stronger and more durable. Pure cotton sweat-absorbing tape is used inside, which absorbs sweat and makes it more breathable. The fabric is made of pure cotton twill and the use of this fabric makes it more comfortable and breathable. It is spliced with black diamond lattice and foam fabric gold, and the collocation of different fabrics increases the richness of the product.

The tail buckle adopts plastic single-breasted which makes it easy to adjust the size of the cap. If you are interested in this baseball cap, you can keep reading to learn more details about the product.

Aung Crown metal baseball cap for outdoors SFG-210429-6
Aung Crown metal baseball cap for outdoors SFG-210429-6

Color for Metal Baseball Cap

In order to meet the needs of more users, this product is designed in three colors, respectively black, black + grey, and black + orange. The products with three different colors are shown in the left picture. Surely there must be one of these three that you like?

the black metal baseball cap SFG-210429-6
the black metal baseball cap SFG-210429-6

The Black Metal Baseball Cap

We’ve covered a lot of classic black baseball hats before, but here’s a new way to put them together. This combination is inspired by metal labels. We can choose metal with jeans. All-black baseball cap + denim jacket + jeans. Metal and denim are a good pair, and they’ve been particularly popular in the past two years with wide-leg jeans and flared pants. Street buzz, led by Vetements, is one of them. Denim with metal is a trend that continues to evolve, not just in slits, exposed zippers, and metal rings. Still, in constant deepening, designers think that they must appear in every corner of the cowboy.

As you can feel from our daily life, metal is harder, and to a certain extent, it cannot fit with the human body. So on this basis, people made metal color products. Metallic colors include gold, silver, and copper. Now the major brands’ haute couture looks are in continuous release. Versace used metal elements in their collection released this year, and the whole collection was very futuristic.

gray-black metal baseball cap SFG-210429-6
gray-black metal baseball cap SFG-210429-6

The Black-Grey Metal Baseball Cap

Black-grey is one of the most common collocations. As a special series of colors, neutral colors exist in nature and should be an important part of the color system. Whether it is in sketching or creation, it has its unique role. Black and white gray clothing is simple and generous, and in our daily life, it is a very good match as black and white gray single products can be easily worn out of the senior and fashionable modeling. This baseball cap can be easily matched to create the look you want.

Black and gray baseball cap + Gray T-shirt + white/gray pants. If the white T-shirt and black pants are a little tired, then you can try a gray T-shirt and white pants. The white pants that many people find daunting are not hopeless and unbearable. They are actually perfect for summer, and they don’t need much more than a grey T-shirt and this black and grey baseball cap. This combination will make you as fresh and comfortable as the summer wind.

orange-black metal baseball cap SFG-210429-6
orange-black metal baseball cap SFG-210429-6

The Black-Orange Metal Baseball Cap

Black-orange is one of the unusual color combinations in our daily life. A baseball cap is a more casual single product. In collocation, it can be matched with casual style clothes, such as cowboy clothes, T-shirts, leather, flight jackets, sneakers, canvas shoes, and so on. All those clothes are popular with their casual style and because of this, the collocation will be very harmonious. When it comes to the choice of style, a simple, generous style would be the perfect one.

A simple pattern or logo will do the trick. This choice will go with everything without stealing the show and will keep the focus on your ensemble. It will be difficult to match if the styles are too complex or the patterns are too messy. Meanwhile, the complex styles and messy patterns will give people a tacky feeling. Black-orange baseball cap + denim onesie. A sky-blue jumpsuit with a belt in the middle and a retro orange hat on top of the head will give the girl a chic, personalized look. 

the inner taping and sweatband of the metal baseball cap SFG-210429-6
the inner taping and sweatband of the metal baseball cap SFG-210429-6


The fabrics we adopted for this product are black cotton twill + black/grey/orange argyle + foam. You may not be familiar with those fabrics and materials, but you should know the functions and advantages of those materials better! The logo is made of metal and silver, which helps to enhance the overall texture and make it more exquisite and layered since the metal material is more durable.

The internal we used the pure cotton sweat belt to make this baseball cap have the function of sweat absorption and be more breathable as well. As we mentioned before, the fabric is made of pure cotton twill material. Comfortable and breathable. As you can see from the picture on the left, with black diamond lattice + foam fabric gold splicing, different fabric collocation increases the richness of the baseball cap. The tail buckle adopts plastic single-breasted, making it easier to adjust the size.

This baseball cap’s brim adopted the curved brim. Due to the deformation of the brim, the pattern on both sides of the cap body will also be stretched to both sides as a whole, and the cap leans behind, destroying the overall sense of the pattern, so the curved brim cap is more partial to the sports style.

the side of the metal baseball cap SFG-210429-6
the side of the metal baseball cap SFG-210429-6

How to find your way and your style with this baseball cap?

There is no doubt that clothes ( or simply just a cap or a pair of shoes) in orange are quite difficult to collocate with, but I’m sure you will find out the best way to create your own style after reading the following. The secret (or we say, the key) is black. Orange is a very active, vivid color. If you want to accentuate this feature, pair it with black. In this product, we create a baseball cap that combines orange and black which has helped to improve the harmony of the hat on the whole. Black is a very stable color, which is very solemn and elegant.

Meanings of Colors

When you use only black instead of other colors, there is a feeling of oppression. Sometimes, you’ll see reversed text in print. For example, it’s common to see black background and black text on business cards. But on the web, we’ll see it all the time and it looks pretty compelling. Orange is a bright, lively, and enthusiastic color. It is the warmest color in the warm color system. It reminds people of golden autumn and rich fruits. Orange is a color of abundance, joy, and happiness. If orange is slightly mixed with black or white, it will become a stable, implicit, and hot warm color.

Dressing Ways

Of course, as mentioned above, in addition to orange + black, we also have gray + black and all-black models for the products we introduce today. For all-black products, our previous articles have introduced a large number of ways to wear and match, which are introduced according to different genders, skin colors, figures, and so on. Please refer to our previous articles. Next, I would like to introduce the grey + black baseball cap. How can we create our own style with this product?

The Importance of Dressing

As we all know, black, white, and gray are the most basic colors, and those colors always make people feel more temperament. Now that winter has arrived, girls’ dress has gradually begun to favor some “warm” and “neutral” clothes. There are a lot of girls who find grey clothes, hats and so on a bit old-fashioned. In fact, as long as we are properly matched, it will be able to help you present a full texture of temperament modeling. When it comes to the grey + black baseball cap, girls may want to ask how to match this grey-black baseball cap in the fall in order to become high fashion. The following content is about the elegant and gloomy autumn dress demonstration, you can take a look together.

For Boys

For boys, mainly with gray and black to match this baseball cap. Two of the cleanest colors never go wrong together. The overall look is still relatively simple, and with a hoodie hat, it can show boys’ thin faces. Hoodies are a big part of your wardrobe in the fall as they’re easy to match. 

For Girls

Gray really shows a girl’s temperament. Today, we can use this grey + black baseball cap to create your gray American retro style. To achieve this, we can put sweaters and hats together to match a set. Baseball caps can choose the most beautiful version of the cap, the size of the head circumference is huge and thus the face is relatively small, this dirty neutral style is very nice and it can suit most consumers.

If it is the mainstream to wear clothes, then some collocation of small items, and accessories will be able to wear their own styles, so what are the small accessories suitable for your collocation? A baseball cap is one of them!

Wild-Fashion Style

The black baseball cap matches everything, which can shape the style that girls and even some boys want. Black and white horizontal striped leggings, collocated with black loose straight pants, can make a whole casual and handsome style, and the collision of a black baseball cap gives a gorgeous spark. The black baseball cap is classic, but the opposite black baseball cap is also common.

So experimenting with other colors once in a while can be surprisingly rewarding! If there is a dark baseball bat, there will also be a light baseball cap. The grey and orange are gentle and pure, and the match is also very varied. The retro classic denim shirt is paired with a black casual coat, which shows a girl’s vitality. With black flared jeans, modify leg shape, and spring wear the model to wear, girls can hurry to the action!

the black metal baseball cap SFG-210429-6
the black metal baseball cap SFG-210429-6


In 1839, the American Doubleday organized the first game very similar to the modern game of baseball. In the game, players put on hats at the beginning in order to cover the sun. Due to its particularity, the brim of the hat was longer to block the sunlight on the eyes and get better results. This is the earliest baseball cap.

But who knew that such a simple baseball cap would become a global fashion item? Is hard to find a really expert hat maker in the market today. However, Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998, which is reliable and trustable.