From the First Brooklyn Ones to the Nylon Baseball Caps

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Today, we’re going to introduce the nylon baseball cap from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker since 1998.

Evolution of The Baseball Caps

Noticeably, a baseball cap is very dominant in American culture. Caps can be worn in a few different ways and on various occasions. With the right color combinations, they complete our fashion statements from top to bottom. They show off the logos of our favorite teams and brands, and they can even become a billboard for a message we wanted to spread. Baseball caps could be seen being worn by lots of the most famous sportsmen but also other superstars, even by American ex-president Trump.

The reason for their survival and deep assimilation into our lives is their practicality and adaptability. No matter which gender, or age you are or in which social circles are you moving in, baseball hats can always find their way into your wardrobe. And more importantly, it will hardly go out of fashion. Talking of the practical purpose of their existence, they can help shield your eyes from the sun, which might be the reason why it is invented for baseball players.

Now we will analyze the evolution of baseball caps, where, when, and why were they invented. How was their popularity spreading and finally, how big usage of them is now and what are the newest trends in the sports cap industry?

The History of Baseball Caps

As known, baseball hats are part of the traditional baseball uniform with the main goal to protect the eyes of players from the sun during baseball games.  Apart from that, it has the logo of a sports team in the front which quickly opened space for another commercial purpose. If we shall name some of the USA’s national hats, next to cowboy ones, it would definitely be the baseball cap, the same as baseball could be defined as an American national sport. Everyone wears baseball hats: sportsmen, rappers, truck drivers, mail carriers, women, and children, short and tall, rich or poor, big or small.

black cap
black cap

The First Baseball Cap

The first baseball hats were made of straw, however, the first version closest to nowadays was in 1860, when the baseball team called “Brooklyn Excelsiors” wore it (later called the “Brooklyn style” cap).  This invention quickly became widely popular, naturally firstly within baseball teams and leagues. That time, more than a century and a half ago, the cap was not so structured, and the front peak was much shorter.

In the 1940s manufacturers put latex rubber material inside the cap which made what we today know as a baseball cap. Arguably, people say that from then until now, design has only changed the color of the fabric – the structure remains more or less the same. Manufacturers have transitioned baseball caps from being predominantly made of wool to cotton, then polyester, denim, nylon, and, of course, various blends of different materials.

The Changing and Popular Time

The look of the baseball cap hasn’t changed significantly since the 1950s, but attitudes towards wearing them in that decade have risen. That rise was following the rise of TV broadcasting. As baseball teams were more and more popular, more and more people were wearing those hats as a sign of their support. In the 1960s there was also an increase in its usage for commercial purposes and that trend in the next decades as well.

How the time was passing by, baseball hats were becoming more and more mainstream, and men and women began to play with the style, turning it backward or sideways as a symbol of personal expression to become genderless. The rise of popularity was also boosted by top popular movies such as Tom Cruise in Top Gun in 1986 or Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump in 1994. Movies like these cemented the cap’s transition from field to fashion.

In the 1990s main pop stars and the MTV generation in the 2000s also kept on putting baseball hats on. Celebrities began to use the hat as a way to shield their faces from the paparazzi. As it gained popularity, it spread above the US borders. In the UK young British middle-class urbanites adopted the baseball hat as part of their standard uniform in the early 2000s. 

red headwear
red headwear

Baseball Caps for Now

Generally speaking, today, people wear a baseball cap to show support for a team, make a fashion statement, or convey a message, as exemplified by Donald Trump and his supporters wearing the red Make America Great Again trucker hats (a type of baseball cap). The usage of the baseball cap has expanded significantly, rendering it difficult to associate with any particular profession or class; it has become ubiquitous among all individuals and purposes. So, if you ever had a doubt that baseball hats don’t fit your style or class, just think twice! 

The Most Common Materials for Making Baseball Hats

Knowing the fact that a baseball cap is a very versatile and popular fashion statement in the world, apart from fashion items, also has the function to protect you from harmful outdoor elements. Here is a professional hat maker – Aung Crown founded in 1998 with all kinds of hats. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, so you should maybe consider some factors before purchasing them.

One of the most important and often neglected characteristics of the hat is its material. Its quality of it will severely determine its longevity and lifespan. Knowing the primary material of your hat can also help you to do proper care of it. So here we are about to list some best fabrics used in the hat-making process.


It’s definitely the most common and most popular hat fabric in the market. It has proven its durability and it is made of recycled plastic. For some people, it is the first option because of its high abrasion and water-resistant. If you’re planning to wear hats during the summer months, you need to consider polyester.

Polyester also excels in the production of exercise hats, which is why manufacturers frequently utilize this material when crafting sports hats. As a synthetic fiber, it remains the preferred choice for hat production. So far, it’s hard to find any other fiber that is durable and cheaper than polyester.


Baseball hat manufacturers commonly use cotton as a material, which has gained recognition among customers who favor natural fibers. However, it’s important to note that the majority of cotton hats are not manufactured using 100% cotton. The price of pure cotton hats will usually be more expensive than synthetic fibers. They are breathable, lightweight, and soft material, apart from that, cotton is hypoallergenic. The durability of cotton is lesser than synthetic materials such as polyester and that is the main reason why manufacturers combine cotton with polyester to enhance durability.


Most people primarily link beanies with wool, although manufacturers use it to craft various other types of hats. Specifically, artisans commonly make beanies from pure wool or a blend of wool and other materials. Furthermore, producers employ wool in manufacturing baseball hats. Wool hats are good for winter months, they are very helpful in absorbing all the moisture, making your hair lifeless, dry, and fragile. So, those who have a high focus on the health of their hair might consider other options before wool.


This material is recently gaining more popularity than ever. One of the best things about nylon baseball hats is that they don’t shrink. Most people worry that their hats will lose their shape over time due to the cleaning and maintenance process, but with nylon, the cleaning process is so easy and less time-consuming. Nylon is best to craft lightweight and thin hats that are extremely effective and comfortable during the summer days.

Nylon material is highly breathable and made of recycled plastic. That makes it very comfortable on warm days. Still, the lack of shrinking is the best thing about nylon hats. We are often in constant worry about our hats losing their original shape, but nylon hats will eliminate the concern. Here below we will catch up with some new models of nylon baseball hats.

nylon baseball hats in  3 colors
nylon baseball hats in 3 colors

Recommendation – The Aung Crown Nylon Baseball Cap

Whenever we think of materials used for baseball hats mostly we would think of cotton or polyester as the most common ones for its production. However, nylon went out neglected although it has proven advantages listed above. If you combine nylon material with a sweat-wicking headband it seems like a useful and comfortable match. Therefore, we represent a new model of the Aung Crown baseball hat.

Aung Crown Nylon Baseball Caps

This model is a six-piece unstructured baseball cap with a sun button adjustable closure. Apart from a sweat-wicking headband it also has a bronze tri-glide buckle at the back for size adjustment. The brim is curved and on the front, there is a logo made of flat embroidery. It’s made in three colors: black, dark blue, and dark grey. These colors are quite easy to adapt to any outfit.

The described hat looks exactly like the one which a typical sportsman needs. Easy to maintain, proven to keep the shape in the long run, useful for sweat wicking same as for sun protection. Made for true lovers of baseball hats who often take a friendly connection with them. Pick one for yourself and see how it fits you! You might just find the right pal for your outdoor activity.

adjustable closure
adjustable closure