Nylon Baseball Cap from Aung Crown

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


This is a sports baseball cap. This nylon baseball cap is available in three colors. They are black, gray blue, and dark blue respectively. The three colors are dark and close. The first impression of this Aung Crown baseball cap may not be able to identify it as a sports baseball cap. Many consumers may also be surprised. Although this nylon baseball cap can be associated with sports, it seems that as a casual baseball cap, it is more reasonable.

In fact, there is no problem in thinking this way, which also shows that this baseball cap can bring visual comfort. This baseball cap must be very soft. This nylon baseball cap must fit well. This can give people a sense of leisure style.

Gender and Consumer-Caring

This is a nylon baseball cap specially designed for men. Therefore, the division of color also fully takes into account the preferences of men. The light color is abandoned and the dirt-resistant dark color is selected. For male consumers, the demand for the practicality of baseball caps is far higher than the aesthetics of baseball caps. The designer’s design needs to be combined with the preferences and needs of market users, rather than arbitrary design based on imagination. Only by fully understanding consumers’ preferences and needs, and then catering to these requirements to design products, can we make successful products.

This baseball cap is a good example. Instead of taking it for granted, we design baseball caps suitable for consumers according to their needs after in-depth market research. I believe that such a baseball cap, which has worked hard at all levels, will be loved and supported by the public.

nylon baseball cap 

Minimalist Embroidery Logo

This nylon baseball cap uses flat embroidery technology. With such superb embroidery technology, the logo embroidered is very simple. Just three simple horizontal lines. The three horizontal lines are arranged neatly up and down with the boundary line at the center of the baseball cap as the axis of symmetry. The top and bottom shall be evenly spaced, and the three horizontal lines shall be aligned at both ends with equal length.

dark blue nylon baseball cap 

Because the color of the nylon baseball cap is dark, we choose white as the logo color to highlight the logo. However, the logo is not too eye-catching, so consumers’ attention will not be completely focused on the logo.

Close observation of the logo shows that it is composed of short thin lines arranged vertically. There is not too much emphasis on smoothness in embroidery. You can clearly see many small gaps in a horizontal line. These gaps do not separate the horizontal line. Because these gaps only exist at the edges and do not cross the entire horizontal line. It’s like a lovely child who can’t help being tied up and bored, reaching out to the outside world to try. The processing at the edge makes the logo more textured. The logo itself is particularly simple. After such a process, it has added some interest and avoided the rigidity caused by being too rigid.

flat embroidery nylon baseball cap 

Unexpected Fabric

In order to show that it is specially designed for men, even the fabric is made of nylon fabric. This fabric feels smoother and has a texture. There is no pattern design on the fabric, just simple pure colored fabric. Not even the dark lines made with dark lines. It seems to tell the observer that I am such a simple baseball cap. I don’t have any gorgeous decorations or wonderful decorations. I am so naked and simple. This is my style, this is my appearance.

Such fabrics also seem to be used in some sportswear or accessories. There is a sense of hurry to come and go. It seems that the next second will immediately start to participate in an exciting extreme sport. Inexplicably, there is a sense of passion and enthusiasm. It is difficult for male consumers not to be impressed by such momentum. Maybe I will point to this baseball cap and say, this is what I want.

Such fabric is really suitable for men as a sports match. This kind of cloth can stand the test. Its cleaning and antifouling properties are very strong. Because the cross-section shape of the fiber and the antifouling treatment of the backtrack affect these two properties, the strength and hardness of the fiber itself have little impact on the cleaning and antifouling properties. In terms of melting point and elasticity of nylon, nylon has good resilience, fatigue resistance, and thermal stability. Even in strong light, nylon fabric is not easy to fade. And this kind of cloth has good wear resistance and dust resistance.

nylon baseball cap in 3 colors

There Is a Vast Atmosphere Of Grassland

It is also with a curved plastic brim. The brim of this nylon baseball cap seems to be flat and long. There is a trend of outward extension. It seems to be expanding outward. The width is also quite comfortable. Some baseball caps have too high a brim camber, which causes the brims to shrink tightly together. The brim of this baseball cap has increased some width to reduce the feeling of tightening. There is a vast expanse of grassland. It brings a touch of tolerance and forgiveness. It reduces the seriousness of the wearer and increases some affinity.

curved-brim nylon baseball cap 

Such a hat brim can make people feel a sense of contradiction. The wider width brings the fresh grass and mud flavor to the grassland and also brings the wild flavor to the grassland. With mild affinity, it also has certain ambition. How can such contrasts not move people when they are concentrated together? After wearing this hat, there seems to be a passion to fight with blood.

The Framework Of Combining Hardness And Softness

The structure of this nylon baseball cap is 6 panels unstructured. The overall structure is relatively soft. It can also be seen from the picture that some areas of the cap body are inward concave. This also reflects the softness of the baseball cap material. This kind of fabric can better fit the head shape and adapt to different head shapes.

If the structure is too strong, it will be a fixed frame. People’s head types cannot be exactly the same. It is normal to have certain differences. When consumers wear it, some of them may be too tight and have a strong sense of oppression. Or there is too much free space in some parts, which leads to that part being empty. It will sink in immediately after a poke. Not only does it feel strange to wear but it is also very strange visually. This soft design can adapt to consumers with different head types. Meet the needs of various consumers.

Although the structure of this nylon baseball cap looks soft, it is actually very strong. Although it seems that some parts of the cap body of this baseball cap are inward concave. However, we can also find that the top connection at the boundary between every two areas is very rigid. This also shows that the top part of this baseball cap is firm and stylish. The whole framework is dynamic. Both hardness and softness. It also has solid quality assurance while ensuring that it fits the head of consumers. It will not make the whole body of the baseball cap soft and powerless. Baseball caps without frames will also have no texture.

6-panel nylon baseball cap 

Adjustable Seal of TRI-GLIDE Buckle

This nylon baseball cap has an adjustable seal for men. The tail strap of the baseball cap uses the same color and fabric as the cap body. It looks cleaner and more unified visually. There is a bronze TRI-GLIDE buckle on the belt. This button is the key to adjustable sealing.

adjustable nylon baseball cap 

The key to this button is that it plays an adjustable and vital role. It has occupied such an important position, but it pays silently without asking for a return. It is not unknown, but willing to be a supporting role and a good supporting role. Do your part. Glow and heat in their posts. It is so inconspicuous that it may be difficult for people to pay special attention to it. But without it, there would be much less ease and convenience.

It is said that this button plays a crucial role not only because of its use but also because of its appearance. The three colors of this baseball cap are dark. There is no feeling that brightens people’s eyes. Although designers do not want to attract consumers through the bright color. But if a baseball cap has no bright spot, how can it attract consumers? So the button stood out.

The Color of the Buckle

This button is bronze. Bronze is not a bright color. On the contrary, the bronze color is relatively low-key and calm. But against the background of dark cloth, the bronze color also seems to become bright. This button serves the whole of the cap and ball cap and has also received certain achievements as a reward. The reward is to see the button at a glance from the back of the baseball cap. Besides the simple flat embroidery logo on the front, there is no pattern design on the body of the baseball cap, it is simply pure color fabric. Then this touch of bronze can be brilliant.

tri-glide nylon baseball cap 


Inner Design of This Nylon Baseball Cap

This is a sports baseball cap designed for men, and the sweat-absorbing headband can’t be missing. The inside of the 58cm/22.83 inches baseball cap is completely black. There is nothing special about the dark one. Many baseball caps will have their own brand logo printed on the cloth band on the inside of the baseball cap frame. I don’t know if this baseball cap is designed to simplify such triviality. There are not those dense brand English letters on the inside of the baseball cap. The overall appearance will be more simple and tidy.

sweat-wicking nylon baseball cap 

But if the baseball cap does not have its own brand trademark, it always seems that people lack something. So this baseball cap still retains a tradition. There is a brand trademark left on the side of the tail band of the baseball cap. This is the trademark on the inside of the entire baseball cap. This trademark is also set in a dark color such as black. English letters should be white with strong visual contrast with black. The English initials have chosen the eye-catching color of red.

The inside of the baseball hat is a place where you can clearly observe the work of this baseball cap. The inside of the baseball cap seems to be reticulated. It greatly increases the breathability of this baseball cap. In terms of performance, this baseball cap is greatly scored.

Aung Crown nylon baseball cap 

There are three colors to choose from black, dark blue, or gray blue. Is there a color you like best? Come and get your sports baseball hat from Aung Crown – a professional hat maker founded in 1998.