Winter and Suede Baseball Cap

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


Aung Crown suede baseball cap – a must-have suede baseball cap.

There are many types of hats, but there are three common hats that fit most people: baseball caps, fisherman hats, and knitted hats. If someone asks you what is the best hat to wear in winter? I’m sure most people would agree that winter is the perfect time to wear a knitted hat, either to keep warm or to wear it with heavy autumn and winter clothing. But today’s article is designed to break your stereotype. The truth is, the Aung Crown suede baseball cap is perfect for winter too!

flat embroidery suede baseball cap

An Essential Dressing Accessory – Suede Baseball Cap

If there’s one accessory that we can wear throughout spring, summer, fall, and winter that adds to our outfits, it’s a hat. This single item, not only has a strong aesthetic but is also very practical, and such a fashionable item who cannot love? Baseball caps originated in the game attire of baseball team members, but gradually evolved and became popular. A baseball cap is also a very versatile hat and the style is also more variable. We can find that baseball caps can be worn by both men and women in daily wear.

While some consumers may find a baseball cap sporty, it can also be worn with a suit or sweater coat. In a way, it also tells us that baseball caps are good to wear in winter! However, when matching suits and coats with a baseball cap, it is recommended to choose simple patterns and focus on solid colors. Choose low-saturation colors for a more coordinated look.

After all, a hat is just an accessory, an embellishment on a piece. If it is too eye-catching and grandiose, it will give people an overly cluttered visual sense. We can choose an oversize hoodie or baseball coat for daily matching, and become cool girls in seconds. If you want to be classy and sophisticated, you can add a sweater and shirt with a coat or blazer for an instant artsy look in winter.

candy color suede baseball cap

Why Do We Introduce the Aung Crown Suede Baseball Cap?

Baseball caps are a common item in everyday wear and a small accessory to enhance the look. If we can make use of it, then our winter outfits will be colorful and textured, and the ability to wear them will come out in an instant. As soon as you get out there, you have a different vibe, crushing each other. So why do we say that this Aung Crown suede baseball cap is perfect for winter? What are the details worth knowing? Keep reading and check out!

detailing suede baseball cap

Aung Crown

As a professional hat manufacturer, Aung Crown Company has been committed to providing consumers with the best products. Today’s suede baseball cap is one of the company’s products that is mainly applicable to the casual scene, so we can consider this baseball cap in our daily wear. Of course, in such outdoor scenes, and sports scenes, this baseball cap is also very suitable.

As mentioned above, if we want to wear a baseball cap in winter, it is best to choose a low-saturation color. The product has been designed in three colors, namely light yellow, light purple, and brown. All three colors are low in saturation, which makes them look good but also perfect for winter wear. If you are interested, the article will recommend some detailed dressing methods that can provide a reference for beginners.

Aung Crown Suede Baseball Cap

For other features, this baseball cap has 6 panels on it and there is a white logo named “Aung Crown” on the front panel. White logos, whether paired with light yellow, light purple, or brown, can provide a clear and clean look. The same logo on the back of the baseball cap is distributed in an arc on the back panel which presents its exquisite details. The logo uses the flat embroidery technique. If you’re a huge fan of our company, you must already know a lot about this technique. It is often used in the products we have introduced before.

The Closure

If you want to learn more about this process, please read our previous articles. It is worth mentioning that the curved brim makes this baseball cap more practical and applicable to a wider consumer group. The tail band is a black woven strap and a plastic eye-splice button. The adjustable seal provides great convenience for consumers to adjust the size of the baseball cap. Although it is a unisex baseball cap, the design of the sweatband is popular among consumers. The sweat-wicking function is particularly popular among consumers who love sports. If you love sports, then this baseball cap is for you.

The Fabric: Suede

As a suede baseball cap, the fabric should be emphasized. Suede is commonly known as peach skin velvet fabric. The appearance is like a peach, with fine, uniform, and dense fuzz. The fluff seems invisible but palpable. Under the strong light of the store, it diffuses in many directions and is very soft. When touched by hand, it looks like peach skin, soft, plump, smooth, and elastic.

You can feel the texture of this fabric in the picture below. The suede is not woven from silk or wool. Instead, it is made from a superfine synthetic fiber that is woven, printed, and processed in specialized ways such as chemical reduction, wool milling, and sand washing. The properties of this fabric are indeed similar to peach peel. This fabric is made of a fabric with fine fluff. The suede is characterized by an even and dense fuzz. This kind of velvet is not only soft but also has smooth and elastic properties. In simple terms, suede is made from super fine synthetic fiber. I bet you can’t help but feel the softness of this fabric by looking at the picture below.

6-panel suede baseball cap

The Benefits of This Cap for the Winter

With these details in mind, let’s take a look at how this baseball cap can make a difference in winter. In the summer, we wear hats for protection from the sun and styling. Then in winter, the hat is even more useful, in addition to the styling, but also to keep warm. And for those consumers who do not want to wash their hair, it can also solve the embarrassment of hair in time. Therefore, in the cold and romantic winter, whether commuting, going to work, parties, or shopping, preparing a few beautiful hats is very necessary.

But there are so many kinds of hats, people always complain about looking messy after buying them at home, and always can’t match the feeling they want. The hat worn well can be a second to light up the shape, personality, and fashion. If you don’t wear it well, the face is big and easy to appear nondescript. So let’s take a look at how to wear this baseball cap in the style you want.

light purple suede baseball cap

The Light Purple Suede Baseball Cap

The light purple suede baseball cap is perfect for winter. We can choose an oversize pink-purple sweater with a black floral dress. The whole outfit looks very soft. If you’re the kind of girl who doesn’t mind the cold, you can add a shirt to this outfit instead of a jacket. This is a great way to highlight your figure. If the hemline of a black floral dress is too large, you can pair it with black tights underneath. Put on the black ankle boots, the whole temperament will be enhanced. The light purple of the baseball cap can complement each other with the color of the sweater and thus enhance comfort. If you see such a dress in the cold, I bet you will instantly feel a lot of warmth.

yellow suede baseball cap

The Yellow Suede Baseball Cap

Some people may find pale yellow too cold and vivid for winter. But that’s not the case. We can choose a long top with a yellow zipper to match the light-yellow baseball cap and a coat for warmth. Pay attention to the stand-up collar for the coat. The design of the standing collar and the design of the sleeves complement each other and look very cool. A yellow zipper can be paired with a yellow bag, and a yellow baseball cap is perfect. Not only does it show off your good looks but it also shows off your youthful energy!

In addition, we can choose a light-yellow suede baseball cap + black top + blue ripped cowboy. The black top with blue ripped jeans itself brings sporty style and the open ripped design is very fashionable. Pairing it with white shoes will make it more youthful. A sporty outfit with a yellow baseball cap looks even better! This light-yellow baseball cap has a cheerful feel, and it’s a perfect contrast with a yellow crossbody bag.

Of course, we can also choose a blue plaid top. The blue plaid jacket is fresh, and the white sweatpants are full of youthful energy. The black and white canvas shoes are full of a student style. Match the bright yellow hat with this sporty style to show a bright personality. Then match the blue bag, the complementary color looks very comfortable and conveys full of youthful vitality.

brown suede baseball cap

The Brown Suede Baseball Cap

As the main color of this suede baseball cap, the brown hat is more popular with consumers. So how can we accessorize this baseball cap for winter? A brown hat paired with a white outfit is very elegant and can enhance the whole personality. Of course, anyone who loves Christmas should know that a brown hat paired with a red sweater is also very special. Brown hats with yellow give a warm, youthful look, and black bottoms will be better. A brown baseball cap paired with a black coat is a classic. Pairing it with blue can brighten up the whole color.

The first one the Aung Crown Company recommends is a brown baseball cap and a white down jacket. The reason why I am the first to share this collocation with you is that these two colors look very good together when we match them. Of course, the most important thing is from the point of view of the color collocation, the whole is very harmonious and appropriate. So it is highly recommended that you give it a try! A white down jacket in winter is also very good to wear, more will appear if your skin color is very white.

How to Match This Brown Suede Baseball Cap?

You can try this kind of collocation yourself, looking forward to your style. The second is the recommended brown baseball cap and black coat. Brown hats also look great when paired with a versatile black blazer. No matter the color collocation, or from the sweater and clothing style collocation, these two single products together, will be very good looking. So you can try this black coat and brown hat for yourself.

A casual choice of style together will be very good, we do not have to worry. The third recommended option is a brown baseball cap and khaki coat. This way of dressing is very popular among young people. When we use a khaki coat and a brown hat, the whole look is very layered. This is because the two colors belong to the same color system, and when we match ourselves in this way, it will look good. And this color choice adds a lot of warmth to winter! The same color is always recommended by consumers as a collocation method.

suede baseball cap in 3 colors

In the End

If you observe our daily dress carefully, you will find that the versatile winter wear template style has common characteristics. It’s all casual, or it’s all sporty. This style contains a large number of single products, and the scope of application is relatively wide. Therefore, it is often easy to create a variety of classic matching templates. For example, we can give priority to trying the common tooling wind, handsome wind, street wind, and so on in life.

This Aung Crown – the professional hat maker will help you to find the right way to show off your dress in winter! Everyone is looking for a one-size-fits-all winter style template that is warm and chic while still making the outfit look foreign, so how can you create an everyday winter style? If you’re looking for a style template like this, take a look at today’s baseball cap!