Hat Aesthetics: This Black and White Baseball Cap is Your First Choice

Published On: November 27, 2023    By: kailyn


In this blog, we’re going to introduce a great black and white baseball cap from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998 with almost 25 years of experience.

Different Dressing Need

People’s core demand for clothing, I think, depends on the level of demand of consumer groups. Because, people are very different, including different consumption purposes, and different levels of needs of the group. Therefore, different consumer groups have different core needs for clothing.

1. The First Dressing Need

Firstly, the core demand of normal consumer groups for clothing is to cover the body, protect the body and keep warm. The most primitive and basic function of clothing is to cover the body and keep warm, which is also the core demand of lower-level consumer groups.

2. The Second Dressing Need

Secondly, the middle-class consumer group’s core demand for clothing is to be comfortable. In this group of people, clothing is no longer required just to keep the body warm, they have higher requirements for the quality of clothes, comfort, and other aspects, the credibility, and visibility of the brand. People have a strong desire to show their own beauty through clothing. Comfortable, fashionable, cost-effective clothing is the most important thing for this group.

3. The Third Dressing Need

Thirdly, the core demand of high-level consumer groups for clothing is to pursue value and show identity. If you want to be stylish, the importance of accessories is obvious. Hats are a kind of decorating item we often use.

Common hats include baseball caps, fisherman hats, straw hats, berets, etc., and each hat corresponds to a different style of dressing. The fisherman hat brings a gentle girly style. Berets make women very sexy and elegant. A baseball cap, on the other hand, is making people look very energetic.

Top Hipster Choice – Baseball Caps

For most people, baseball caps can be their first choice. Baseball caps will make the outfit more colorful. For example, the following Aung Crown baseball cap has a very unique design.

black and white baseball cap
black and white baseball cap

The most special part of the hat is its double brim. This hat is undoubtedly the first choice of fashionable people.

curved-brim baseball cap
curved-brim baseball cap

The outer pattern and logo of the hat apply flat embroidery and screen printing process. We can see them from a close distance. The sewing of the edges is very neat, and the pattern of each letter is very clear. From these details, we can see a brand’s attitude toward making products.

flat embroidery logo on the baseball cap
flat embroidery logo on the baseball cap

Besides appearance, the material is also a key factor in product quality. The inside of the hat is made of pure cotton cloth with a sweatband, which absorbs sweat and also makes the hat more breathable. It uses 7 single-row tail buttons for people to adjust the size of the hat.

baseball cap closure
baseball cap closure

This hat provides a variety of choices of colors for users with different personalities. If you want a neutral style, you can choose black and red. If you want a fresh feeling, you can choose white as the background color and match it with blue, red, and green.

Aung Crown white baseball cap
Aung Crown white baseball cap

Customize Your Baseball Cap, Customize Your Own Trends

Any piece of clothing can not be adapted to everyone, and no matter how beautiful the hat is, it cannot suit everyone. Besides, no one’s body can be that standard. That can be perfect if we understand our body’s preferences and can design our own hats. When you are customizing, if there is a style you like, but there are details you don’t like, you can design and modify it by yourself. Think about how beautiful it is to see your work born.

white baseball cap
white baseball cap

Artistic Beauty in Fashion Design

The definition of artistic beauty in fashion design is to concentrate on and summarize the realistic beauty first, then concentrate on the original scattered beauty, and then materialize the beauty with clothing as the carrier.

The artistic beauty of fashion design is an amazing creation of beauty, because the consciousness of beauty is formed through aesthetics, and the consciousness of beauty can be fully developed in a unique way. People will have visual and spiritual enjoyment and get physical and spiritual satisfaction in the process of enjoying the artistic beauty of fashion design.

The fashionable items in reality are impossible for people to face for a long time because people will get tired. In order to satisfy the spiritual pleasure demanded by artistic aesthetics for a long time, people should create beauty in their own way.

Fashionable Clothes

And fashionable clothes will also bring people psychological needs and physical satisfaction of beauty. Because the creation of artistic beauty is based on the law of beauty, the creation of natural objects will change their forms and form artistic beauty with specific items. Such as carving natural stones into objects for enjoyment, carving poetry and Buddha statues on rocks, or endowing natural scenery with certain myths and legends. 

People do the same with clothes. Costume design is a process of artistic creation, a unity of artistic conception and artistic expression. Designers generally have an idea and ideas first and then collect data to determine the design program. The main contents of the scheme include the overall style of clothing, theme, shape, color, fabric, clothing accessories design, and so on.



Accessories design is also a quite popular area like hats design. The function of hats is to prevent sun and shade and keep the head warm. The functions of hats are different in different seasons. However, with the development of the times, the functions of hats have also changed.

For the past-90s and past-00s who pursue fashion and individuality, hats have fashion characteristics in addition to their performance. More young people also pay more attention to the overall matching of hats and clothes. But fashion must not be the same, so the demand for that customization is growing.

fashionable headwear
fashionable headwear

Of course, it’s never enough when we talk about the beauty of hats. As beginners, we can start with the baseball cap design. And the baseball cap is the most everyday item of all hats.

In the current hat field, the most important form of hat customization is to customize the pattern or logo on the finished hat. This form of customization on the finished hat can effectively reduce the customization cost and retain the autonomy of customers to the greatest extent.

Choose the Cotton Material

solid color baseball cap
solid color baseball cap

1. Pure Cotton

Hygroscopicity: Cotton has good hygroscopicity. Under normal circumstances, the fiber can absorb water into the surrounding atmosphere, and its moisture content is 8%-10%. When it is in contact with human skin, it makes people feel soft but not stiff.

Moisture: Because cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, the heat conduction coefficient is very low; And because the cotton fiber itself has the advantages of porosity and high elasticity, a large amount of air can be stored between the fibers.

Heat resistance: cotton fabric heat resistance is good, below 110° Celsius, will only cause moisture evaporation on the fabric, and the fiber will not be damaged.

Cotton is commonly used in baseball caps. Not only because the texture is soft and natural, but overall it is very breathable when people wear it. Cotton material is malleable, can fit the headline, very comfortable and practical. The price is also acceptable. In summer cotton material can be a good choice.

baseball cap crown
baseball cap crown

2. Denim material

Denim materials are known for their long-lasting wear resistance. At the same time, the baseball cap made of cowboy material has a very unique American casual atmosphere in style. Meanwhile, the unique texture of the denim material can make the baseball cap more and more tasteful.

The denim material is also strong enough to retain the original shape of the baseball cap. The style of the cowboy baseball cap is simple, but it will give people a unique sense of freshness.

Choose the Element

In addition to the material, it mainly determines the overall design elements of the baseball cap. With the development of diverse fashion styles, different elements also determine the overall style of baseball caps, which can be selected according to their own wearing style.

baseball cap
baseball cap

1. Embroidery

The combination of embroidery with Chinese charm and baseball caps not only adds dimension to the pattern but also highlights a very unique fashion style. In addition to tattooing hats, letters, and designs can also be rendered through embroidery.

To make the baseball cap easy to match, we should try not to choose too many colors or too thick layers when selecting embroidery elements. The addition of embroidery elements will also add charm to the hat.

black and white baseball cap
black and white baseball cap

2. Ribbons

Ribbons first appeared in clothing as a practical design. The wise ancient Greeks were good at using a piece of cloth to cover the body and highlight the body shape. If you think ribbons are just a design with clothes then you are wrong.

Now our baseball caps also have a lot of ribbon designs. When we add the ribbons to the baseball hat, the hat becomes playful and special, with a hip-hop feel that instantly lights up the person’s look. You can design the color pattern and length of the ribbons.

In the End

Aung Crown company specializes in the production of various hats and scarves…a series of clothing products. The company covers design and development, processing and production, and sales process. “Customer first, to win by quality, to be honest, keep improving”-that’s their principle. If you choose to customize your favorite baseball cap, then welcome to contact us. Please don’t miss it! Please try this black and white baseball cap from Aung Crown.