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Aung Crown Claret Baseball Cap with a leather patch

A Claret Baseball Cap from Aung Crown


In this blog, we’re going to introduce a great claret baseball cap from Aung Crown. Aung Crown is a professional hat maker founded in 1998 with almost 25 years of experience.

Have you ever tried a baseball cap before? It must be weird that you never try a baseball cap because it is a ubiquitous and must-have item for everyone in daily life. It’s widespread that you can see a baseball cap anywhere in everyday life such as streets, schools, offices, sports fields, young people, old people, kids, etc.


Today, we will introduce a unique claret baseball cap from Aung Crown. First of all, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “claret”?  Red wine or claret color? Most people must come to Claret wine first because of its famousness. But here today we will discuss the claret color and the connection between it and the baseball cap that we’re going to talk about today.

Claret Color
Claret Color

Claret Color

The claret color is a dark purplish red just like the picture above, also called wine red, burgundy, or wine dreg. The hex code of the claret color is #811331 which is a deep and rich shade of red. It originated and was first used in English in 1547. The claret color, also named Bordeaux, is a color from the majority shade of red to how well it approximates a particular type of wine, which is the reason why it’s called Bordeaux.

1. Claret Color Shade

The claret color is a dark shade of red that is obtained with a combination of black and red which is popular in the fall and winter seasons, varying in many color shades such as light red shade (close to red) or dark red shade (close to black). The meaning of claret color is noble and represents nobility. This color is as versatile as black which is used frequently in women’s clothing and it also can be combined with many colors to create a beautiful fashion style. Some amazing colors that suit it are black, cream, beige, and light powder tones. 

2. Popularity of Claret Color

The claret color is very popular among women and the fashion industry, especially in cosmetics, and also as a rouge in the fall and winter seasons. Because of representing the noble, this color is very common in the decoration field, differing and impressive from light tones to dark tones in all decoration fields. That’s why we’re going to introduce this claret baseball cap from Aung Crown today.

Claret Baseball Cap
Claret Baseball Cap

The Features of the Aung Crown Claret Baseball Cap

1. Color Base and Logo

This 5-panel baseball cap is with the claret color as the base and is combined with a round leather logo at the front panel. This round leather logo is in capital letters: AUNG CROWN which can show the brand of Aung Crown and also can go well with any casual outfit. The claret color is noble and mature and can show your personality and high-fashion taste which is great for you to have.

2. 5-Panel Structured Crown

This claret baseball cap is designed with a 5-panel structured crown that can keep the shape of this cap for a long time, and the 5-panel design can let the round leather logo be easily stitched on the front panel and look complementary to the crown. The structured crown can shape your head more perfectly and cover the cons of your head such as oily hair,

non-perfect head shapes, high hairline, etc.

Cotton Fabric
Cotton Fabric

3. Soft Cotton Material

Made from 100% soft cotton, this claret baseball cap is very cozy to wear and is non-allergenic that is very friendly for sensitive skin people. Cotton fabric originated from the fibers around the seeds of cotton planets, which emerge in a round, fluffy formation once the seeds are mature. The earliest cotton fibers in textiles are from the Mehrgarh and Rakhigarhi sites in India, which can be dated to approximately 5000 BC. Because of its features, soft, sweat-wicking, breathable, lightweight, keeping warm, and affordable, it has been widely used in the apparel industry. With all these features, this baseball cap is very comfortable to wear for a long time.

Aung Crown Claret Baseball Cap
Aung Crown Claret Baseball Cap

4. Sweat-Wicking Sweatband and Embroidery Ventilation Holes

With an inner sweat-absorbing headband, this claret baseball cap can prevent sweat from dropping from the scalp to the forehead and the eyes, which can keep the visibility clear. The embroidered ventilation holes near the top of the crown can provide better ventilation during hot summer days, keeping the wearer cool and breathable and giving the wearer a cozy wearing experience.

5. Slightly Curved Plastic Brim

Styled with a slightly curved plastic brim at the front peak, this claret baseball cap can block solid sunlight and prevent dizziness from strong sunlight. The curved brim design can better modify face shape and cover the disadvantages of the faces, which can let the face of the wearer look perfectly shaped. Not only can prevent the wearer from solid sunlight but also can prevent wind, cool, sand, and dust from dropping into the scalp, hair, and eyes.

the closure of the Aung Crown Claret Baseball Cap
the closure of the Aung Crown Claret Baseball Cap

6. Adjustable Single-Row Plastic Snap

This claret baseball cap from Aung Crown is with an adjustable single-row plastic snap at the back of the hat that is very easy to adjust the size of the hat in seconds. What a time-saving helper and a fashionable dressing accessory for daily wear, streetwear, sportswear, and more. What’s more, plastic is a very durable and wear-resistant material that can last until this hat’s end, which makes the purchase the best value. Another design for the back closure of this baseball cap is that the color of the rear back closure is the same as the crown of the hat, which can complement and echo the whole hat design.

Aung Crown Claret Baseball Cap with a leather patch
Aung Crown Claret Baseball Cap with a leather patch

Aung Crown Claret Baseball Cap

All these features come from this claret baseball cap which makes it a high-quality and high-taste cap for dressing, shading, protecting, and more. This amazing burgundy baseball cap won’t let you down anyway, no matter what you wear, this claret baseball cap can be the highlighting spot for your whole outfit. What’s more, you can easily stand out from the crowd effortlessly with this exquisite baseball cap.   

How to Match This Claret Baseball Cap?

Here are some suggestions on how to match this claret baseball cap from Aung Crown. If you already have your mind, these suggestions are also great references for you to create some new ideas. If not, you can take these bits of advice for your daily wear with this claret baseball cap.

1. Casual Style

The style of this baseball cap is casual and stylish, which goes with all casual outfits in the wardrobe, such as a white t-shirt, one pair of short high-waisted jeans, and one pair of boots or sneakers. All these can make a casual and chic look for daily life.

2. Streetwear Style

This claret baseball is also a great decorating accessory for suits, like black, dark red, dark gray, and other dark colors suits. This claret baseball cap can break the formality of suits and add a little bit of casualness to the suits that can combine both well in harmony. Also, can be the highlighting part of the look, which can easily draw others’ attention on the street.

3. Sportswear Style

Although this dark red baseball cap is not the common color for a sports baseball cap, it’s a great cap for sportswear to give a new look for sportswear. With a pair of high-waisted sports leggings and one cropped tank top. This claret baseball cap can show energetic and mature charms.

The styles above are the most common styles for daily life that can meet the basic needs of daily dressing. Whatever you are on the way for shopping, going to work, a short walk, camping, BBQ, etc. This claret baseball is an excellent choice for everyone. No hesitating to grab this cap.

A Reliable Brand – Aung Crown

Another reason why you can this claret baseball cap is because of its brand – Aung Crown. Aung Crown is an expert in the hat and clothing industry for many years. With the well-established logistics, production system, and customer service, you have no reason why you are not to choose Aung Crown. Aung Crown also has cooperated with more than 30,000 brands overseas since it was established. It has an independent factory that can meet all the demands of customers indeed. So you don’t have any anxiety when you buy a cap from a brand like this.

In Conclusion

This claret baseball cap from Aung Crown can meet all your daily needs, not only for sun shading, dirty hair covering, face shaping, and dressing. This baseball cap is a perfect choice for everyone. Try it and this claret baseball will surprise you. What are you still waiting for?