Men’s Shorts: Matching Guide for Effortless Summer Looks

Published On: May 30, 2024    By: chen hui

Men's Shorts - Matching Guide for Effortless Summer Looks

Are men’s shorts still hot? Men’s shorts are the most common outfit on the streets in summer. Mixing long and short outfits is also still popular. But what should you keep in mind when combining? Long-sleeved shirts paired with shorts can make you look stylish. The length of the shorts is also important. Then, how to dress in a man’s shorts to show the body line? Here, we – Aung Crown, a custom hat and garment maker since 1998, will revolve the matching guide for effortless summer for men’s shorts.

1.    Fresh Style

men shorts - 01

White T-shirts should be a must-have for all men’s summer wardrobes – the simpler, the more classic. Abandon the traditional dull and dark of business definition. Bright light colors + simple stylings can release the sun and vigor of men. The appropriate detail is appropriate to illuminate the whole look – relaxed with appropriate tension, which adds a little bit of elegance. A casual and fresh look can be created immediately.

On a hot summer evening or on a short vacation, men relieve all the fatigue by wearing casual and cozy shorts and hanging out on the urban street at night to relieve heavy pressure. The naked calf can show the masculine and men’s charm – hard and wild. The classic black and white grid is full of a strong England vintage style, making you chic enough for leisure. The uneven temperament is much more charming.

2.    Color in Heart

men shorts - 02

The bright and cheerful colors are the first choice for people from the spring. The same goes for the hot summer. Cool fabrics and colors become the most important factor when shopping. Linen fabrics are preferred by more and more people. What’s more, colors like white, sky blue, fluorescent green, and more are a great addition to this category of pieces.

With the exhumation that people have discovered in fashion and trends, people who stand at the top of fashion have increasingly found the charm of stripes. The vertical stripes tend to make three-dimensional senses that are preferred by people. Therefore, it proclaims simple attitudes to life, and people who seek freedom can find everlasting casual feelings in noisy cities. The charm of an outfit is that it can fit your temperament perfectly and declare your attitude to life by wearing it. Therefore, men’s striped shorts are a great choice for men in summertime.

3.    Temperamental Look

men shorts - 03

If you choose inappropriate shorts and shirts, the combination between them can be bloated. So, slim outfits are important at this time. Rolling up the edge of the shorts can gain a great sense of fashion, and for the appropriate length of shorts, the shorts should be above the knee about 5 to 10 cm/1.97 to 3.94 inches. Then, plaid shorts or denim shorts can be a good choice in the summer. Plaid shorts + a solid black T-shirt can make the man look super spirited and stylish. While the white buttoned shirt + denim shorts can make the man look much more gentlemanly.

men shorts - 04

4.    Cool Looks

The combination of vests and shorts is visually cool enough. What’s more, vests can show men’s sexy body lines and muscles. Also, can match with other simple tops like polo shirts, and such a combination can make men look much taller and straighter.

men shorts - 05

With these tips in mind, you can confidently step out in style this summer. Select your favorite shorts, pair them with an appropriate top, and enjoy the cool and summer!