Baby Hat Essentials: The Ultimate Guide for New Parents

Published On: June 4, 2024    By: chen hui

Baby Hat Essentials - The Ultimate Guide for New Parents

Parents still need to keep their baby warm by wearing a hat as the weather gets warmer. Wearing a hat for babies seems simple, but there are many clues. So how should parents choose a hat for their baby? Here, we – Aung Crown, a professional custom beanie manufacturer, will introduce the ultimate guide on how parents should choose a hat for their baby.

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It’s not a must to wear a hat for a baby after birth; the main factor is the weather. If a baby is born in the cold winter, it’s better to wear a hat in case the baby gets cold.

Because the fontanel (the gap between the bones of a newborn’s head and the top of the skull) isn’t completely closed, it’s easy for a baby to get cold. Babies born in the summer should stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time, and it’s better to wear a hat. If the temperature in the door is right, babies don’t need to wear a hat.

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The baby’s fontanel is not as vulnerable because, in addition to the layer of skin, there are strong meninges to protect the brain. The skin is airtight and won’t get cold without a hat.

What’s more, the head is one of the main organs of heat dissipation and 1/3 of the heat is dissipated through the head. Adults feel uncomfortable while wearing a hat in hot weather. Therefore, babies will be terrible in a hot environment and it’s easy to get sweat rash.

When should parents wear a hat for their baby

When should parents wear a hat for their baby?

The baby’s head is rich in blood vessels. Therefore, the head is also a window for the cold to attack the baby. When the baby’s head gets cold, the body’s heat quickly dissipates, especially for babies with low resistance. So, when should parents put a hat on their baby?

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1.    When the outside temperature is low

It’s time for one-year-old babies to go outside and play. If the temperature outside is quite low or it’s sandy, it’s necessary to wear a hat for babies to prevent babies’ heads from getting cold from the wind.

2.    In the hot summer

When parents want to take their baby out in the summer, it’s great to have an umbrella or a hat with a sun visor to help reduce the harmful effects of UV rays on their baby.

3.    When the temperature is low indoor

When the indoor temperature is quite low and the temperature difference of the change of seasons is large. And in winter, when the heating is bad, the room is cold without sun. So, it’s important to wear a hat for the baby, which can protect the baby from the cold.

What kind of hats should parents wear for their babies

What kind of hats should parents wear for their babies?

1.    Hats that do not block the baby’s view

Fashionable peaked caps are the first choice for many mothers. Although it’s pretty when a baby is wearing a peaked cap, the visor blocks the baby’s view. That’s why it can be a safety hazard. If parents want their babies to wear a peaked cap, the length of the visor should be no more than 5 cm and it shouldn’t block the baby’s view.

2.    Loose hats

In general, babies do not need to wear a hat at home, and parents can wear a loose hat for their babies while going out. If the hat is too tight, it can restrict blood flow to the baby’s head and block brain growth. Therefore, parents should choose loose hats that are about 1 cm larger than the baby’s circumference. It’s also more comfortable for babies to wear such a hat without it feeling too tight.

3.    Plush hats

The winter season is cold. So, parents need to choose a warm hat for their babies. Plush hats are not only cozy and soft to wear but also can protect babies from the wind and keep them warm. Babies’ skin is quite sensitive and cannot adapt quickly to the outside temperature. So, wearing a hat can protect babies’ faces and ears.

4.    Bright-colored hats

Choosing a brightly colored hat for babies is not only for looking pretty and the more is for keeping babies safe. In general, babies are energetic and lively, what’s more, babies lack safety awareness. Therefore, when babies wear brightly colored hats, their parents can better control their activities to reduce accidents. In addition, brightly colored hats can absorb light and keep babies warm.

5.    Lightweight & simple hats

Several fabrics can be used to make hats. It’s recommended that parents choose lightweight hats that are soft to the touch. What’s more, some novelty hats are pretty, but they have too many decorations, which adds weight to the hat. It’s uncomfortable for babies to wear such a hat, and it’s a safety hazard to wear such a hat.

What types of hats should babies not wear

What types of hats should babies not wear?

1.    Hats that are too tight or too loose

If parents wear tight hats for their babies, it can affect blood circulation and head growth. That’s why it’s better to choose proper loose hats. Of course, it’s also good if the hat is too loose. With the baby’s movements, the loose hat can cover the baby’s eyes and it’s easy to fall on the floor, which is very inconvenient. So please do not choose hats that are too tight or too loose.

2.    Coarse hats that lose hair

If the plush hair of hats is very easy to lose, it’s recommended not to wear it for babies. This is because if babies breathe with the hair falling out, it can harm the baby’s respiratory system. What’s more, coarse-textured hats can cause damage to babies’ skin. Therefore, it’s not recommended that parents wear hats that are prone to losing hair on their baby’s head.  

3.    Hats that are made of chemical fibers or poor in breathability

Please do not wear hats that are made of chemical fibers or have poor breathability for babies. Some of these can cause allergies in babies. Also, babies’ metabolism is fast, so they sweat a lot more than adults. If the hats are poor in breathability, it is prone to get heat rash after baby sweat and can’t elaborate.

4.    Hats with too many ornaments

It’s better not to choose hats with too many decorations, such as pendants, rhinestones, etc. Because of the falling of these ornaments, babies may accidentally swallow them. This is especially true for some pointed ornaments that can scratch babies’ skin. What’s more, babies in the teething stage will bite hats, which is super unsafe.

choosing a hat for the baby is a school of thought

From all the above, choosing a hat for the baby is a school of thought. Parents should not strive to look pretty and the most important thing is to keep the baby safe and comfortable. Please remember that the baby’s secretion is strong, so please wash the hat frequently.

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